21 Spanish Songs About Family To Make You Feel Closer To Home

Home means different things to different people. Most of us associate home with our families, and the Spanish songs about family we cover today will take you back home.

They will bring all those feelings to the surface, letting you feel the love you have for your family. Things will not always be smooth, and you might not see the ones you love as much as you would like.

One thing that remains true is the love you have for each other. Let these Spanish songs about family remind you of that love, making you feel closer to home.


Spanish Songs About Family

Get ready to experience all the emotions with these Spanish songs about family:


1. Alegria – Sonia De Los Santos

YouTube video

The opening scenes to “Alegria,” which translates to joy, show two girls playing on their porch, something anyone who grew up with siblings can relate to. Sonia talks of her childhood and what her mother told her about how she came to the world.

The song’s lyrics, the children, and the overall vibe will have you bristling with joy and nostalgia for the days when you were young.

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2. Recuerdame – Gael Garcia Bernal & Lucy Hernandez

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This beautiful piece from the Disney animation “Coco” brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it. In this piece, Mama Coco remembers the song her father used to sing to her when she was younger.

The lyrics urge Mama Coco to remember her father before he goes away. The tears in their eyes when she remembers him and the touching lyrics will have you bawling your eyes out.

The song also reminds us never to forget our loved ones, even those who have passed.


3. Eres Tu – Mocedades

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This song can either be interpreted as a love song or a song about love for your family. With words like, “You are the fire of my home; It’s you like the fire of my bonfire,” it’s not hard to see how this amazing song applies to love for family.


4. Canto a La Madre – Pedro Fernandez

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Songs about family don’t get any better than “Canto a la Madre,” a masterpiece from a young Pedro Fernandez. He sings to his mother and mentions how her love is as big as the love from God.

This is a touching piece to listen to when you miss your mother. It hits even deeper if your mother is no longer with you, letting you know that the stars shine in her honor and the wind and the birds sing with you to let her know how much you love her.

Be prepared to cry your eyes out when singing along to this piece.


5. The World es Mi Familia – Anthony Gonzalez & Antonio Sol

YouTube video

Anyone with a loving family can agree with the sentiment that our families feel like the world. In another touching piece from “Coco,” Miguel shows just how much he loves his family.

Listening to it will have you missing your family more than anything.


6. A Mi Padre – Jose Luis Perales

YouTube video

This is another Spanish song about family that shines a light on the love fathers have and our love for them. The brooding tunes tell the story of a magician, a jack of all trades, and a poet.

Our fathers become all these things and more for us. This song will bring you even closer to your father and will hit you right in the feels. Treasure your father, whether alive or has passed away. They deserve all of our love.


7. Bebe Tiburon – El Reino Infantil

YouTube video

This children’s song is known by parents and kids from around the world. It is the Spanish version of the famous “Baby Shark.” It is used to teach children different family relatives.

Listening to this song when away from home will have you missing your children. You might even find yourself singing along to it, as many of us have; it is quite catchy. It is also a good song to teach your children some Spanish from a young age.


8. Que Falta Me Hace Mi Padre – Antonio Aguilar

YouTube video

Losing our parents is one of the most heart-wrenching things that can happen to anyone. Antonio sings about how much he misses his father and the pain and loneliness his mother feels now that he is gone.

Anyone who has lost a parent can relate to this song and will have you missing them more than ever before.

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9. Amor de Mis Amores – Angela Aguilar

YouTube video

How you interpret this song will depend on who you think of when listening to it. “Amor de mis Amores” translates to “love of my loves.” It can mean anyone you love dearly, including your family.

I mainly associate it with my parents and siblings, as they are a huge part of my life. They are the blood that flows through me and the loves of my loves. Who do you think of when you listen to this song?


10. Gratitud – Fonseca

YouTube video

Are you grateful for your family and for what they’ve done for you? Fonseca brings this feeling to life with “Gratitud.” He thanks his family, country, and music for taking him to where he is now.

This song will make you reflect on how much your family, especially the parents, sacrificed for you. It will make you feel so much closer to home, even when you are far away.


11. Amor de Madre – Aventura

YouTube video

Out of the Spanish songs about family we have covered, this one honors single mothers. Our mothers do so much for us, and sometimes it can feel like they are alone in this battle.

Aventura created this song to honor their sacrifices, showing how they did not realize the hardships the mother went through as she got whatever her kid needed. This song is the realization of the sacrifices and a way to honor mothers everywhere.


12. Te Amo Mama – Marco Antonio Solis

YouTube video

Keeping with the theme of honoring mothers, Marco Antonio Solis released this song about his love for his mother. He thanks her for giving him the gift of life and everything else.

Our mothers do so much for us, and Marco Antonio’s song will have you reflect on all your mother has done for you, making you feel closer to her.


13. Nadie Como Tu – La Oreja de Van Gogh

YouTube video

This is another song that you can use for different members of your family. It can be something that reminds you of your partner, siblings, or your parents.

The song talks of the closeness and understanding that only happens with those who are close to each other.


14. Oceans – Karol G

YouTube video

A favorite for quinceaneras, “Oceans,” is a song I mostly listen to when I think of my sisters. The lyrics talk of happiness that some associate with their partners but it could remind others of the closeness between siblings.

It shows how we would do whatever it takes for them, even if we fight sometimes. You can send this song to your sister or brother to show them how much you treasure them.


15. Esta es Pa Mi Viejo – Espinoza Paz

YouTube video

Ah, fathers! What is there to say about them? This is the perfect song to play for your old man, especially during Father’s Day. Our fathers can be stubborn, but they are still good people who want the best for us.

Listening to this piece by Espinoza Paz will have you revisiting the old memories, remembering what it was like when you were younger. Let your father know you love him and appreciate what he has done for your family.

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16. Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe – Victor Manuelle

YouTube video

Old age is cruel and can make it seem like something is wrong with our parents, our heroes. They don’t remember some things or are less lively than they used to be.

“Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe” is a dedication to parents going through this. It shows how the son takes care of his aging father, and it is heartbreaking, especially for those who have dealt with this.

Listening to this song will bring you even closer to your aging hero because they still mean the world to us, regardless of what time does to them.


17. Despues de Ti – Christian Castro

YouTube video

This is another spanish song that can be applied to either love for family or romantic love. It expresses what it’s like to miss someone from the bottom of your heart.

You could dedicate it to any of your family members, and it would certainly make their day.


18. El Latido de mi Corazon – Luis Angel Gomez Jaramillo

YouTube video

Another tear-jerking song from Coco, “Proud Corazon,” is the ultimate song about family. It is a song that shows how, no matter what, our family will always be the most important part of us.

In the end, Miguel sings about how his family will live on in his heart forever. The scenes of his family, those dead and alive coming together will remind you of your own family and will have you singing along.


19. La Bicicleta – Carlos Vives & Shakira

YouTube video

Learning how to drive a bicycle when you are young is an experience shared worldwide. In “La Bicicleta,” the singer remembers his life when he was younger and the hometown he grew up in.

The song shows the happiness of being surrounded by those you love, sparking joy. Sometimes, we wish we had a bicycle that takes us to the people we love, although that is not always possible.


20. Para ti Papa – Ulices Chaldez

YouTube video

Our parents are always proud of us when we achieve our dreams, even when they don’t say it. Little do they know that all the sleepless nights and hard work we do is because of them and the example they set for us.

Ulices dedicates this song to his father, thanking him for being a good man and for his love. This is a great song to listen to when you want to feel closer to your father.


21. Quizas – Enrique Iglesias

YouTube video

Relationships are complicated and get even more complex when there is friction in the family. Enrique Iglesias sings about the void created because their lives are separated.

He lets his father know that he has not forgotten about him. If you have not been in touch with your parents for a while, you know exactly how he feels, and this song will bring you that much closer.


Last Words

There is so much to say about our families, and when words fail us, these Spanish songs about family will make up for that. Be ready to shed a lot of tears when listening to these songs. Let your loved ones know you love them at every chance you get.


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