Why Do My Earbuds Keep Disconnecting [7 Reasons + Fixes]

While I find wireless more convenient than its predecessor, it is also prone to technical issues. The most common problem that affects most earbuds is disconnecting when in use which often makes us angry.

This may make you contemplate not using the accessory anymore or be left wondering why earbuds keep disconnecting.

Music listening devices have been evolving globally with new technologies, inventing new listening options as time passes. Earbuds have been on the market for some time, and they use Bluetooth to eliminate wires.

They’ve become a beloved accessory that most people use almost daily on their phones, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. In most cases, they are reliable and deliver consistently high-quality audio.

Being a victim of this problem on several occasions, I found it is best to investigate the root cause and find possible solutions. This article will cover the seven major reasons why Earbuds keep disconnecting while offering the best tips for fixing the problem.

This will enable you to troubleshoot any problem that arises from your earbuds.


Why Do My Earbuds Keep Disconnecting [7 Reasons + Fixes]

Without further ado, here are some of the reasons that cause earbuds to disconnect and how you can fix the problem.


1. Compatibility

Earbuds Keep Disconnecting Compatibility

The first and most common reason why earbuds keep disconnecting is their compatibility and that of the audio source device. It is a common misconception that earbuds work with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

If you are getting a particular brand for the first time, selecting one designed with your Bluetooth version and operating system would be your best choice.

A common example is phones, devices that we commonly use with earbuds. Multiple phone brands operate on different operating systems, such as Android and iOS.

While most companies design standard earbuds to be backward compatible, there are a few instances when an updated Bluetooth version of your earbuds will not be able to connect to your older generation phone or music device.

How To Fix The Problem

The best way to tackle the pairing incompatibility of Bluetooth version and operating system is to research before purchasing. Considering the features of the earbuds will save you money that you could’ve wasted by purchasing incompatible accessories.

Consult the seller before settling on a particular brand, or try a connection test to your phone or laptop before leaving the store with your new earbuds.


2. Background Applications

Earbuds Keep Disconnecting Background Applications

The most common device used to pair earbuds is the phone. While smartphones are the best invention of the century, they can be irritating as some can malfunction unexpectedly, causing some features to stop operating effectively.

To safeguard the phone’s operation, the system might shut down all the running apps on the phone, and if your earbuds were connected, they would not be spared either.

Background applications eat up the phone’s memory affecting the RAM and ROM. A phone with a lower memory capacity will be prone to these types of disconnections.

How To Fix The Problem

There are several ways that I found effective to solve this problem. The first common one is to clear all the background applications before connecting your earbuds to listen to your music.

This will enable the phone’s features that support Bluetooth and music applications to perform effectively without other applications draining the memory.

If you have an older phone with lower memory capacity and are not ready to upgrade to a better one, add external memory to support the manufacturer’s dedicated and built-in memory.

It also helps if you constantly update your phone so you get all the new developer’s features; this will go a long way in stopping your earbuds from disconnecting.

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3. Battery Percentage

Why Do My Earbuds Keep Disconnecting Battery Percentage

The battery percentage is the simplest reason why earbuds keep disconnecting. The way battery percentage affects connection can result from two main reasons.

The first reason is the earbuds’ battery percentage is fully drained. This will be impossible for anyone to connect them to any output devices as they would be permanently off.

The second reason is that the phone or connected devices’ battery percentage is running low. The lower the battery percentage on a phone or intelligent device, the more stress it is inflicted with, and the phone will not perform at its peak.

There are several telltale signs before your earbuds get disconnected. The most common one I noticed is the phone taking longer to launch commands and gradually overheating.

The low voltage on the phone’s battery causes the temperature to rise, and it can lead to damage to integral parts. For the phone to safeguard itself, it will shut down running applications; thus, your connection to the earbuds will get affected.

How To Fix The Problem

Solving the battery percentage problem affecting an earbuds connection is significantly easy. Make sure that at all times, your earbuds have a battery percentage above 20%.

This percentage is sufficient to connect them to your phone. Also, just in case, make sure that your phone’s battery is not that low.


4. Distance

Why Do My Earbuds Keep Disconnecting Distance

Different earbuds brands have different connection ranges ranging from 30 to 50 ft. the further you will be from the connected device, the higher the chance of them getting disconnected.

Bluetooth supports a wide range of achievable ranges between two devices compared to other available wireless options but is limited to multiple other factors.

The most powerful type of Bluetooth connection is the commercial type that transmits frequencies up to approximately 300 ft.

Unfortunately, this is yet to be available for earbuds use as it uses higher-powered technologies. Bluetooth in consumer electronics such as earbuds is commonly known as class 2 and 3, drawing less power for a shorter range.

How To Fix The Problem

While the hardware’s quality matters when it comes to the range of an earbuds connection, make sure you stay within the device’s range. Moving further from the device’s maximum range will automatically disconnect our earbuds.

If you are using a mobile phone, the best thing for you is to have it in your pocket when moving around. If the device does not fit in your pocket, put it somewhere close while performing your tasks, this will ensure that the connection is on at all times.


5. Pairing Mode

Why Do My Earbuds Keep Disconnecting Pairing Mode

The pairing mode setting on Bluetooth-enabled devices lets your audio device connect to your earbuds so they can transmit sound wirelessly. While trying to play an audio file, your device might disconnect for several reasons.

One common issue in pairing mode is errors that can occur due to various issues. If there is a pairing mode error leading to disconnection, you will receive a notification on your phone or laptop so that you can fix it.

Another cause for such a problem is when the Bluetooth pairing mode is turned off from the audio source device.

How To Fix The Problem

To address the pairing mode problems, turn the Bluetooth setting on if it is disconnected. In most cases, many devices will not automatically connect to your earbuds because they lack the capabilities to do so. A manual reset will ensure the problem you are experiencing is solved.

If you previously paired your audio source device with another device, you must manually disconnect it to start the pairing process. This action will ensure that you make room for your earbuds.


6. Brand’s Restrictions

Why Do My Earbuds Keep Disconnecting Brands Restrictions

Similar to compatibility issues, brand restrictions can be a reason why earbuds keep disconnecting. The brand restriction problem is a little specific, and it means earbuds can only pair and function effectively with another device from the same brand.

A particular brand’s manufacturer can set this limitation in an effort to boost sales of their other devices that can pair with the earbuds. Though these cases are rare, they occur nonetheless and can be complex to solve.

How To Solve The Problem

The best remedy to this problem is to consult a professional or read customer reviews before settling on a particular brand. If you purchased a phone or a laptop that keeps disconnecting from your old earbuds, you might have no other option other than getting that specific brand’s earbuds.

Using the same brand means the connection will probably be way more stable. Oftentimes, we don’t have the time and money to test all available earbuds brands that can work best with our devices.

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7. Outdated Device Software

Why Do My Earbuds Keep Disconnecting Outdated Device Software

The last common reason why earbuds keep disconnecting might be due to your device’s outdated software. If you spend some time without updating your phone’s or device’s operating system, you will start noticing multiple limitations on device functions such as Bluetooth.

An outdated or corrupt Bluetooth driver on your phone or laptop can be the main reason you are experiencing disconnection issues.

Besides the Bluetooth setting malfunctioning, you can also start experiencing software glitches affecting your phone’s general performance because your phone is not updated.

The first sign you will notice is that your phone will start acting up for no apparent reason.

How To Fix The Problem

To solve this problem, you will have to ensure that your device’s system software or OS is always up to date. The process is quite simple as you only have to go to settings and check if any recent updates are available.

Click on install updates to enjoy effective devices that do not hinder your earbuds’ performance.

To avoid the problem in the future, set your device to update itself automatically. You only have to have a stable network so that your device downloads an update as soon as it is available.

With a new device software update, you can access all new features and bug fixes in the update patches.



As you can see, there are several reasons why earbuds keep disconnecting. This pressing matter needs urgent care, so it is essential to learn all the possible causes of this problem and their possible solutions. I covered the seven most common reasons that I think most people experience.

I hope the article will assist with your disconnection problem so you can get back to listening to your favorite tracks on your earbuds.

These fixes will save you the trouble of replacing them, but if the problem persists, contact your earbuds’ customer service for a more technical solution for your situation.


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