most epic songs about dragons

21 Most Epic Songs About Dragons

When it comes to mythological creatures, dragons have been present in many folklore songs for centuries. Many cultures portray dragons as ferocious creatures with magical abilities like breathing fire. While some cultures might show dragons in their songs as evil creatures who can destroy anything in their path, others view them as their protector. Regardless … Read more

songs about selfishness

21 Popular Songs About Selfishness

What if we said selfishness is an art? One that keeps your life balanced, satisfied, and free from unnecessary drama? Listening to songs about selfishness could help encourage you to embrace this side of life. Notably, many benefits follow this move, including a stress-free, care-free life. Songs are meant to make you more altruistic. They … Read more

songs about fools

21 Songs About Stupid People

Songs are meant to convey specific messages to their listeners. Some are pretty straightforward, while others need a bit of figuring out what they mean. A good number of them address stupid people. These songs are quite popular since many listeners can relate to their lyrics. They also carry some humor despite their highlights of … Read more

songs about thunder and lightning

21 Best Songs About Thunder And Lightning

We come across music almost daily, whether via radio, tv, or someone just randomly singing next to us. Music has a way of speaking to us where words fail. Music has been known to bring people together, improve one’s health and overall well-being, and create an outlet to express oneself regardless of our cultural background. … Read more

best 3 minute songs

The 21 Best 3 Minute Songs of All Time

Music cuts across language and speaks to the heart. While everyone has their list of the best artists or bands of all time, the song playtime has changed. Nowadays, songs may vary in length, but there was a time when 3 minute songs were the standard. This resulted from listeners’ preference for songs with shorter … Read more

songs about being 24

15 Best Songs About Being 24

Growing old can be exciting, but it can also be scary. You constantly have many what-if questions that take your mind off celebrating your age. However, did you know that there are songs composed about a certain age that can help calm down your anxieties? Well, if you’ve just turned twenty-four or are halfway through … Read more

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21 Popular Songs About Low Self-Esteem

If you’re looking for songs about low self-esteem, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve written a list of 21 insecure lyrics that can help you battle feelings. Everyone has dark days. Sometimes we can hate ourselves, compare ourselves to others and wonder whether we are good enough. At such moments it’s normal to question … Read more

best songs about lions

21 Best Songs About Lions

Commonly known as the “The King of the Jungle,” the lion symbolizes majesty, courage, strength, and other admirable traits. The lioness is also a significant symbol that’s common in different areas. It’s a symbol of mothering and protection, as depicted in its characteristics in the jungle. It’s no secret that these traits have been why … Read more