21 Great Songs for Best Friend Birthday

Best friends are some of the closest and most incredible people in our lives, and when it comes to their birthdays, we all want to show love and appreciation for them. Sending them the playlist of the best songs for a best friend’s birthday can be a great way to celebrate getting a year older.

There are multiple upbeat and fun anthems to rock that show how your friendship means to them.

The songs I selected to fit the special occasion of your best friend’s birthday range from genre to genre, and you probably heard of some of the popular classic tunes.

These songs celebrate not only the milestones of a platonic relationship you have with your friend, as some pieces commemorate the theme of a best friend in a romantic relationship. From iconic pop bops to hip-hop, celebrate your beloved best friend’s birthday in style.

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21 Best Songs for Best Friend Birthday

The compilation contains some of the best songs to honor your BFF on their birthday.


1. Birthday – The Beatles

YouTube video

“Birthday” is a song by the Beatles released on their album, “The Beatles”. The song is about a man who wants his best friend to have a great day on their birthday which also happens to be his birthday.

Paul McCartney composed the riff of the track while they were at a party, and the rest of the song’s lyrics are built around the riff. It’s rare to have the same birthday as your best friend; if you do, this is the best track to share with them.


2. Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder

YouTube video

Stevie Wonder is a singer and songwriter who has written many popular songs. This one is a famous song for birthday parties.

It was written for Martin Luther King Jr. as Stevie wanted his birthday to be recognized as a national holiday in America. The song’s melody and lyrics are quite simple, contributing to its global popularity.


3. It’s My Party – Lesley Gore

YouTube video

The song lyric depicts the singer as having undergone heartbreak because her crush/boyfriend goes with another girl on her birthday. It is a great track to dedicate to your best friend undergoing romantic problems on their birthday.

It was released as a single in 1963 by Mercury Records. The single peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became one of the biggest hit songs of that year.


4. In Da Club – 50 Cent

YouTube video

In the club is one of the most popular songs for a best friend’s birthday because of the upbeat instrumental and the lyrics that glorify partying and having fun on that special day.

The song has so far gained over 1.6 billion views on YouTube and is known to be the artist’s most popular track.


5. Birthday – Destiny’s Child

YouTube video

Some of us are still nostalgic about Destiny’s Child. This tune by them is a fantastic song about celebrating a best friend’s birthday if you happen to have a romantic relationship with them.

The song has a smooth and sensual tempo that is pleasing. The lyrics in the song talk about being with someone on their birthday, such as going to dinner or just spending time together.


6. Birthday Song – 2 Chainz & Kanye West

YouTube video

“Birthday song” by 2 Chainz proves to have stood the test of time despite the explicit lyrics. I find the track addictive because of its cool lyrics making it addictive to sing along to.

Despite the artist being a lyrical master, the song has great bass.


7. Happy Birthday – Altered Images

YouTube video

“Happy Birthday” by Altered Images is obviously a song about a person’s birthday. The song is about the joyfulness of birthdays and how it reminds us that we are still alive.

I love the lyrics because of their celebratory and humorous tone. It talks about getting out of a bath into a nice night on your birthday & finding your friends hiding in a closet with your birthday cake.


8. Birthday Sex – Jeremih

YouTube video

Though released over a decade ago, the song came back to popularity because of Tiktok. So far, the song has surpassed the 200 million views mark and is steadily growing.

The track is the 2nd single on his debut album. As implied by the title, this sultry track concerns the offer of sex on a birthday.


9. Happy Birthday – “Weird Al” Yankovic

YouTube video

This song by Weird Al Yankovic is one of the funniest songs for a best friend’s birthday ever composed. I recommend you share it with your best friend if they have a wicked sense of humor.

The song’s lyrics talk about taking time and celebrating your birthday despite multiple troubles surrounding us. This piece is one of his earlier songs that made his parody music career.


10. Older – They Might Be Giants

YouTube video

“Older ”by They Might Be Giants is a song about getting older, one birthday at a time. You can dedicate this song to your best friend to understand how time flies.

The best thing about this track is it is true no matter the occasion you play it, you’ll always be older than you’ve ever been. The instrumental on the track gives me a sense of time running out; perhaps that is what the composer intended.


11. Birthday Cake – Rihanna

YouTube video

This song by Rihanna has millions of views on YouTube and can be an astounding dedication for your friend’s birthday if you have a special type of relationship with them.

This very sensual song with explicit meaning. The full version of the song was released with Christ Brown in 2012.


12. Birthday – Katy Perry

YouTube video

Katy Perry’s song “Birthday” is a popular song with over 290 million views on YouTube; it was released in April 2013. The lyrics are about a girl waiting for her boyfriend to come home for her birthday.

She describes the day and how it has been going so far, and the artist sings that she is impatiently waiting for him. The lyrics and has some innuendo that suggests a different meaning of the birthday cake.


13. Birthday of My Best Friend – Stamp On Your Brow

YouTube video

I consider this track one of the most underrated songs for a best friend’s birthday and it has the perfect message to share with a best friend.

The song incorporates melodious guitar tunes and an electric melody that is catchy. The band released this song on the album “You Are The Best.”


14. Happy Birthday – Sufjan Stevens

YouTube video

This is one of the most inspiring and motivating songs one can share with a close friend on their birthday. The track’s lyrics narrate how the composer is happy that it is his friend’s birthday and wishes that life wasn’t mean.

The song helped strengthen me through my tribulations when my best friend shared it with me.


15. Birthday – Migos

YouTube video

This is one of the most famous songs by the trio Migos. It is a trap rap song released on September 14, 2021. The song has a catchy beat, and the lyrics are about a girl’s birthday.

Throughout the tune, Migos flex their material wealth, and even though they know it really isn’t the girl’s birthday, they don’t care as long as she’s “bad enough”.


16. Birthday Song – Don McLean

YouTube video

Don McLean is a renowned Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. He is best known for his song “American Pie,” which was released in 1971 and has been covered by many artists.

Birthday Song is one of the most sensual pieces that the artist has ever made. Its lyrics are very meaningful.


17. Birthday – Selena Gomez

YouTube video

Selena Gomez is a famous and celebrated artist as many of her songs are in the Billboard Top 100. This song was released on her actual birthday and has gained millions of views on YouTube.

It can be a great birthday song for your best friend. The song’s lyrical and musical rhythm makes it great for celebrating birthdays.


18. Happy Birthday, Johnny – St. Vincent

YouTube video

The artist’s original birthday song was already acoustic, but she went further to make this rendition different and better. The piano version presents a more in-depth connection to the composer’s narration.

She sings about a person she cares about but is dependent on drugs. It shows how much she cares for her friend and wishes for him to change and better his ways and find peace.


19. Happy Birthday – New Kids on the Block

YouTube video

Regarded as one of the best boy bands ever, New Kids on the Block are known to create popular hits such as Step by Step.

This birthday song holds a great message motivating anyone’s birthday. You can use the track to create a lifelong tradition with your best friend.


20. Happy Birthday – Ravi B

YouTube video

This track will go down as one of the best birthday tracks of these years because of the artist’s lyrical prowess and the tune incorporating different famous songs in it.

Ravi B incorporates the use of English and mixes it with a bit of Indian to create a rhythm worth celebration of life. The song’s lyrics are not only about celebrating turning a year older but a prayer for better things in life.


21. Birthday – Anne-Marie

YouTube video

To end this compilation is one of the best birth songs composed recently. This track by Anne Marie has over 48 million streams on YouTube alone, and it is the suitable party anthem to share with your best friend.

When the song first came out, I was instantly hooked because of the artist’s vocals and the upbeat instrumental that always got me dancing.


Last Words

Birthdays are some of the most memorable occasions we wait for all year long, and what is better than spending them with our closest friends?

These songs for your best friend’s birthday can help you connect better with your best friend as they not only have a message of partying and having fun but also a message of growth.

Let your best friend understand how much you mean to them by using music as they take the next step in their life. I found most of this track contains joyous melodies that match the celebratory moods of a birthday.


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