Songs About Insomnia

21 Most Popular Songs About Insomnia

You spend approximately a third of your life asleep. This seems like a lot of time, considering we remain immobile and unproductive during this time, but if we think about the function of sleep, we start to see the benefits. Sleep functions in regulating your moods, appetite, and storage of memories. That being said, being … Read more

21 Songs About Denial

21 Best Songs About Denial

You are probably living in denial about one thing or another. Whether it’s the state of your relationships or a self-destructive habit you have, we are in denial for many things. The most difficult thing is accepting that you are in denial and that you need to fix a part of your life. It might … Read more

Best Songs About Narcissists And Narcissistic Abuse

21 Best Songs About Narcissists And Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissists are self-centered people who will never take responsibility for their shortcomings but instead blame others for their mistakes. So today, we are diving into the best songs about narcissists that have been released. Between their lack of empathy, arrogance, and ability to gaslight others, the consensus is that they are the worst. If you … Read more

Top 21 Philosophical Songs That'll Make You Think

Top 21 Philosophical Songs That’ll Make You Think

Music has the ability to not only spar emotion when we listen to it but also capable of expressing ideas from the composer and thoughts that sometimes can be provoking. With the lyrics of these philosophical songs, we, the listeners, are taken through a journey of the fundamental nature of knowledge through language and art. … Read more