21 Sweetest Songs About Grandpa

Grandpas are the pillars that hold up the family for generations. They are wisdom-filled people who don’t always share it with the ones they love. This is why we love and cherish them.

He is never judgemental and is more understanding than anyone in my life. You don’t get that kind of unconditional love anywhere, and this affection I have towards my grandpa is shared by people worldwide with their grandfathers.

The universal love for grandfathers is the premise of this article today, as we will look at songs about grandpas. These will be appreciative pieces dedicated to our grandpas and their importance.

Some of these tunes are tear-jerkers, while some are a walk down memory lane that will bring a smile to your face. This article is emotional for me to write as I had the best grandpa in the world and all these songs bring words to how I feel. I hope they do the same for you.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Grandpa Told Me So Kenny Chesney Learn More
2 Five More Minutes Scotty McCreery Learn More
3 Grandpa The Judds Learn More
4 Grandpa Justin Moore Learn More
5 Big Sky, MT Said The Whale Learn More
6 That’s What Grandpas Do Gord Bamford Learn More
7 Grandfather’s Grandson John Baumann Learn More
8 Granddaddy’s Gun Blake Shelton Learn More
9 Immigrant Eyes Willie Nelson Learn More
10 Lonely Road The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Learn More
11 He Walked On Water Randy Travis Learn More
12 Sonny New Found Glory Learn More
13 I’m My Own Grandpa Willie Nelson Learn More
14 Granddaddy’s Chair Kane Brown Learn More
15 Granddaddy’s Song The Kyle Bennett Band Learn More
16 The Rocket That Grandpa Rode Jimmy Buffett Learn More
17 Grandpa’s Hands Rob Mayes Learn More
18 In Color Jamey Johnson Learn More
19 The Journey Of Your Life Jake Owen Learn More
20 Alabama Sky Alabama Learn More
21 If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away Justin Moore Learn More


Songs About Grandpa

These are the best and the sweetest songs about your grandpa, enjoy.


1. Grandpa Told Me So – Kenny Chesney

YouTube video

Who better to start us off in this list of songs about grandpa than the multi-platinum-winning artist Kenny Chesney? The song is about the beautiful connection between a grandpa and his grandchild.

Kenny sings about how his grandpa was a constant presence in his life, being there for him in all his meaningful life milestones. From teaching him to fish to guiding him through his first heartbreak and teaching him how to live life to its fullest.

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2. Five More Minutes – Scotty McCreery

YouTube video

McCreery takes us on a journey of what is important to us and how to treasure them, as one day, we might beg for five more minutes with them.

He detailed his life when he asked for five more minutes on things like playing with friends and kissing his girlfriend. But now he is on his grandpa’s deathbed and has never wanted five more minutes than he does to spend some time with his grandfather.


3. Grandpa – The Judds

YouTube video

The Judds grace us with this beautifully slow ballad about the love of the stories grandpa tells us. The girls in the song are tired of how the world feels too fast-paced and complicated.

They want to hear from their grandfather about the good old days when life seemed more straightforward and doable. Although some may look back and see the times as primitive, we can also see how good they had it compared to us.


4. Grandpa – Justin Moore

YouTube video

Justin delivers this emotional piece that will bring your grandfather to tears when you play it for him. It is the story of a young man who grew up with his grandpa’s guiding hand.

He owes his life’s success to the path he laid out, as the grandpa was always there in everything he did.


5. Big Sky, MT – Said The Whale

YouTube video

This is another great addition to this compilation of songs about grandpa. It is a dedication to a loving grandpa going over and beyond for his loved one.

He taught his grandson that picking flowers is worth it if you’re doing it for the person you love.


6. That’s What Grandpas Do – Gord Bamford

YouTube video

Gord Bamford is next on this list, as he is included in this track about his loving grandpa. His grandpa teaches Gord to work hard and all the knowledge necessary.

Gord looks back at all the lessons the grandpa gave him and realized they shaped him to be a man. He is grateful for having such an influence in his life, and whenever I listen to this tune, I get the same sentimental feelings.


7. Grandfather’s Grandson – John Baumann

YouTube video

Grandfather’s Grandson is a piece about the resilience of a grandson to respect the ritual of passing down the mantle as it has been done for generations.

In this case, that is his grandpa’s beloved piece of land that has been in the family’s possession for ages. He is proud of the land and its significance to his family heritage while fighting the big businesses that want to buy it.

He only hopes his son will have the same resilience to keep it in the family.


8. Granddaddy’s Gun – Blake Shelton

YouTube video

The once-named “Sexiest Man Alive” Blake Shelton adds to our list of songs about grandpa with this piece. He looks back at those times when his grandfather taught him how to shoot and be a man.

Although his grandpa loved to hunt, he only saw him taking his gun out only when needed, and the respect he gave to it was educational to Blake. Whether or not your grandfather has a weapon, it is still a great song about making memories with them.

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9. Immigrant Eyes – Willie Nelson

YouTube video

This tune is about the adversities his grandpa went through to get to Ellis Island in search of a better life. He depicts how he can see those days reflected in his grandfather’s eyes and how hard they can show the hard work he put in.

He talks of the dread of being so close yet far from the freedom his grandpa felt at that time. Nelson looks up to his grandpa.


10. Lonely Road – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

YouTube video

Lonely Road is a ballad between a grandfather and his grandson where he gives him advice to navigate this lonely world. Grandpas are the wisest people in our lives, from the life experience they have accumulated to the many mistakes and successes they have endured.

We can always learn a thing or two from them, and this song does precisely that. The grandpa advises him not to be afraid of the lonely road if it is the right road.


11. He Walked On Water – Randy Travis

YouTube video

This Randy piece is about the innocent love of a grandson towards his great-grandpa, who, in his eyes, can do no wrong. The singer compares his grandpa to Jesus as he seems perfect and holy.

He sees him as powerful and, in part of the song, compares him to an angel and his hat as a halo. It is a wholesome tune that takes me back to how I idolized my grandpa and was heartbroken when I eventually figured out he was not invincible in the most painful way.


12. Sonny – New Found Glory

YouTube video

Sonny was a nickname of the band’s lead singer’s grandpa, and this song is a dedication to the beautiful life he had. This track is an emotional piece that never fails to get me with its beautiful lyrics and performance.

The song is about the relationship between the grandson and his granddad, and we see how close they are. It is a sweet song about the undefeated connection between a man and his grandpa.


13. I’m My Own Grandpa – Willie Nelson

YouTube video

Willie Nelson has already featured on this compilation of songs about grandpa, but he gets another song. The song is a different take on the topic, as this is a highly complex and funny story.

The story is so complicated it goes around and ends with Nelson being his own grandpa. This classic sweet, funny song is universally loved for its unusual nature.

Nelson marries a beautiful widow with an adult daughter who ends up in love with his dad. When Nelson has a son, he realizes the looping family tree ends with him being his “own grandpa.”


14. Granddaddy’s Chair – Kane Brown

YouTube video

Kane Brown reminisces about the lovely times he spent with his grandfather and aspires to be a great man like him. He depicts his grandpa as a loving and friendly guy who could make friends with just about anyone.

Brown’s goal is to one day sit on his grandpa’s rocking chair and feel worthy of it; at the moment, he doesn’t feel quite ready. He promises to excel one day and make his grandpa proud.


15. Granddaddy’s Song – The Kyle Bennett Band

This Bennett song epitomizes a grandpa’s love and guidance in a young man’s life. The track is a trip back memory lane, with Bennett explaining how his grandfather had a massive impact on the man he is now.

He describes the knowledge passed down by his grandfather and gives him credit for teaching him how to respect women.

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16. The Rocket That Grandpa Rode – Jimmy Buffett

YouTube video

Buffett was inspired to write this piece when he was invited to a tour of NASA and sat behind Neil Armstrong’s grandchildren.

He had them talk about “the rocket grandpa rode”, and it moved him. The track is from the perspective of those grandkids and the stories they heard from relatives about their grandpa.


17. Grandpa’s Hands – Rob Mayes

YouTube video

Rob Mayes details his life growing up being raised by his grandparents and how his grandpa’s hands shaped him into the man he is. His grandfather taught him to make wine with his hands, play sports, build things, and more.

He also taught him intangible life lessons like how to laugh, love, and live fully with contentment, and it is a great addition to our compilation of songs about grandpa.


18. In Color – Jamey Johnson

YouTube video

This ballad is about a conversation between a grandpa and his grandchild as they look through his old pictures. His grandfather tells him stories about the great depression and how he worked on the cotton farm to help his family.

He also tells him stories of his time fighting in World War II and the beautiful day he married his grandma. A sweet song about what a man is willing to do for his family.


19. The Journey Of Your Life – Jake Owen

YouTube video

In this great song, Jake Owen describes the wisdom passed down to him by his grandpa. His grandfather told him he needed a good dog by his side, a hero to look up to, a good home to return to, some tools, etc.

Owen takes the advice to heart and uses them as a road map for his life.


20. Alabama Sky – Alabama

YouTube video

Grandfathers are the most intriguing and knowledgeable people, at least in the eyes of their grandkids. In this piece, he is fully taken aback by his grandpa’s wisdom as he appears to know it all.

He knows when it’s going to rain and is the best storyteller capturing the undivided attention of his grandchild.


21. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away – Justin Moore

YouTube video

This track is a beautiful dedication for a lost grandpa who meant the most to the singer. The singer misses their grandfather and is sad he didn’t get to inflict his wisdom on his grandchildren.

He emphasizes that if heaven weren’t so far, he would take his kids to meet him and understand how great he was. A great song to end our list.


Last Words

For some of us, our grandpa is our best friend, and we can listen to a thousand songs about grandpa, but today, I only have 21 for you.

The tracks celebrate our relationship with our grandfathers and our dedication to the ones we lost. I hope you found some to add to your playlist as a token to the most important people in our lives. I hope you enjoy this compilation as much as I did.


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