V-moda Boompro Microphone Review

Let’s admit it, having a good microphone can make or break the results of a meeting or a public video game match. You’ll want a microphone that makes your voice sound good and not a nuisance to the others on the call.

Are you looking for a microphone for your next gaming session? Well, look no further!

The V-moda Boompro Microphone is made for gamers and professionals in mind. Once you’ve gotten used to its controls, you’ll notice the power that lies behind it.

In this review, we’ll explain the ins and outs of this device. In addition, we’ll review the microphone based on its sound performance, microphone controls, and build quality. By the end of this post, you’ll have all the info needed to see if it’s the right microphone for you.



The Product

V-moda Boompro Microphone

The V-moda Boompro Microphone transforms your gaming headset into a powerful communication device for podcasting, gaming, and taking calls on the go. It only has one cable, but that’s all you need to plug into your headset.

People will have no problem hearing your voice with this mic due to its superior sound performance. In regards to its mic control, the bendable design helps you position the mic to a comfortable setting for your ear.

While it is lightweight, it is durable enough to be used for extended periods without damaging the wires.



  • 2kΩ Impedance
  • 100 dB maximum output
  • Omni-Directional Microphone
  • 1-10V voltage range
  • Steelflex Boom Arm



Sound Performance

The V-moda Boompro Microphone has a -38±2dB microphone sensitivity. This sensitivity ratio makes it easier for you to pick up other sounds when it’s in use. With its 1-10 volt range, it has a low distribution. It operates at a low voltage because it’s supposed to be paired with a headset with a higher range.

This is an Omni-directional mic, which is good for conference calls. The most obvious advantage is that this microphone can capture sounds from all directions. You can stand on any area of the device. You can hold the microphone upside down and it will still be able to transmit and pick up sound.

You want a microphone that sounds good when it’s in use. Based on its 58 signal-to-noise ratio, this microphone enhances your signal during conversations. Due to its high SNR, the people on the receiving end of the call will hear you clearly.

With over 2.2kΩ of impedance, this device is made to be used for powerful applications (high-end headsets, short cable runs, or high-powered speakers). The low impedance improves the microphone’s sound quality. Thus, giving you the power needed to sound clear in your next Zoom meeting.

In addition, the V-moda Boompro Microphone is designed to improve voice communication. When in use, it enhances your voice clarity and reduces background noise. As a result, your podcast audience, gamers, and colleagues can only hear what you want them to hear.

While the frequency response isn’t listed, this microphone still has better sound performance than its competitors. For instance, the voice is natural without a compressed sound like competing headset microphones.



Microphone Control

Equipped are a SteelFlex boom arm and a 24k gold plated plug. Place the plug into your mic input and talk to see if it works! This enhances the aesthetic and ergonomic value of the device.

Users like the low-profile boom arm in the microphone. It is flexible, thin, but it stays in position until you move it. Also, it has a thick microphone capsule. This allows you to detect where it is around your mouth and adjust it to your preferences.

The v-moda boompro microphones are supposed to attach to the left side of the headset. But due to the flexibility of the boom arm, you can rotate it if your headset jack is on the right side. Due to its versatility, users have a multitude of control options.

While this microphone doesn’t come with a pop filter, you can still adjust it to your speaking style. Place the microphone further away if you’re constantly breathing into it. Move it closer when you have to speak clearly to your audience.

The microphone features everything in one cable. Since it’s made to replace the headset’s default cable, you don’t have to worry about cable management. The cable includes a splitter wire that can be used to connect the microphone to a headset and motherboard.

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Build Quality

V-moda Boompro

The v-moda boompro feels nice when it’s placed around your ear. The joints are sturdy, protecting the microphone from cable damage. Since the cable is braided, it’s designed to last longer. Get this microphone if you want something that’s sturdy and reliable.

Plus, there is a convenient control clip that secures the microphone in place. It features rotary volume control and in-line mute, giving you full control over your sound. Because of this, users can keep their sound and volume with ease.

Another main feature is its compatibility. The microphone is compatible with all PCs, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. In addition, it’s compatible with 3.5mm cable input headphones such as Mixr, Studio, and Beats Solo.

You’ll want a microphone that’s compact and useful. Weighing in at 30g, this microphone is light enough to fit in your hand. It has a 74.8 length, making it long enough to reach from your ears to your gaming controller. By using this microphone, you’ll be able to improve the sound and clearness of your voice.


  • Ideal for gaming and remote working
  • High-quality communication
  • Adjustable
  • Enhanced compatibility
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Overheating signal
  • Picks Background Noise
  • Pop Filter not included



The Verdict

In conclusion, the V-moda Boompro Microphone will take your voice quality to the next level. Not only does it have incredible sound performance, but it’s built to withstand harsh elements and extensive mic usage.

Since its volume controls are easy to use, you can mute your microphone at any time during a meeting. Buy this microphone if you want to improve the reception of your voice and maximize your sound potential.


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