Zenvo Headphones Review: Are They Worth in 2023

Looking for the best headphones for you can take time and effort, as multiple brands in the market have similar features. From cost to sound quality, these are just a few factors that influence your choice when choosing the right headphones.

That is why brands such as Zenvo have created headphones to meet every user’s needs. This Zenvo headphones review will take you through its different features so that you can make an informed decision before getting one.

I’ve been using the headphones for quite some time so I am familiar with their features. Through this review, you will know whether the Zenvo headphones are worth the purchase.



Zenvo Headphones Review

Zenvo Headphones Review

If you are looking to know more about these headphones, read on:


Wireless Technology

With the rapid growth of wireless headphones and earbuds, Bluetooth has become a must-have feature in most devices.

Bluetooth technology has been around for like 25 years, and about 7 billion devices incorporate its use annually. Knowing it’s a widely famous feature, Zenvo used it for its headphones.

To stay ahead of their competitors, Zenvo incorporated the latest Bluetooth version on these headphones, which is twice as fast as the previous one. Speed is not the only advantage, as you can enjoy a much wider range than the earlier version.

The Bluetooth version 5.0 on Zenvo is able to pair to two devices thanks to its multi-play feature. To put it simply, you can connect the Zenvo headphones to your computer and phone simultaneously. I found it was very efficient to switch between connected devices without a hassle.

This feature is efficient for somebody who needs a pair of headphones for both professional and personal use, as they help the user stay aware of notifications from either connected device.



If you want the sound quality to be that of the latest fashion in music trends, then Zenvo has you covered. When it comes to their headphone design, it seems like they took a bit of inspiration from Bose Quiet Comfort series, as they have a few similarities in appearance.

What makes Zenvo headphones unique in their design is their color combination. You will be able to find a color that will appeal to your taste, as there are several that are outstanding.

Zenvo headphones also have a flat folded design, making them the perfect travel companion, which only takes up a little of your space.

Very high-quality cushions surround the ear cups that house the drivers. They rest comfortably on the user’s ears, and they are able to passively isolate noise from the outside world.

Like many other headphones, Zenvo also has button controls on the ear cups. Through the button controls, you can be able to play and pause music easily without the need to go to your connected device.

You can also adjust the volume, answer phone calls, and access other features through them.

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Battery Life

The battery life of wireless headphones is very important as it helps you know the amount of time you will enjoy listening to your favorite playlist on a single full charge.

Most headphone brands in the market will deliver an average of 15 hours of listening time when the volume is not at the maximum.

Some premium brands will give off over 20 hours of battery life before they run out. After using the Zenvo headphones for some time, I found they are able to deliver about 8 hours of listening time when fully charged.

The time is quite reasonable for their price tag as other brands in the same category offer less. If you are looking to stay outdoors for more than 8 hours, it is essential to have a backup charge plan for the headphones.

It is also important to note that Zenvo uses a new generation AX-Chip to charge the headphones faster. You will get 2 hours of playback per 5 minutes of charge.


Audio Quality

Their sound quality is incredible. The headphones have a unique design that lets you experience music the way an artist intended through personalized sound. This is thanks to their 40mm drivers that deliver high-quality sound.

Whether you are interested in gaming, podcasting, or listening to music, the Zenvo headphones will serve your content in a unique way. The incredible sound quality makes it an ideal piece for audiophiles.

The noise-canceling feature allows you to enjoy your audio without any interference. The padded ear cups block out ambient noise, so you will not need to hear your audio at extreme volume.

The over-the-ear headphones also can aid you in protecting your ears. They offer better hearing practices compared to in-ear earbuds as they sit around your ears and not in the ear canal, where you can damage your ear drums.


Ease of Use and Compatibility

While this is among the least considered features when selecting headphones, ease of use and headphone compatibility are very important.

I found the Zenvo headphones are pretty easy to use compared to other brands that I own. With a good and clear control scheme, I became familiar with the operations of the headphones within minutes of unboxing them.

Zenvo headphones are compatible with nearly every device and offer a simple wireless connection. A Bluetooth connection can be established with just a few simple steps.

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Our Score 65/100

After using the Zenvo headphones for quite some time, I found they are slightly above the average in the market. Their most outstanding feature is its fast charging and metallic finishes, which come with beautiful colors.

However, they are not ideal if you consider going off the grid as their battery capacity is a bit low to today’s standards. Overall, I will give the Zenvo headphones a 65 out of 100 as they have more room to improve different features.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Superb sound quality
  • Unique, appealing design
  • Latest Bluetooth technology
  • Portable
  • Not widely available
  • A bit expensive

You can check them out at their official site.



Choosing over-the-ear headphones that you’ll use is a very personal choice, and this Zenvo headphone review will definitely help you decide.

With a sound quality that comes closer to premium brands, you will be able to enjoy your favorite playlist and experience uninterrupted music in a way you have never imagined.

They are an excellent choice if you want headphones for work and play. It uses the latest Bluetooth version, which is easy to connect to your device.

Most of the reviews from others who have used the Zenvo headphones are positive, suggesting that they are worth the purchase.

If you are looking to replace your old headphones or just want to treat yourself to a new brand, I would recommend that you give them a chance.


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