Funny Indian Songs

21 Funny Indian Songs To Dance To

Since cinema plays a significant role in Indian culture, many films are written to showcase their values and way of life. I find funny Indian songs from these films to be one of the fascinating parts of creating the movies, as the writers are responsible for creating a song that is relevant to the story … Read more

Songs About Darkness

21 Popular Songs About Darkness

Songs about darkness have become popular across different genres. Most of these artists bring various aspects that portray the mystery within darkness. Darkness can convey a broad spectrum of elements, such as exploring the grim realities of the human psyche. Although darkness relates to the absence of light, I found most of these pieces showcase … Read more

Songs About Stealing

21 Famous Songs About Stealing

Stealing is an act that is condemned in society and goes against the morals and upbringing of many people. Popular artists have been composing songs about stealing to relay different messages. These songs can have a satirical message to the listeners or a serious teachable one on the evils of stealing. I found most of … Read more

Storytelling Rap Songs

21 Best Storytelling Rap Songs

I view music as a unique way to tell a story to the listeners. One of my favorite genres to listen to is hip-hop, as it contains some of the best storytelling rap songs that entertain and pass a message. While there has been an evolution of rap music, and the focus has slightly diverted … Read more

songs about mirrors

21 Strange Songs About Mirrors

We all look at the mirror and get different emotions from what we see in the reflection. Many artists have been in the same situation as you and I and have written songs about mirrors with their unique perspectives. The symbolism of mirrors in music has been common for quite some time, and this article … Read more

Songs About Roses

21 Best Songs About Roses

Music is one of the most moving and touching forms of art one can experience, and what better way to express yourself than to sing songs about roses? The rose can be metaphorical, giving a whole different meaning to the song. But that is the whole point of art. I believe it is about the … Read more