21 Best Songs About Walls That You Need To Hear Right Now

You can never know what life will throw at you; your struggles can seem as insurmountable as high walls. However, if there is one thing I know, being resilient can help you triumph over any wall, no matter how high or menacing it seems.

The songs about walls we will look at today will help you feel better about your triumphs and encourage you to hold on. They will also help you learn that it can be safe to let down those walls you have built and let yourself enjoy the love and care from those around you.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus Learn More
2 Walls Bon Jovi Learn More
3 WALLS Kings Of Leon Learn More
4 Writing’s on the Wall Sam Smith Learn More
5 Off the Wall Michael Jackson Learn More
6 Balls to the Wall Accept Learn More
7 Run Through Walls The Script Learn More
8 Higher Than The Wall The Steeldrivers Learn More
9 Wall of Denial Stevie Ray Vaughan Learn More
10 Back To The Wall The Divinyls Learn More
11 Wall of Love Simple Minds Learn More
12 Made A Way Travis Greene Learn More
13 Arms Christina Perri Learn More
14 Walls Can Fall George Jones Learn More
15 Behind the Wall Tracy Chapman Learn More
16 Too Many Walls Cathy Dennis Learn More
17 Bridges Fifth Harmony Learn More
18 Walls Louis Tomlinson Learn More
19 Tonight I Climbed the Wall Alan Jackson Learn More
20 Your Wall’s Too High Steppenwolf Learn More
21 Tear Down These Walls Billy Ocean Learn More


21 Best Songs About Walls

Without further ado, here are the 21 best songs about walls that I found!


1. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

YouTube video

We are starting strong with a Miley Cyrus hit. Wrecking balls are meant for breaking things, most notably walls, and we are here to break this list of songs about walls.

This song is about getting hurt in love, a good reminder that not all relationships are worth it and to always preserve your heart in a relationship.

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2. Walls – Bon Jovi

YouTube video

Whoever has never heard of Bon Jovi should definitely give this song a chance. It reminds us always to be ready to break the walls, those that hold us back, and those that intend to harm others.

The accompanying video shows people standing against inequalities and reminds us to always be ready to help the helpless. We should not stand for injustice; we should tear the injustices down and watch them fall brick by brick.


3. WALLS – Kings Of Leon

YouTube video

Yes, yes, yet another song titled “Walls,” but what do you expect from a compilation of songs about walls? This is a more heartfelt song about a man in love with a Western girl with Eastern eyes.

The girl hurts him so much, tearing out his heart and throwing it away. I take comfort in this piece as it reminds us to be ready to bring the walls down and be free of all grudges. Hopefully, we will get better results than the singer did.


4. Writing’s on the Wall – Sam Smith

YouTube video

This track was off the 2015 James Bond soundtrack that was met with mixed reviews. Sam Smith sings of risking it all for love, being ready to give it all up for the one we love.

But can we be sure that when we give our all, our love will be reciprocated? Will our love succeed? The only way to know that is to just go for it, to risk it all.


5. Off the Wall – Michael Jackson

YouTube video

The King of Pop makes an appearance on our list with this pop tune. Michael reminds us to leave our troubles on the shelf and enjoy ourselves.

Life can get overwhelming, and you might need to take a break. What better way to do that than to let the madness of music sweep us away and live life off the wall?

I have taken this advice in the most challenging times of my life, and it does work sometimes.


6. Balls to the Wall – Accept

YouTube video

This German heavy metal band gives us some much-needed encouragement, and the song warns oppressors that they should watch out for those they torture.

They damned will one day rise up, break their chains, and be unstoppable. It is a reminder that no matter what you are going through, you will overcome it.


7. Run Through Walls – The Script

YouTube video

We all deserve friends that will do all they can for us, and we should be ready to do the same for them. The Script made “Run Through Walls” for such friends, saying he has friends who will run through walls when needed.

The singer even calls them heroes because they are ready to help their friends. This is a great piece to appreciate your friends with, showing them that you appreciate what they do for you.


8. Higher Than The Wall – The Steeldrivers

YouTube video

We are all afraid of getting hurt, especially when it comes to love, so we build up walls to protect ourselves. However, no matter how hard we try, there will always be one special person whose love will surpass these walls and show us the love we deserve.

That is what this touching tune reminds us of. Someone will come and free us from this prison, and we will feel safe to love again.

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9. Wall of Denial – Stevie Ray Vaughan

YouTube video

The truth will always shine through no matter how much you want to lie to yourself and deny some things. That is the message Stevie Ray Vaughan reminds us of in “Wall of Denial.”

It is better to live in the truth, as it is the only way to survive. Always remember this whenever you are in a difficult situation, the truth will shine.


10. Back To The Wall – The Divinyls

YouTube video

Like other songs about walls, “Back To The Wall” talks of reaching our breaking point. The singer says she feels like her back is to the wall; she is cornered.

When at this point, you might do anything, even the smallest difficulty can cause you to blow up. The singer says she might do anything at this point, and I understand the sentiment. Reaching rock bottom is difficult; hold on; things will get better with time.


11. Wall of Love – Simple Minds

YouTube video

Love is a powerful tool and can end all injustices and suffering in the world. That is the message we get from Simple Minds. They wish to build a wall of love that will shelter those within it.

The wall of love will block out the power-hungry and greed in the world. We can all benefit from a wall of love filled with peace. This song might be as close as we can get to that.


12. Made A Way – Travis Greene

YouTube video

This song is a Christian piece meant to encourage people to turn to God. The lyrics, “You made a way / When our backs were against the wall / And it looked as if it was over / You made a way,” encourage us to seek solutions from God.

He is an all-powerful being, and nothing can stop him. This song can be a good pick-me-up for whoever is seeking divine help; he will make a way.


13. Arms – Christina Perri

YouTube video

Having someone to love who can put their arms around you and make you feel safe is a blessing. This person sees right through your walls, sees the real you, and saves you from the pain and turmoil you might be feeling.

We all deserve someone who makes us feel safe, and at home, despite all the walls we put up.


14. Walls Can Fall – George Jones

YouTube video

A recurring theme of the songs about walls we have covered shows how love can get through the walls we put up. We want to protect ourselves from pain, so we build unscalable walls, but this will not deter someone who truly loves us.

Walls can fall regardless of how strong they seem when shown kindness. We just have to be ready to accept the love from others and ourselves.


15. Behind the Wall – Tracy Chapman

YouTube video

This story focuses on someone who hears screams and arguments behind the wall but chooses not to do anything about it. That is because they had called the police before, but they didn’t do anything.

his touching story focuses on the harms of domestic violence. Is it better to take action and call the police instead of staying quiet? Sometimes we must take action against what happens behind the wall; you might save someone’s life by doing so.

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16. Too Many Walls – Cathy Dennis

YouTube video

Cathy Dennis was in an infamous relationship with a younger guy, and society would constantly talk about it. “Too Many Walls” is about the obstacles society raised against their relationship.

People can build too many walls around us and our relationships, but we are the only ones who know the truth. Whatever your thoughts on their relationship, this song is worth listening to if you have been in a situation where society stops you from pursuing your dreams.


17. Bridges – Fifth Harmony

YouTube video

Former US president Donald Trump had plans to build a border wall. This is a reaction most people have, trying to separate themselves from others they deem lesser, poorer, or more disadvantaged.

Fifth Harmony encourages us to build bridges instead of walls, to let love rule instead of separating us. We should all find ways to unite instead of dividing.


18. Walls – Louis Tomlinson

YouTube video

Although lower in our list of songs about walls, Louis Tomlinson’s debut single for his solo career is an upbuilding piece that shows that we can stand taller than any walls.

We face different challenges in life that seem like large walls. We should not let these high walls break us; we can defeat whatever challenges we face and break those walls.


19. Tonight I Climbed the Wall – Alan Jackson

YouTube video

Marriages are hard. Two people from different backgrounds come together. Sometimes they work out, but sometimes problems arise and become high walls that create a lot of difficulties in the marriage.

We can all take a page from Alan Jackson’s book, climb the wall, and deal with whatever difficulties separate us from our loved ones. We will realize that these problems seem so small once we put things into perspective.


20. Your Wall’s Too High – Steppenwolf

YouTube video

Protecting ourselves from pain is a basic human reaction. Doing this, however, closes us off from receiving love. This song talks of a woman whose walls are too high that she seems unreachable.

The lover encourages her to follow his voice and help him tear down her walls. This might be something you need to do as well to get rid of what holds you back from love; just make sure the person you let your walls down for is worth it.


21. Tear Down These Walls – Billy Ocean

YouTube video

Is it fitting, or is it cliché that the last of our songs about walls is about love? You get to decide. This beautiful tune is from the legendary Billy Ocean and is about tearing down all the walls his lover has put up against him.

This shows that we need to break down the walls and let ourselves love and be loved. It is a message that most of us need to hear and who better to deliver it than Billy Ocean?


Last Words

Whether you are going through some tough times or not, I hope these songs about walls will encourage you. I hope you know that it is safe to let yourself be loved by the right people and that you can let your guard down.

Persevere and accept help from those who love you, and you will triumph over any wall, no matter how large your struggles may seem.


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