You Can Get a Pair of Technics Wireless Earphones From Amazon For The Lowest Price Ever

There are perhaps few brands with a stronger reputation in the audio industry than Technics. Technics may be best known for its manufacturing turntables.

Still, the company has also brought its sonic expertise to wireless earbuds with the premium noise-canceling Technics EAH-AZ60 headphones and their more affordable Technics EAH-AZ40 in-ears. Both of these headphones are available from Technics.

The brand is currently running a limited-time sale across all of its headphones, including savings of approximately 20% on the EAH-AZ60-S and EAH-AZ70-K. Both pairs earned a well-deserved four stars from us during our in-depth review, and they have just dropped to their lowest price ever on Amazon. The brand is also offering a sale on its other products.


The Technics EAH-AZ70W-K is available at Amazon for $150, a savings of $100.

Technics True Wireless Earbuds EAH-AZ70W-K

These Technics wireless earbuds don’t offer noise cancellation like their more expensive brothers, the AZ60-S, but they are still quite reasonable. However, you should still anticipate a detailed and powerful sound, in addition to comfort and solid controls. Both rose gold and black silver are at your disposal.



Technics EAH-AZ60-S is available at Amazon for $10 less than its original price of $227.99.

Technics True Wireless EAH-AZ60-S

Especially considering the price, the Technics EAH-AZ60-S are an excellent option to consider if you are shopping for a new set of in-ear headphones. You get a clever, functional, and comfortable design, a decent specification that includes efficient noise cancellation, and sound quality that is strong, easy to appreciate, and competitive (if not the best in its category). It comes in color black.


The Technics EAH-AZ70W-K are up against fierce competition from other brands. Still, they are priced competitively and feature effective noise cancellation, which can be modified using the accompanying app for the Technics Audio Connect.

The phone has a battery life of six continuous hours, with an additional 12 hours provided by the charging case. They have an inbuilt Alexa voice control system and have a splash resistance rating of IPX4.

The best part? They have a delivery that is both punchy and lively, which makes listening to them fascinating. During the course of the study, we were captivated by their openness and gutsy bass, but we concluded that at their launch price, they did not quite deliver.

However, with a discount of $100 bringing the total price down to $150 at Amazon, they are definitely something you should give some thought to purchasing.

In the meantime, the Technics EAH-AZ60-S, which are available at a lower price point, also gets an awful lot right. These budget-friendly earphones are now available at Amazon for the low price of just $217, thanks to a savings of $10, not that much but still good. In terms of ergonomics, they’re almost perfect and undeniably comfy.

They also offer some real pros as far as sound is concerned, with detailed and robust sounds. The earbuds do not offer noise cancellation, but they have a solid eight hours of battery life, and the carrying case extends that to a healthy 25 hours.

Check out the Technics storefront on Amazon for additional information and deals pertaining to the brand’s headphones while supplies last.

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