Top 21 Sad Mexican Songs That Will Touch Your Heart

Sometimes life is difficult and despite our best efforts, there are emotional setbacks that we face, and they can be overwhelming. To combat these stresses, I mostly listen to sad Mexican songs to get relief from what I am facing.

Some popular sad songs have made a permanent imprint in the history of Latin music, and the lyrics are relatable and inspiring to those facing similar predicaments.

They say misery loves company, and some of the most popular Mexican songwriters offer the crying shoulder we require. Whether you are mourning the loss of your loved one, heartbroken, or generally feeling down, there is a Latin composer that has penned a song about your situation.

The next time you want to shut yourself from the world and need to listen to music that will touch your heart, I recommend the following sad Mexican songs.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Creo En Ti Reik Learn More
2 Dile Al Amor Aventura Learn More
3 Sabes Reik Learn More
4 Si No Te Hubieras Ido Marco Antonio Solís Learn More
5 Cruz de Madera Michael Salgado Learn More
6 Mi Problema Ismael Serrano & Natalia Lafourcade Learn More
7 Imaginame Sin Ti Luis Fonsi Learn More
8 Mi Historia Entre Tus Dedos Gianluca Learn More
9 Corre Jesse & Joy Learn More
10 El Pedredor Enrique Iglesias & Marco Antonio Solís Learn More
11 Nadie es Eterno en el Mundo Antonio Aguilar Learn More
12 Si Tu No Esta Aqui Rosana Arbelo Learn More
13 Stand By Me Prince Royce Learn More
14 Historia de un Amor Carlos Eleta Almarán Learn More
15 Un Dia A La Vez Los Tigres Del Norte Learn More
16 Las Golondrinas Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán Learn More
17 Tantas Veces Andrés Calmaro & Mon Laferte Learn More
18 OJala Pudiera Borrarte Maná Learn More
19 Mil Pedazos Cristina y Los Subterraneos Learn More
20 Cantares Joan Manuel Serrat Learn More
21 Por Tu Maldito Amor Vicente Fernández Learn More


Top 21 Sad Mexican Songs That Will Touch Your Heart

Music is like a drug that has no withdrawals; listening to music can be the therapy that can help you through a difficult time. I found these songs worthwhile to share with you.


1. Creo En Ti – Reik

YouTube video

Reik is a popular Mexican pop band with a couple of sad songs on their portfolio. I found the band worthy of starting the compilation because they influenced the county’s music and the popularity they have gained.

The song title translates to “I believe in you” in English, and it is about a person who has been suffering for a long time finally finding the love of his life.

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2. Dile Al Amor – Aventura

YouTube video

Sometimes relationships can be cruel. A majority of us have faced a situation where we are givers in a relationship, and we feel we do not get any love in return. While some might persevere, sometimes it is better to let things go.

Aventura composed this song highlighting the importance of being confident and telling your partner you are done. The song gave me the confidence boost I needed to keep off toxic friendships.


3. Sabes – Reik

YouTube video

As I said earlier, Reik has a couple of sad Mexican songs. The band did not disappoint in this piece titled “Sabes”. The song is an emotional plea and love confession that can make you cry and light your heart up at the same time.

The singer talks about how his love for his partner has made him a better person and believes it is worthwhile, even if it took a while to get there.


4. Si No Te Hubieras Ido – Marco Antonio Solís

YouTube video

This song by Marco has reached over 140 million views on YouTube and is still growing in numbers years after its release. It is about loss and trying to come to terms with it.

It is a difficult and overwhelming experience to miss out and live without the one you need the most. I found this piece relatable in many situations, such as heartbreak or losing love.


5. Cruz de Madera – Michael Salgado

YouTube video

Cruz de Madera translates to “Cross of Wood”, this piece from Michael is a plea to those close to him to handle his funeral according to his wishes.

The thought process about the creation of the song was peculiar, but its uniqueness makes it stand out. Fortunately, the singer is 51 and still living to this day.


6. Mi Problema – Ismael Serrano & Natalia Lafourcade

YouTube video

This sad Mexican song is a gem that anyone going through relationship issues needs to hear. The song structure is poetic as the singers go back and forth, bearing all their raw emotions toward each other.

Their voices are magical and go well together, and if you are vulnerable or sensitive, you might find yourself crying.


7. Imaginame Sin Ti – Luis Fonsi

YouTube video

Before Despacito became a global sensation, Luis Fonsi was a national icon with some popular music dominating the country’s charts. The artist is versatile in his composition as he also has a couple of sad Mexican songs.

“Imagine” by Luis is an apology and a declaration of love and appreciation. Fonsi realizes that he harmed her, begs her for forgiveness, and asks her to come back.


8. Mi Historia Entre Tus – Dedos Gianluca

YouTube video

When you are at the receiving end of a breakup, there are multiple ways you can react; you can either hold on or move on.

Gianluca talks about trying to move on after breaking up, but she keeps insisting on staying friends. It can be tough and sad when an ex-lover wants to keep you close for selfish reasons after a breakup.

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9. Corre – Jesse & Joy

YouTube video

With over 960 million views on YouTube, this song has been widely accepted and features some of the best sounds ever created. The instrumental that accompanies it is also magnificent to match the singer’s voice.

It tells the story of a relationship that is breaking down because of the partners’ lack of respect and communication. The singer claims she won’t cry over it.


10. El Pedredor – Enrique Iglesias & Marco Antonio Solís

YouTube video

With over 1.2 billion views, Enrique Iglesias cements his name as one of the most significant Latin artists. He featured legendary artist Marco Antonio to create a masterpiece about watching your lover falling in love with someone else.


11. Nadie es Eterno en el Mundo – Antonio Aguilar

YouTube video

I am reminded that nothing lasts forever when I listen to the piece. It’s true, we are not immortal beings as we are here on earth as guests, and whatever we find, we will leave it here on earth after we die.

It is a type of song that you can play at the funeral of your loved one to celebrate a life well lived.


12. Si Tu No Esta Aqui – Rosana Arbelo

YouTube video

This is one of the most emotional, sad Mexican songs ever composed. Rosanna composed the heartfelt piece that has made many of her listeners drop a tear or two.

Everything surrounding the music, from lyrical composition to sound will make you feel emotional. I can’t deny that the artist and her guitar have made me grab a tissue a couple of times when listening to the song.


13. Stand By Me – Prince Royce

YouTube video

The song recreated by Prince Royce is a Mexican music cover of Ben E King. The Spanish cover did justice to the original song and has been received positively by Latin-speaking countries as it is already heading to the 100 million views mark.

It talks about being a pillar of strength for your partner despite the struggles and challenges of life.


14. Historia de un Amor – Carlos Eleta Almarán

YouTube video

Sometimes this piece is regarded as a romantic song but has a sad backstory. It was composed by Carlos Eleta to comfort his brother, who had lost his wife.

This is the type of song that probably every Latin artist has got inspiration from when writing music, as there are many covers by multiple artists.


15. Un Dia A La Vez – Los Tigres Del Norte

YouTube video

Not all problems can be solved by people or money. In some situations, you can be facing challenges that are unbearable to not only you but also those that you depend on.

In such a situation, the only option is to seek divine intervention. This song is a request to Jesus for strength to enable the artist to pass through the day. I found the song to be both sad and spiritual; one can use the lyrics as a prayer for strength.

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16. Las Golondrinas – Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán

YouTube video

Not all pieces from Mariachi bands sing mellow songs to use in proposals. Some have composed pieces that are emotional and powerful and can move your heart after listening to them.

This mariachi piece stands out from the sad Mexican songs as it talks about a young woman waiting for her lover to return.


17. Tantas Veces – Andrés Calmaro & Mon Laferte

YouTube video

Not all causes of sorrow you have can result from a third party, and sometimes you can be the problem leading to your pain.

I have been there, you have been there, and Andrés has also been in the situation, making it one of the most popular sad Mexican songs of all time. The artist sings about being at fault and living with regret after being the cause of his lover walking away.


18. OJala Pudiera Borrarte – Maná

YouTube video

If you have ever listened to Maná before, you are probably in love with their work and art in general. This sad song from Maná talks about the protagonist’s troubles in moving on after a breakup.

We all know how tough a breakup can be. When listening to this song, you will see the artist’s contrast when he wants her to erase his memory while he will never forget about her.


19. Mil Pedazos – Cristina y Los Subterraneos

YouTube video

The song is known in English as “A Thousand Pieces”. The piece is popular among people who are broken and feel extremely shattered. It starts off slow with a rhythmic guitar melody from the artists. The live performance will leave you with emotions of sadness, seeing the artist hurting.


20. Cantares – Joan Manuel Serrat

YouTube video

Losing your loved one can be a painful experience. We often end up playing songs at their funerals, not just because they may be the deceased’s favorite song but also to console the moaners.

Of all sad Mexican songs that can be used for funerals, this holds a deeper message as it summarizes life and gives us the hope of meeting our loved ones. We are truly on a journey here on earth, heading to the same destination.


21. Por Tu Maldito Amor – Vicente Fernández

YouTube video

One of the most iconic and sad Mexican songs that have stayed relevant over the years is Por Tu Maldito Amor. This sad song will probably survive the test of time and still be relevant a few decades from now.

It has stayed relevant not only because of the song’s message but also the passion in the singer’s voice. This is the type of heartbreak song to which you would be drinking tequila.


Last Words

If Spanish is your first language, you probably have listened to some of these sad Mexican songs. If you are still learning the language, it can be a great way to learn new vocabulary as you seek distraction from your pain.

I found out emotions are a universal language, and you can be able to feel an artist’s emotions after listening to their song. Whether you are mourning the death of your loved one or the end of your relationship, you will probably feel overwhelmed with a great sense of sadness.

If you are feeling down, consider blasting these songs on your speakers; perhaps after a good cry, you will be better and this list of sad Mexican songs can be just the thing for you.


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