What Headset Does Shroud Use?

Shroud has received success throughout his career, but what headphones does he use? Perhaps you are starting your streaming channel, or you’re trying to replace your current headphones.

No matter the situation, this guide is made to help you have the same headphones as one of the best Twitch streamers in the world.



Who is Shroud?

Shroud is a professional gamer and Canadian YouTuber. He professionally played Counter-Strike with Cloud9, a popular team within the eSports community. In 2016, he won the ESL Pro League Season 4 and decided to become a full-time streamer.

He is known for the following games:

  • Minecraft
  • Apex Legends
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Valiant

He has over 350 million views, 6,000 hours, and over 100,000 subscribers throughout his Twitch career. In 2019, he switched towards Mixer to follow in the footsteps of his longtime rival Ninja.



HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless

The HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless comes with many features that work to create amazing gaming and streaming experiences. For instance, it includes a strong wireless link. You’ll have fun making use of it too. That is because the headphones give a 90-degree rotation when it rests on your neck.

The headphones are compatible with your PC, PS4, and PS4 Pro. Provided is a 3.5 millimeters audio link that works perfectly. Overall, the HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless is a high-end headset made to aid casual and hardcore gamers throughout their gaming adventures.



Facts About the HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless



The HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless gives something different than the average gaming wireless headset. After becoming fully charged, the battery life will last up to 30 hours of use. It has an in-built mic and a removable boom.

Additionally, it is a mixture of Bluetooth and a wired headset. Besides gaming, the headphone is used for other hobbies such as video conferencing, music, listening to podcasts, and more. That’s why this shroud headset is popular because of its superior audio and microphone qualities.



HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless was made to suit the needs of its users. It has 50 mm directional drivers, which provides a lot of audio consistency.  To provide maximum comfort, the headphones have an adjustable steel slider and signature memory foam. This allows the headphones to be used for different devices and last long for the user.

Apart from its specs, it has good audio quality. While this shroud headset isn’t too deep in the bass, the highs and lows are emphasized. The mids are not boosted throughout the frequency range (13 Hz – 23 kHz). With a 32 Ohm impedance, this headset has enough power to blast HD sound while remaining safe to attach to your ears.



The only thing disappointing about the HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless is its microphone. Clarity is not a complete issue, but it has a de-emphasis in the mid ranges and bass.

This means deeper voiced gamers will sound distorted.  This is a good microphone for Discord, but don’t use it for high-end endeavors or acting with this headset.


Comfort Factor

Streamers were skeptical about the HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless when it first launched. Based on their feedback, the headphone is one of the best in terms of functionality.

First, it has a 20 m connectivity. And it allows you to easily switch the volume, which is better than searching through device menus. The HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless allows you to appreciate sounds clearly for the first time.

The headset fits tightly on the user’s head. Since this is a wireless headset, the headset still has a tighter fit. It adds pressure to your ears through the earcups. Don’t let it throw you off though, it’s a comfortable headset, and after a while, you won’t notice the pressure after all.


Noise Isolation

The HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless has a balanced noise isolation feature. When playing video games and have a volume up, you won’t hear any outside or ambient noise.

But with the volume muted or turned down, you can continue to carry a conversation. This feature is useful, especially if you live with multiple people and are unable to keep the headset on constantly.


HyperX Cloud Flight vs. Logitech G Pro X

Shroud mainly uses a HyperX Cloud Flight headset. But when he switched towards the mixer community, he used a Logitech G Pro X. Both headsets are regarded as the best headsets money can buy, as they have high user reviews and praise.

The HyperX Cloud Flight headset is a wireless headset that Shroud used until 2020. It’s a classic set of headphones amongst gamers, and not just because of its celebrity popularity, but because of its features. It has incredible attention to detail, rugged construction, and crystal-clear sound, which is why it’s still used by gamers today. But why did Shroud change to the Logitech G Pro X?



Why is the Logitech G Pro X Good For Gaming?

The Logitech G Pro X is great for streaming, gaming, and even video conferencing. When playing games like Apex Legends, you can hear your enemies’ movements well. With these headphones, you’ll improve your gaming skills quickly, as the sounds will help you anticipate your opponents better.

Besides that, the DTS Surround Sound feature creates a good atmosphere for you to hear quickly. You can hear all forms of sound information to sound with ease when wearing that one. Using this high-quality mic, you are able to lead your gaming teams to victory due to its clear microphone communications.



The headphones come with a myriad of accessories such as extra ear pads and a travel bag. The Logitech G Pro X has multiple cable options: a mic/headphone splitter, a PC 3.5mm cable, and a mobile 3.5mm cable. So you’ll have enough accessories to complement your gaming lifestyle.


Sound Quality

Since it’s a shroud headset, it gives out the perfect sound quality needed to ace your games. You can get clean and clear sounds with extreme details to help you win games without breaking a sweat. The DTS surround feature makes an environment for you to play footstep-based games easier.

If you turn off the surround feature, you could hear balanced bass and good music when using these headphones. That being said, you’ll get HD sound in your gaming headset.


Comfort Factor

Comfort is the most important feature in having a headphone. Like the HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless, it has memory foam padding to give extreme comfort for hours of gaming.

However, it has additional earphones that are made of fabric. The Logitech G Pro X has padding on the headband, so comfort will never be an issue with this headset.


Music Performance

The surround feature in G Hub is enabled when watching movies or playing video games. It has an additional separate bass channel that improves the low-frequency response.

Some distortion appears on the maximum volume levels but isn’t present where you reduce the volume a bit.



The Logitech G Pro X has a lower output than most gaming microphones, with a high emphasis on the high ends, de-emphasis on the mid-range.

This means people with deeper voices will sound distorted than people with higher voices in the basic setting. The emphasis in the high range is a great thing because it boosts the sibilance in sounds that often get lost in conversations and is essential for natural-sounding speech.


Physical Handling

The headphone has a simple gaming appearance behind it. It doesn’t include the LED RGB feature, which can be overwhelming to some users. So this headphone has a design that is elegant and premium instead of flashy.

You’ll notice the Logitech logo located on the earcups. It has a chrome finish and is on an aluminum plate. With the memory foam earpads, your ears will remain cozy during your hourly gaming sessions.

Based on its build construction, this shroud headset is suitable for extensive use. The headphones have a steel arm headband that’s durable to withstand multiple conditions. Plus, the headband is padded with extra foam, making it comfortable to wear around your ears.


What Makes The Logitech G Pro X Different Than Competing Headphones?

The Logitech G Pro X has super sound quality in comparison to other brands. Usually, this feature isn’t seen in common gaming headsets. They tend to focus more on the gaming aspect and not the musical aspect.

But with these headphones, you’ll notice the excellent sounds in Surround Mode. This gives you deep bass and clear highs. As with its other aspects, it helps further improve Logitech’s reputation. Get the Logitech G Pro X if you’re willing to utilize your gaming sessions and hear sounds clearly.




Shroud previously used a HyperX Cloud Flight for his streaming career. Recently, he used a Logitech G Pro X because of its improved sound performance.

Whatever headphone you buy, you’re going to enjoy the comfort and clarity it provides. Conclusively, buying either headphone will give you the utility needed to take your gaming skills to the next level.

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