Sony is Adding Multipoint Earbuds, Like The WF-1000XM4, To Its Line-Up

This fall, Sony will add multipoint connectivity to all of its premium wireless earbuds that are already available in its catalog. You can connect to two different Bluetooth audio sources at the same time with this capability, just like you can do with other types of headphones and earbuds.

Suppose you are using your phone to take a call while listening to music on your laptop. In that case, you will be able to switch over to take the call without any interruptions. “by the month of November in 2022,” according to Sony’s plans, the LinkBuds and LinkBuds S will be upgraded to support multipoint.

Even the WF-1000XM4s are going to get multipoint this winter, which is a turn of events that may surprise some people. These have been available for purchase for well over a year, but Sony has never even made a passing remark on the possibility of multipoint support in the future.

In order to make use of the new features when the update has been rolled out, you will have to use the Headphones Connect app to bring the firmware of your earbuds up to date.

In addition, today, the company launched additional offshoots of its LinkBuds and LinkBuds S earbuds. This coming winter, the business will offer a version of the LinkBuds that is certified for use with Microsoft Teams. The earbuds will come with a USB cable that enables users to map actions from Microsoft Teams, such as muting or raising their hand, to the controls on the earbuds themselves.

Sony is Adding Multipoint Earbuds, Like The WF-1000XM4, To Its Line-Up

The “LinkBuds UC for Teams” will have a price tag of $249.99, which means that the normal model, which costs $179.99, is significantly more expensive than the “LinkBuds UC for Teams.”

Next up is an updated model of Sony’s LinkBuds S headphones, which the company says are fabricated from “recycled materials” derived from old water bottles. At the end of this month, they will be made available at a retail price of $199.99 (there is no markup on these items), and they will be available.

According to a statement made in a news release issued by the company, “Parts of the body and case of LinkBuds S in Earth Blue are manufactured from recycled water bottle components which creates a distinctive, one-of-a-kind marble pattern.” Each pair will have a pattern and an exterior finish that are unique to themselves.

Due to businesses frequently embellishing their claims on their commitment to protecting the environment, I questioned Sony regarding the precise percentage of the LinkBuds S hardware comprised of this material.

Regrettably, it could provide a better deal of detail about the situation. Hiroaki Shimo, manager of vision and sound at Sony Electronics, stated that the company does not publicize this information.

Every once in a while, it is wonderful to be pleasantly surprised by the technology company that you do business with. The LinkBuds S are some of the most comfortable wireless earbuds available on the market right now because of their compact size and lightweight design.

On the other hand, the normal LinkBuds with the hole in the center are exceptional when it comes to the quality of voice calls they deliver. It makes perfect sense for the Teams to continue pushing for that product.

However, the addition of multipoint support across the board has my absolute most excellent level of anticipation.

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