The Company “Nothing” Has Revealed The Official Release Date For Their New Ear (Stick) – AirPods alternatives

Ear (stick), a future audio product from the company “Nothing,” will have its complete debut on the day that was recently revealed.

The following is, thus, an announcement about an announcement. The marketing department of Carl Pei never wastes an opportunity; kudos to them for being so efficient.

What we’re trying to say is that even though we still have “nothing” conclusive about the features, pricing, or release date for the Ear (stick), other than an image of another model holding them (and we’ve seen plenty of those strolling down the catwalk recently), we do have a date – the day when we’ll be granted official access to this information.

That day is the 26th of October. Nothing guarantees that on this day, we will be able to find out everything, including pricing and product specs, at the online Ear (stick) Reveal, which will take place at 3 PM BST (10 AM ET, or 1 AM on Wednesday if you live in Sydney, Australia), on

Exist any other pieces of information? Not much info shared, Nothing describes the Ear (stick), which is now the official name of the product, as “the next generation of Nothing sound technology” and the company’s “most advanced audio product to date.”

But wait, there’s more! It would appear that the ears are sticks “genuine wireless half-in-ear earbuds designed to be completely invisible while in use, offering an optimal compromise between wearing comfort and acoustic quality.

They are extremely lightweight and have an ergonomic shape that fits snugly over your ears. Delivered in a one-of-a-kind charging case that is modeled from timeless cosmetic shapes and is constructed in such a way that it may easily slide into pockets.”

It is hardly a secret that I want Nothing’s earbuds to thrive in a world where AirPods rule; after all, who doesn’t admire a tenacious, wacky underdog?

However, there is space for improvement over the company’s first set of earbuds, the Nothing Ear 1, in order for them to become some of the best true wireless earbuds now available on the market.

Leaked images and videos of the Ear (stick) have been springing up all over the internet thanks to the developer Kuba Wojciechowski, and they depict earbuds that look unchanged, which is a shame.

Aside from this official ‘news’ from Nothing, leaked images and videos of the Ear have been springing up all over the internet.

I think the emphasis should be shifted away from gimmicks such as a cylindrical container with a red part at the end that can be wound up like a lipstick. Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy going to the movie occasionally, but only if the quality of the music I hear via my headphones is outstanding.

As the natural companions for the Nothing Phone 1, it makes sense for the Ear (stick) to take place similar to that of Apple’s AirPods 3, where the flagship Ear (1) sits alongside the AirPods Pro 2 as a flagship offering. This is because the Nothing Phone 1 is designed to be used with the Ear (stick).

See, the design of the lipstick case is not likely to be compatible with wireless charging. Because of this, and it is said to lack ANC, it is likely that the Ear (stick) will be the cheaper weapon in Nothing’s arsenal.

We will hold our breath until the 26th of October for the time being.

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