21 Best Songs That Make You Think About Life

There are multiple songs that make you think about life. Not all composers record music for entertainment purposes.

Some create songs to connect philosophically with their listeners. I believe these songs they compose come from life experiences they encountered or advice from those close to them.

While we love to listen to romantic or heartbreak songs, if we listen clearly to these songs’ messages, their wisdom is incomparable. Though most are entertaining, the artists’ approach to creating a sing-along track can make you pause and think about life.

The enigma of music that questions us and makes us open ourselves to thinking about life does not stop in romantic pieces alone. Across different categories and genres, we have used music as a medium to challenge us mentally through the beginning of time.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Under Pressure Queen Learn More
2 Happy Pharrell Williams Learn More
3 Let it Go Idina Menzel Learn More
4 Don’t Stop Believin’ Journey Learn More
5 7 Years Lucas Graham Learn More
6 Where is The Love The Black Eyed Peas Learn More
7 Don’t Worry Be Happy Bobby McFerrin Learn More
8 I Took A Pill In Ibiza Mike Posner Learn More
9 Lucid Dreams Juice WRLD Learn More
10 Live Before I Die Mike Posner & Naughty Boy Learn More
11 Dream On Aerosmith Learn More
12 I Can Clearly See Now Johnny Nash Learn More
13 Take Me To Church Hozier Learn More
14 Stressed Out Twenty-One Pilots Learn More
15 Me, Myself & I G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha Learn More
16 1-800-273-8255 Logic & Khalid & Alessia Cara Learn More
17 Hallelujah Pentatonix Learn More
18 Royals Lorde Learn More
19 Imagine John Lennon Learn More
20 Mirror Lil Wayne & Bruno Mars Learn More
21 What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong Learn More


21 Best Songs That Make You Think About Life

Below is a compilation of songs I have created that I love to listen to and that make me think about life.


1. Under Pressure – Queen

YouTube video

To start the list, I would like to share a song that I love and summarizes what is common in our lives.

Though the lyrics are not positive, it shows how life truly is as it is not rainbow and sunshine as we face daily challenges. The song can be comforting, making you feel you are not alone when facing challenges in life.

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2. Happy – Pharrell Williams

YouTube video

With over a billion views on YouTube, “Happy” is the song you want to listen to when you feel low about life. It would be best if you had positive thoughts and vibes when going through psychological stress, and this song with light beats and lyrics will get you clapping to the rhythm.

If you want to feel on top of the world and your problems, the key is to stay happy, and this piece will cheer you up.


3. Let it Go – Idina Menzel

YouTube video

When Frozen was released back in 2013, this was the song that everyone kept singing due to the powerful message it possesses.

The theme of the piece is about letting go of negativity, bitterness, and everything else you’ve been holding in and being able to accomplish anything you set your goals towards.

Listening to the song always purifies my thoughts and is a reminder that holding on to negativity can affect every aspect of my life.


4. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

YouTube video

Don’t Stop Believin’ is one of the most popular songs that make you think about life and give you the courage to believe in yourself.

This classic is undoubtedly one of the best songs ever made as it teaches us never to lose faith as we can triumph over whatever we are going through. I believe this is a legendary song that will continue living forever.


5. 7 Years – Lucas Graham

YouTube video

I spent all my childhood wanting to grow up, and now I spend much of my adulthood wishing I could go back in time for a moment.

This song always gets emotional when I listen to it as it summarizes the life stages we will experience. The message is never to waste a moment in life as life is short.


6. Where is The Love – The Black Eyed Peas

YouTube video

You know something is wrong with the world when a song’s lyrics become more relevant as time passes. We are living in a world with a lot of chaos and violence against each other.

The hate we have towards each other can make you think about what we did wrong as humans. The Black Eyed Peas wrote this to make us think about our love for each other.


7. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

YouTube video

When artists create songs that make you think about life, others might use complex jargon and phrases before you catch the message.

Don’t Worry Be Happy is different from traditional songs in the category as it tells us not to focus on the negative aspects of our lives and think only of the positive.


8. I Took A Pill In Ibiza – Mike Posner

YouTube video

While this piece is a party anthem globally, the original version by Mike Posner is a sad song as he evaluates his life choices.

For those who feel overwhelmed by life through various complexities, listening to the acoustic version of this song can let you realize depression is real. It can make you take appropriate steps afterward to seek help towards problems you are going through.

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9. Lucid Dreams – Juice WRLD

YouTube video

Lucid Dreams is a song about the nightmares we create by our thoughts after going through a bad situation. In the rapper’s case, he talks about the torment he is experiencing after a breakup.

Similar thoughts making us sink deeper into depression can overwhelm us. The piece is relatable to all listeners facing challenges in life.


10. Live Before I Die – Mike Posner & Naughty Boy

YouTube video

Out of many songs that make you think about life created by Mike Posner this piece stands out because he opens ups to us his fans and expresses himself truthfully.

This song was written after Mike lost his father and here he decided completely change the way he had been living his life, instead opting to do life-altering and incredible things.

He lays out his thoughts about what he wants in life and the steps he has taken. This song is very motivating for people who are afraid to take the first step to changing their lives.


11. Dream On – Aerosmith

YouTube video

This song was released in 1973 and is still relevant today because of the magnitude of the message it carries. Whatever anyone says and obstacles set on you, let no one rob the aspiration of your dreams, thoughts, and plans.

No band has communicated more clearly than Aerosmith, making this one of their most iconic pieces ever.


12. I Can Clearly See Now – Johnny Nash

YouTube video

One of the best feel-good songs ever created. The song will forever sound as beautiful as the first time I heard it.

After having time for yourself to think about life, this is the song to listen to as it talks about the hope of a better tomorrow. Johnny Nash’s vocals are on point in this piece, and his angelic voice always lifts my spirits.


13. Take Me To Church – Hozier

YouTube video

Few artists like Hozier can create songs that make you think deeply about life. Most of the songs he composes make you question your emotions and the type of life we live.

Take Me To Church makes us question our bias towards others. As a spiritual person, it’s heartbreaking to see people judge others harshly and instead I hope they love their neighbors despite their differences.


14. Stressed Out – Twenty-One Pilots

YouTube video

Stressed Out can is the song that pulls you down memory lane, making you realize you lost your childhood innocence along the way.

In the face of hardships we face during adulthood, they dream of returning back to the time when they were young. They backed this clever song up with EDM sounds and a loud bass that will surely entertain you.


15. Me, Myself & I – G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha

YouTube video

This song’s lyrics always talk to my soul, and I appreciate that I G-Eazy makes the issues he is facing relatable. He is overwhelmed by the pressure and attention from his success.

After a while of having time to evaluate my life and think, most of the time, I realize that I’m the only one in need in my life. Whenever I feel betrayed and thoughts cloud my mind, this is a piece that helps me heal.

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16. 1-800-273-8255 – Logic & Khalid & Alessia Cara

YouTube video

Thinking about life can be too much to bear when facing depression. The major silent killer that most of us ignore is depression, as thousands of victims contemplate taking their lives after thinking there is no way out of their problems.

This song by Logic can be the first step against depressive thoughts that you may have, and hopefully, it will make you believe there is a better tomorrow.


17. Hallelujah – Pentatonix

YouTube video

Initially composed by Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah is a well-known song as it has been translated into various languages and their multiple covers by famous artists.

The version that captivated me the most is by Pentatonix. Listening to this song will make you think about the most cherished trait that we have in life, love.


18. Royals – Lorde

YouTube video

Lorde recorded this piece to express her thoughts on what the music industry has become. With the goals of an artist changing from just composing good music to being popular and rich, she points out how this new priority has become the modern-day artist’s vision.

She finds value in modesty and expresses that even though she was not rich in her upbringing, she still enjoyed her life, maybe even more than those who are addicted to money and fame. It makes us think about our driving force and how money has significantly influenced us.


19. Imagine – John Lennon

YouTube video

This is a beautiful song that carries a strong political message. Here Lennon tried to imagine a world that lived in peace and prosperity, leaving out all the negative aspects of our current world that give rise to these conflicts in the first place.

This always gets me thinking about life and how to solve the various problems we face as a people. It received worldwide recognition, topped many charts, and was covered by various artists such as Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Joan Baez, and Lady Gaga.


20. Mirror – Lil Wayne & Bruno Mars

YouTube video

When seeking guidance after thinking about life, I found this song as my answer to many of the questions I had. This song shows that I am the only person who can listen to my struggles with no judgment and have faith in myself to overcome them all.

Nobody can really feel and understand our pain but ourselves. Though it is over a decade old, it’s relatable to many listeners.


21. What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

YouTube video

Last, by not least, I would recommend this song to anyone despite the situation or circumstance they are going through.

Louis Armstrong recorded Wonderful World in 1967, and it reminds not me every time not to let setbacks capture my joy because there is beauty and wonder in the world we live in.


Last Words

There are songs for every situation that you are facing. The playlist I compiled of songs that make you think about life will get you in a philosophical mood and form a clear path on whatever questions about life you need answers to.

These fantastic songs speak simple truths about life and capture life’s essence by sharing wisdom. Most of the time, we must keep reminding ourselves of life and live to experience life and not live in our own worlds.


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