Best 15 High-Energy Songs About Turkey Hunting

If you previously needed help finding a song or two that talks about one of your favorite hobbies, then look no further. This playlist of songs about turkey hunting perfectly captures the preparation, patience, and emotions that go into it.

Though there are many songs about the subject, from traditional folk to modern pop, I found that the majority that captures the high-energy spirit comes from the country genre.


Songs about Turkey Hunting

The songs on this list have their unique perspective on turkey hunting. Some celebrate the thrill of the hunt, while others children in a fun and entertaining way.

So before you go out on your hunt this season, take this playlist to keep you company.


1. Waitin’ on Tom – Tony Young & Scott Ellis

YouTube video

The first song on this list, Waiting on Tom, is a lively and catchy country song that captures the frustration of waiting patiently for a someone (Tom) during hunting season.

The song’s upbeat melody and relatable subject matter make it an enjoyable and relatable listen. It will resonate with anyone who has experienced the frustration of waiting patiently during hunting.

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2. Going on a Turkey Hunt – Sia and Elias

YouTube video

The music video for Going on a Turkey Hunt adds an extra layer of fun to the song. With animated figures added in and the child in the video actively participating by repeating the lyrics, it becomes a lively and entertaining watch.

The visuals help bring the song’s story to life, making it more engaging for young viewers. This video is a great way to teach kids about turkey hunting.

If your family has a long turkey hunting tradition, this is a fun and educational way to introduce your children to your favorite family activity.


3. The Turkey Hunters’ Song – Ryan Schuette

YouTube video

This song touches the heart with its slow guitar and soulful lyrics. The visuals accompanying the music, featuring pictures of people holding turkeys, improve the song’s impact.

The lyrics beautifully convey the love for turkey hunting, evoking a sense of longing and gratitude for the experience.

The overall composition and delivery of this song is touching and resonant, making it a must-listen for hunting enthusiasts.


4. Chasin Thunder – Walt Gabbard

YouTube video

Chasin Thunder is an exhilarating country song that beautifully captures the thrill and excitement of turkey hunting. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the chase, with all the moves and plans that the artist makes.

The artist’s vocals are strong and vibrant, conveying the adrenaline and passion of the hunt. The instrumentals are well-crafted, with a driving beat that complements the lyrics perfectly.

The piece is enjoyable and captivating and will resonate with country music fans.


5. I’m Gonna Kill This Bird Today – Michael Morel

YouTube video

I’ve just found my new favorite turkey-hunting song. I’m Gonna Kill This Bird Today is a heartfelt ballad that captures the determination and passion of the singer on his quest to finally bring down the bird.

The lyrics vividly depict his years-long journey and the emotional toll it has taken on him. The long and declamatory singing showcases the composer’s passion for turkey hunting.

The song has a captivating melody and catchy chorus, making it an instant favorite for any turkey-hunting enthusiast.

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6. Thunder in The Woods – The Turkeyologists

YouTube video

The song Thunder in the Woods by the Turkeyologists is a catchy tune with great lyrics that capture the excitement of turkey hunting.

The harmonica gives the song a better edge than most songs on this playlist, as it gives the country song a blues vibe.

The overall quality of the song, its melody, video, and the energy it brings make it a great addition for your playlist.


7. Turkey Hunting – TK and Mike

YouTube video

TK and Mike’s song. Turkey Hunting is a fun and energetic tune that captures the spirit of hunting wild turkeys. The lyrics are catchy, and the melody is upbeat, making it enjoyable.

The video adds to the entertainment value with its humorous and creative visuals as it shows the duo’s journey as they go wild turkey hunting while they are young, only to capture their prize when they are old.

It’s entertaining and worth a listen, especially for those who enjoy hunting-themed music.


8. Tom, You Make My Shotgun Go Boom Boom – Southern Pine Outdoors

YouTube video

Southern Pine Outdoors is a hunting channel that stands out. It showcases the thrilling pursuit of the game and has a strong Christian foundation.

Many of their songs aim to spread the word of God through their music. This song perfectly represents their hunting spirit.

It captures the excitement and adrenaline of the hunt, celebrating the beauty of nature and the thrill of a successful kill. The lyrics are catchy, and the melody is infectious, making it an enjoyable and memorable anthem.


9. Last Call – JJ Lawhorn

YouTube video

Last Call is a lively country-rock song with catchy lyrics, fun, and an upbeat tempo. It tells the story of a smart turkey that almost outsmarted the boy, but eventually gets hunted.

The captivating storytelling through the lyrics makes this piece one of the most entertaining songs about turkey hunting.


10. Hung Up – Rhett Akins

YouTube video

Hung Up is a catchy and relatable country song that tells the story of a hunter’s humorous and frustrating encounters with a turkey. The lyrics vividly depict the hunter’s determination.

The catchy chorus contributes to the overall memorability of the song. With its entertaining storytelling and catchy melody, Hung Up will appeal to country music fans and hunting enthusiasts.

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11. Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble – Koo Koo Kanga Roo

YouTube video

Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble by Koo Koo Kanga Roo is an incredibly infectious and lively song with sick hip-hop beats. The fun lyrics and energetic music make it the perfect track for dancing and getting into the holiday spirit.

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or any time of the year, this song is guaranteed to get you grooving and laughing along. If you need a high-energy song to dance along to, this track shouldn’t miss your playlist.

With over 5 million views on YouTube alone, it is one of the most popular songs about turkey hunting.


12. Da Turkey Song – Bananas at Large

YouTube video

Da Turkey Song by Bananas at Large has a humorous take on turkey hunting. The constant rhyming and exaggerated storytelling make it entertaining.

The lyrics vividly depict the hunting experience, and the jokes and wordplay make it clever and witty.

It’s a lighthearted song that aims to entertain and will be a great addition to your playlist.


13. Turkey Time – Walt Gabbard

YouTube video

This song perfectly captures the excitement of turkey hunting. The lyrics speak to hunters’ dedication and passion for this sport, waking up early, waiting for the ideal conditions, and spending their days chasing after these birds.

The song acknowledges the obsession that turkey hunting can become, with the repetitive nature of the pursuit, yet it is clear that the joy and thrill of the hunt outweigh any challenges or setbacks.

If you’re looking for one of the greatest songs about turkeys ever made, Turkey Song by Walt Gabbard would be great.


14. Struttin – Nate Hosie

YouTube video

Struttin by Nate Hossie is a high-energy country song with a fun and lively vibe. It’s the perfect tune to get you in a good mood while hunting turkey.

With its catchy chorus and infectious rhythm, Struttin is a feel-good anthem that will have you singing and strutting along in no time.


15. Turkey Tom and Turkey Mom – The Kiboomers

YouTube video

Turkey Tom and Turkey Mom is a delightful kids’ song perfect for singing along. The repetitive phrase “gobble, gobble” adds a fun and playful element to the song, making it easy for children to join in.

The song creates a vivid image of two turkeys, Tom and Mom, interacting with other animals on a farm. This whimsical piece captures the joy of farm life and the importance of family and friendship.


Last Words

This playlist of songs about turkey hunting speaks to many people’s way of life. It mainly consists of country-themed music showing a great appreciation for the sport.

Nonetheless, there are also a couple of great songs from different genres that perfectly capture the high energy of hunting.


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