Great Songs About Being 20

21 Great Songs About Being 20

Turning 20 is one of the most confusing times of our lives as it is a transitional period from teenage life to adulthood. At this age, you start to believe you are a grown-up but still don’t feel quite grown-up yet. For some, it is the start of responsibilities, making it more stressful. These feelings … Read more

Best Songs About Tigers

The 21 Best Songs About Tigers

I have always been fascinated by tigers. They are powerful, ferocious beasts with one of the best roars you will ever hear. That is why I am excited to share with you 21 of the best songs about tigers that embody what these animals are. Fun fact, did you know that the lions roaring in … Read more

Best Songs About Step Parents

21 Best Songs About Step Parents

Accepting a step-parent into your life can be difficult; they come into your life out of the blue and suddenly, they’re a part of your family. Every stepchild has a different experience with their step-parent; for some it might be good while for others it’s not, and listening to songs about step-parents is a great … Read more

Best Songs About Camping

The 21 Best Songs About Camping

Being in the outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You interact with nature in its rawest form, allowing you to see a part of yourself you cannot experience elsewhere. One of the things that make camping even better is the playlist you have with you. Like most things music-related, songs about camping can make … Read more

Greatest Songs About Toys

21 Greatest Songs About Toys

Although it is uncommon for famous composers to produce songs about toys, they can be a fun experience to listen to. These songs remind us of our childhood and upbringing, and the nostalgia that most of us get from listening to them again is worth sharing with the next generation so that our children can … Read more