21 Songs About The Jungle That Capture Its Beauty And Wildness

Songs about the jungle can have an array of meanings from different artists’ perspectives. While the jungle is described as land covered with dense forest, the metaphoric sense of it can have several meanings.

Since the jungle is described as a dense forest, some artists can use the word to refer to chaotic or lawless situations. Many artists draw inspiration from this place to express an exciting feeling or a scary place, depending on how you will decipher the meaning.


The Best 21 Songs About The Jungle

Some of the tracks are about inner cities, love stories, or metaphorical journeys of exploration. Let me take you through some of the best songs in this category that will help you capture the beauty and wilderness of the jungle from different perspectives.


1. Concrete Jungle – Bob Marley & The Wailers

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The first song in this list is from a reggae icon, Bob Marley. It’s about him moving from Jamaica to the United States and how he felt. Marley saw the hyper-urab life as alien to him and he missed Jamaica.

I think many of us that have moved to a very urban city felt the same way he did.

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2. Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

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Written by Axl, this is one of the most popular songs by Guns n’ Roses, as it has gained over 540 million views on YouTube. The song is about Los Angeles, as it refers to the city as the jungle.

The composer seems to be talking to a small-town boy who visits the city in the hopes of being famous. It paints an accurate picture of Hollywood streets filled with drugs and bad memories beneath the facade that it is a glamorous city.


3. Jungle Boogie – Kool & The Gang

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The jungle boogie is a classic sound prevalent in the 1970s. The sound has the dance style that was associated with it. Kool & the Gang composed this track to get people to dance to what was popular then.


4. Jungleland – Bruce Springsteen

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This is one of the greatest songs about the jungle ever composed. The piano solo by Roy that introduces clearance still gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

The track is classic poetry philosophically as it compares life in New Jersey’s streets to the jungle. The sax solo in the middle of the song is the most epic part of the piece and will go down as the greatest in the history of rock and roll.


5. Jungle Fever – Stevie Wonder

YouTube video

This wonderful song by Stevie Wonder is about interracial relationships and how their falling in love is ostracized in their respective communities as it is seen as an abomination.

The song shows how emotional and irrational societal norms can be when we experience love. The piece was composed for Spike’s Lee film with a similar title.


6. Stranded In The Jungle – The Cadets

YouTube video

Stranded in the jungle is a satirical rock piece released in 1956. The lyrics talk about a man whose plane crashes into the jungle when he was trying to go visit his lover.

Unknown to him, his girl had left him, assuming he was dead.


7. Jungle Love – The Time

YouTube video

The Time was formed by Prince, Jesse Johnson, and Morris Day. The song is about a protagonist letting a girl know he is not a nice guy.

He goes on to show her that he is a little dangerous and only wants to have a good time. The animal sounds at the beginning and throughout the song add a jungle vibe to this piece.


8. Jungle Fever – Pitbull & Wyclef Jean

YouTube video

Unlike other songs about the jungle in this playlist that talk about the concrete jungle or falling in love, this track by Pitbull and Wyclef Jean is a party anthem.

The lyrics on this track also pay homage to the movie Jungle Fever, as Pitbull makes a reference to it in one of his verses. The song’s theme is similar to that of the song in the movie.

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9. Jungle Boy – John Eddie

YouTube video

Jungle Boy is a song about a wild boy. We are introduced to him, testifying that he made his mother shed tears and his dad spit.

He goes on to as that he was kicked out because his parents saw something wild inside of him, but he still respects them. He warns everyone that he is dangerous, especially the police and the mother of his love interest.


10. Jungle Love – Steve Miller Band

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Turner and Greg Douglass wrote Jungle Love for Dave Manson, and Steve Miller loved the demo. He incorporated it into their album Book of Dreams, which was released in 1977.

The song is about a protagonist who can’t forget his love interest. It is revealed that she doesn’t share the same romantic feelings though he can’t get the woman out of his mind.


11. Jungle – Electric Light Orchestra

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Jungle by Electric Light orchestra is one of the unique songs in this compilation because of its symbolic message. It talks about how animals better understand life on earth than humans.

Lyrics such as, “Wondrous is our great blue ship, that sails around the mighty sun,” are a message of peace and hope by the animals.


12. Jungle Beat – The Jungle Book Soundtrack

YouTube video

This beat will take you back in time to give you the nostalgia of the classic 1967 film “Jungle Book.” This incredible score was composed by George Bruns and was made specifically for the film.

It is a beautiful composition from a legendary composer that will definitely be your favorite tune.


13. Tarzan Boy – Baltimora

YouTube video

Tarzan Boy is the debut song by Italian-based act Baltimora, released in 1985. The track is one of the most popular songs about the jungle, as its theme is associated with Tarzan, a popular character raised in the jungle.

The track has been covered by many artists throughout the years.


14. Bungle In The Jungle – Jethro Tull

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This popular song compares ordinary city life to living in the jungle. The comparison by Jethro Tull was spot on as they showed the similarity between the city nightlife with jungle predators such as tigers and lions.

The song shows a supreme power that allows both good and bad to create balance in the same environment.


15. Tarzan & Jane – Toy-Box

YouTube video

This hilarious dance track has some hidden meaning of love and undeniable urge as told through the perspective of Jane and Tarzan, popular cartoon characters. This piece will get you on your feet and have you dancing the moment you hear it.

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16. Run Through The Jungle – Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Released in 1970, “Run through the Jungle” is interpreted as an anti-war song. The song talks about the Vietnam War and refers to it as the jungle at a time when America’s fascination with guns was growing.

When the composers penned down the song, they wanted to show their listeners that worshiping guns or having too many of them can be dangerous.


17. Jungle Rock – Hank Mizell

YouTube video

Next in our link is Jungle Rock. This song was recorded in 1958 by Hank Mizell and seems to be a cool dance song.

It really reminds me of Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock song, and it may actually be the case since Elvis’ song was released a year earlier.


18. I Just Can’t-Wait to be King – Elton John

YouTube video

You can have a playlist of songs about the jungle without its king singing his thoughts out loud. You have probably heard the song while growing up while watching Lion King.

Young Simba sings the piece as he portrays his excitement over someday becoming king of the jungle. The entire songs from the film’s soundtrack are fun, fun and they make the film stand out as one of the most extraordinary of all time.


19. No Church In the Wild – Jay-Z & Kanye West

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Like most songs by Kanye West, No Church in the Wild holds some religious meaning. The track’s basic theme is there is no one else to save you but yourself.

The song is delivered like a sermon, and the two powerhouse rappers raise questions about ideas that need critical thinking.


20. Stranded In The Jungle – David Johansen

YouTube video

This song by David Johansen is an energetic, fast-paced rock piece with a strong beat and driving rhythm. The lyrics paint a clear picture of what an untamed world the jungle is, full of excitement and adventure.

This is the perfect song for any listener that wants to let loose and break free from the constraints of everyday life.


21. Jungle Night – Kiki & Kika

YouTube video

The last song in this list is a fast-paced, high-energy piece with an infectious beat known as the Eurobeat. The catchy vocal hooks will get your body moving to the track’s rhythm.

The song’s lyrics describe the excitement of being on a wild night out with encouragement to let loose and enjoy a sense of liberation.


Last Words

Embrace your wild side with these tracks on the playlist of songs about the jungle. Get on the floor and dance or even contemplate their more significant meanings in life.

In the playlist, I have noticed that most of them paint city life as a concrete jungle that is only about survival of the fittest.


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