21 Best Songs to Dedicate to Your Brother

Trying to express your feelings to your brother can be difficult as you may lack the words to show the love you hold for them. Listening to a list of songs to dedicate to your brother can help you communicate your emotions.

I have selected a list of tracks that capture different messages from artists showing how deep brother love can run. Some tracks are emotional pieces that are a perfect tribute if you lost your brother.

At the same time, others carry funny or serious advice that can suit the relationship you have with them. It is important to note that not all brotherhoods are blood-related, and for some artists, brotherhood runs deeper than family ties.

Nr Song Artist About
1 He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother The Hollies Learn More
2 Brother Kodaline Learn More
3 My Brother’s A Basehead De La Soul Learn More
4 Alfie Lily Allen Learn More
5 Two Little Boys Rolf Harris Learn More
6 Brother Mine Suzanne Vega Learn More
7 Brother Up in Heaven Alan Parsons Learn More
8 Baby Brother Mattiel Learn More
9 Little Brother Ella Vos Learn More
10 Brother Tyler Braden Learn More
11 Brother In The Wind High On Fire Learn More
12 Blood Brothers Luke Bryan Learn More
13 Song For My Brother Carlos Santana Learn More
14 My Little Brother Art Brut Learn More
15 Boss Of Me The Might Be Giants Learn More
16 What’s Happening Brother Marvin Gaye Learn More
17 My Brother Justin Hayward & John Lodge Learn More
18 Brother NEEDTOBREATHE Learn More
19 Brother’s Keeper DaBaby Learn More
20 I Drive Your Truck Lee Brice Learn More
21 Hey Brother Avicii Learn More


21 Songs to Dedicate to Your Brother

The list contains multiple songs from various genres that I found not only entertaining but worth sharing with my brother.


1. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother – The Hollies

YouTube video

This song by the Hollies is so deep not only because of the perfect music arrangement but because of the lyrical meaning of it. It is hard to listen to the song and not tear up if you deeply connect to your brother.

This emotional ballad was originally composed in 1969, and because of its popularity, there have been multiple covers of the song made in the subsequent years.

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2. Brother – Kodaline

YouTube video

No better song highlights brotherly love than this piece by Kodaline. The artist incorporates indie and alternative rock genres, resulting in a pleasing and entertaining sound.

The song’s message is about kinship and love beyond blood relations. The song’s lyrics and video tell a story of a tearful goodbye hoping to reunite again someday.


3. My Brother’s A Basehead – De La Soul

YouTube video

Not all siblings live a clean life or to everyone’s expectations. My Brother a Basehead is a song that narrates the story of the artist’s sibling who lost his ways and ended up as a drug addict.

The artist’s pain can be felt through the lyrics, and his anger and frustrations towards his brother wasting his life show his desire to change himself. If you have a brother struggling with substance abuse, this is a track to dedicate to them.


4. Alfie – Lily Allen

YouTube video

Alfie is a sweetly protective song to dedicate to your brother because it pokes fun at various issues, such as laziness and lack of direction.

The singer’s composition inspiration was from real-life experiences of watching her brother lack direction. If you have a brother and lack the right words to encourage them to change their ways, perhaps this piece by Lily Allen can help pass the message.


5. Two Little Boys – Rolf Harris

YouTube video

Rolf Harris inspired so many throughout the years and touched so many hearts. The two boys tell the story of two brothers who grew up sharing everything together.

Specifically, the song mentions them sharing horses since they were young. Now they are in a war and they’re doing the same thing. This was the best-selling single of 1969 in Britain.


6. Brother Mine – Suzanne Vega

YouTube video

Brother Mine is the first song that Suzanne Vega wrote, dedicated to her younger brother. She started writing the song at 11 and finished it three years later, showing her dedication to pen down a song that advises her younger brother.

The lyrics show love and appreciation towards the brother and warn him to avoid getting into trouble and fights. She describes it as a fake country song with fantasy elements.


7. Brother Up in Heaven – Alan Parsons

YouTube video

While we might pray to be close to our brothers, many times it is not the case. Alan Parsons dedicated this emotional ballad to his dead brother to wait on him so that they could reunite again in heaven.

I find the song the perfect tribute to a brother who passed away, as the lyrics summarize the heartache that comes from the grief of losing someone close to you.


8. Baby Brother – Mattiel

YouTube video

The next track that shows the love between siblings is Baby Brother by Mattiel, composed and recorded in 2017. It is a perfect piece to dedicate to your younger brother so that they know you are always looking out for them at all times.

The artist melodically reminds her younger brother to avoid unnecessary life risks and always be careful.

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9. Little Brother – Ella Vos

YouTube video

Ella Vos has a beautiful voice that has a calmness that is quite soothing. In this song, she uses an upbeat instrumental that always warms my heart every time I listen to the track.

Even though they had their fights when they were young, they developed a deep bond as they grew up. This is a beautiful song with a beautiful message.


10. Brother – Tyler Braden

YouTube video

There is more than brotherhood than the blood that runs through people’s veins. Tyler Branden, a former firefighter, pays homage to the friends he met and became brothers with along the way through this country song.

There is no bigger sacrifice than putting your life on the line and knowing that the brother next to you will do anything to save your life.


11. Brother In The Wind – High On Fire

YouTube video

High On Fire is one of the best heavy metal bands, with multiple music awards, such as the Grammy for Best Metal Performance in 2019. Brother in the Wind is one of the best songs to dedicate to your brother, who passed away and was a metalhead.

The band released the song in 2005, and it has one of the most aggressive playing techniques. The guitar riff at the middle of the track is wonderful.


12. Blood Brothers – Luke Bryan

YouTube video

Blood Brothers is one of the most popular country songs to dedicate to your brother. The track’s lyrics narrate a relationship between two boys who are closer than siblings and would do anything for each other.

It is unlikely to find a friend to have that kind of relationship with friends that turns into a brotherhood, but if you do, you should cherish it, just like Luke Bryan.


13. Song For My Brother – Carlos Santana

YouTube video

Song for My Brother shows great musicianship and the artist’s free form of exploration. The piece shows Carlos Santana’s ability to compose hypnotic melodies worth listening to. I found this track astonishing; the whole album was titled The Swing of Delight.


14. My Little Brother – Art Brut

YouTube video

My Little Brother is one of the most energetic songs you will ever listen to and make you get on your feet to dance to its rhythm. Art Brut is one of the most underrated punk rock bands.

In this song, the composer narrates how his brother is captivated by rock and roll after discovering the genre, even though there’s an underlying theme about his brother doing drugs.


15. Boss Of Me – The Might Be Giants

YouTube video

Boss of Me is a great song to dedicate to your brother, who seems to give you a hard time. The song fits in the alternative rock genre and is very energetic; it will probably have you on your feet to dance along to it. The song became popular as it was the theme song of Malcolm in The Middle.

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16. What’s Happening Brother – Marvin Gaye

YouTube video

Over five decades later, Marvin Gaye’s music is still relevant to various societal issues. His ability to command his voice is what most musicians dream of achieving.

This song was inspired by his brother who served 3 years in Vietnam. It talks about the changes in culture that happened in the United States during the Vietnam War.


17. My Brother – Justin Hayward & John Lodge

YouTube video

The vocals on the track by Justin are soothing and divine. The guitar keys from the artist perfectly complement his vocals and make the song complete.

The piece is heartwarming and the perfect song for anyone who wants to mend their relationship bond with their brother. It talks of the artist yearning back for the special connection he previously had with his brother and that he will always be there for him.



YouTube video

With over 35 million streams on YouTube alone, Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE is a testament to being one great song to dedicate to your brother.

The song’s inspiration was disputes and tensions resulting from the band members’ competitive spirits. The track is in the album titled Rivers In The Wasteland, and the message is we need to be there for one another.


19. Brother’s Keeper – DaBaby

YouTube video

Every time I listen to the song, I can feel the hurt in DaBaby’s voice as he recalls memories he had with his late brother. The lyrics narrate what the artist wished he could have said to his brother before he died.

He got inspired to pen the song after his brother died. If your brother is going through depression, you can use the message from the track to show them you can be the shoulder they can lean on.


20. I Drive Your Truck – Lee Brice

YouTube video

This song hits differently if you lost someone close to you and you cling to an item that belongs to them to keep their memory alive. Lee Brice composed this tribute song which conveys his urge to connect with his loved ones and to feel closer to them.


21. Hey Brother – Avicii

YouTube video

Hey Brother by Avicii carries a heavy message of the lengths you will go to for your brother. Avicii incorporated electric dance, pop, and progressive house elements when making the track.

It was released on the artist’s first studio album in 2013 and with over a half billion streams, this is probably the best song to end our list with.


Last Words

I hope the compilation of songs to dedicate to your brother entertains and connects you more to your sibling. Whether you need a track to mend your relationship or show appreciation, these tracks can do that for you.

I found some of the tracks on the list as the perfect tribute to honor someone close to you that you lost. While others contain a strong message of love towards someone you consider a brother.


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