The Finest Wireless Earbuds From Sony Now Double as Environmental Heroes

The LinkBuds S is Sony’s most comfortable pair of wireless earbuds, and the company has just introduced a new color option for them—Earth Blue. The finish is a gorgeous blue-marbled look made using a material produced from recycled water dispensers. This helped further to strengthen the eco-friendly credentials of the LinkBuds S.

The business has also promised that $2 of the proceeds from the sale of every pair of Sony LinkBuds S in Europe and Japan – and not only the Earth Blue model – will be contributed to the ocean conservation efforts of the non-profit organization Conservation International in the United States.

This new commitment comes after Sony had already stated that all of its LinkBuds S models and their charging cases are constructed from a substance that mixes recycled plastic vehicle parts with stone.

This material is allegedly recyclable on its own. Every model of the LinkBuds S comes in packaging that has not been bleached or printed on and does not include any plastic.

Therefore, even if you aren’t a fan of the new Earth Blue design, you can rest assured that whichever model you choose will be more environmentally friendly than many of the other top wireless earbuds now available on the market.

A mere speck in the grand scheme of things

Wireless Earbuds From Sony Environmental Heroes

This most recent attempt by Sony is to use an idiomatic expression, a drop in the ocean, despite the fact that we are always glad to see technology companies doing their part for the environment.

It has been estimated that Sony would need to sell approximately 6.2 billion pairs of its LinkBuds S in order to cover the entire ocean surface area of the planet. These estimates are based on statistics provided by Conservation International and Sony.

According to these statistics, each donation of $2 will assist the charity in protecting approximately 58,824 square meters of the world’s oceans. This is equivalent to the area covered by approximately 47 swimming pools of Olympic size.

Regardless, it’s an admirable attempt; yet, what can we say about the LinkBuds S themselves?

We gave the earbuds four out of five stars in our review and praised them for their light and comfortable design, saying that we could wear them for hours on end without any discomfort.

Their battery life of six hours (nine hours if the active noise cancellation feature is turned off) is respectable, although it is a little bit shorter than we would like it to be.

We were also really delighted with the sound. The sound was enjoyable and unthreatening, and it was full of detail and featured a well-balanced sound stage. Sony’s buds could have been a bit more assertive; if you like to feel pumped up by bassy tunes, there might be better picks for you, and audiophiles may prefer a pair of the Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless earbuds.

If you decide to purchase them, however, you will not only have the satisfaction of knowing that you have a fantastic pair of earbuds, but you will also have the happiness of knowing that you are doing your part to help rescue the globe and more particularly your own small piece of the ocean.

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