21 Songs About Soulmates That’ll Make You Believe In Love

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you can give yourself fully to someone else to love, it’s magical. Songs about soulmates are a perfect way to describe the feeling you get when you are in love.

These songs will take you back to when love was uncomplicated and pure. When we fall in love, we want to believe the person we are with is our soulmate. Sometimes our lover doesn’t turn out to be our soulmate, but that is okay.

The songs about soulmates I have gathered below will make you believe in love. They are emotional and raw and will give you the true sense of how love can shape our lives for the better.

I hope after the list below, you will believe that true love is real.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Crazy For You Adele Learn More
2 Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran Learn More
3 Come Away With Me Norah Jones Learn More
4 As Stevie Wonder Learn More
5 Can’t Help Falling In Love Elvis Presley Learn More
6 Just the Way You Are Billy Joel Learn More
7 XO John Mayer Learn More
8 Haven’t Met You Yet Michael Bublé Learn More
9 God Gave Me You Blake Shelton Learn More
10 I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston Learn More
11 Shallow Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Learn More
12 There Is No Greater Love Amy Winehouse Learn More
13 I Got You Jack Johnson Learn More
14 First Day of My Life Bright Eyes Learn More
15 Couldn’t Love You More John Martyn Learn More
16 Love Of A Lifetime FireHouse Learn More
17 Heaven Bryan Adams Learn More
18 I Knew I Loved You Savage Garden Learn More
19 Eternal Flame The Bangles Learn More
20 Nothing Compares 2 U Sinéad O’Connor Learn More
21 A Thousand Years Christina Perry Learn More


21 Songs About Soulmates That’ll Make You Believe In Love

The compilation below are songs about soulmates that should kick-start your belief in true love.


1. Crazy For You – Adele

YouTube video

The love bug struck Adele in this song as she talked about how crazy she was for her partner. Finding your soulmate can make people crazy in a good way, true love is rare.

She said she could not stop thinking of her lover when writing her album, and that she was acting like a fool and doing things she shouldn’t do. I hope every one of us can find this kind of love one day.

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2. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

YouTube video

Probably the most famous singer-songwriter of recent times in the love song genre, Ed Sheeran will take you through an emotional journey anytime he sings, and this song is no exception.

This award-winning song talks about the wonderful nature of love from a soulmate. The love the couple shares is the kind any of us would be lucky to have. If you are looking for inspiration for love, go no further than Ed Sheeran.


3. Come Away With Me – Norah Jones

YouTube video

It is human nature when you’re in love to want to go on a romantic escape together with your soulmate. In this beautiful song, the singer wants to take her lover away so they can be together where no one can bother them.

You can’t go wrong with this song. It will make you believe in love as it shows us how incredible it is to be in love.


4. As – Stevie Wonder

YouTube video

Loving someone is great, but the most fulfilling feeling is knowing someone’s love for you is genuine and strong, which is what this song about soulmates is about.

This star-studded song talks about the wonderful gift of being loved by your soulmate. Having total trust and vulnerability around someone is everyone’s desire.


5. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

YouTube video

How can we forget the greatest love song ever made when compiling the best songs about soulmates? Elvis was not only known for songs like this as he was the King of Rock and Roll.

It became one of his greatest hits, and it is a timeless anthem to celebrate love. The song talks about falling in love and how we don’t have control over it. Elvis’ love anthem will surely make you believe in love.


6. Just the Way You Are – Billy Joel

YouTube video

This love song is about having unconditional love as he sings about accepting his soulmate just the way they are. Billy Joel made the song in dedication to his wife to reassure her of his unconditional love.

This tune has inspired people to love throughout the world over eras, and I hope it does the same for you.


7. XO – John Mayer

YouTube video

When you have a list of songs about soulmates, John Mayer has to be in it. He is mostly popular for singing about soulmates and life in general.

XO is usually used in a loving context to mean hugs and kisses, and John derived it from Beyonce’s song of the same name. This cover is brilliant, showing how great love is and how it shapes our lives when we find it. Hope you get a soulmate to give you as many XOs as possible.


8. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Bublé

YouTube video

This song is about how true love can break the walls we build from past traumas. The singer has had trust issues and insecurities from broken hearts, but the power of love engulfs him.

He has the case of love at first sight as soon as he sees a beautiful woman and believes she is his soulmate. It encourages us to look past our traumas as the soulmate we deserve will come; we just haven’t met them yet.

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9. God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton

YouTube video

Falling in love is great, but that is the easy part of relationships. When things get hard, the ones we can count on through thick and thin are our soulmates.

They love us unconditionally and sometimes put up with us when we are not at our best. Blake dedicates this song about soulmates to his wife, to thank not only her but God too for bringing them together.


10. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

YouTube video

Finding a soulmate to go through life with is all most of us wish for. But this song takes a different approach to love as Whitney talks about how she found her soulmate but has to let them go.

The two lovers will always be in love with each other, but the best thing to do is part ways. This tune sheds light on how complicated love is and shows us not to be afraid of love because of heartbreak. Even with heartbreak, we can still treasure the limited moments we had with our soulmates.


11. Shallow – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

YouTube video

This tear-jerking tune is one of the best songs about soulmates. It’s from the movie A Star is Born. The song is a conversation between two lovers, and that aspect makes it stand out.

The song is beautifully emotional and will inspire anyone. It highlights the importance of trust, connection, and understanding between two lovers who turn into soulmates.


12. There Is No Greater Love – Amy Winehouse

YouTube video

You can’t go wrong with jazz when dedicating a song to your soulmate. This classic masterpiece has had several covers showing how touching it is. Amy sings to show her appreciation of how important and loving her partner is.

She also talks about how he gives her the ultimate love, and she can’t ask for anything better. This song will get you in the mood, and hopefully, one day you will get the same kind of love.


13. I Got You – Jack Johnson

YouTube video

Life can get testing sometimes, and those rough patches are when we need our soulmate. Johnson wrote this song to show the love he has for his wife. He likens being with her to being in heaven.

That is the feeling I hope to get when I find my soulmate. Jack is one of the few people lucky enough to have that kind of love in their lives, and it is an honor to feel that through his music.


14. First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes

YouTube video

When you meet your soulmate, it may feel like the first day of the rest of your life. Like you have just been cruising through life with no particular purpose until that moment.

And this song about soulmates talks about exactly that. Bright Eyes feels like he has been waiting for that moment to start living. I hope to find someone to make me feel like this cause it just sounds amazing.


15. Couldn’t Love You More – John Martyn

YouTube video

The singer is hopelessly in love and is happy he has someone to give all his love to. The song is a great one that talks about how amazing it is to fall in love and how it is even better when it is reciprocated.

John shares how he can’t think of anything she can do to make his love for her grow past that as it is at its fullest.

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16. Love Of A Lifetime – FireHouse

YouTube video

This powerful ballad by the rock band FireHouse is a timeless piece about finding the love of your life after a lifetime of searching. The songwriter says that people come up to tell him that they were married to this song and are still together.

This song gets me every time and reminds me it’s never too late to find, as what is yours will find you eventually.


17. Heaven – Bryan Adams

YouTube video

Bryan Adams’ piece “Heaven” shows you can find love so sweet it feels like heaven. Bryan sings about how lucky he is to find that kind of one-in-a-million love, and anyone that finds it is blessed.

It is the kind of romantic relationship that lets you be vulnerable to your lover, and what better love is there than that?


18. I Knew I Loved You – Savage Garden

YouTube video

This Australian duo gave us a classic song in this one. It is a heartwarming love song that gets me going every time. It is about the moment you find your soulmate after having looked for them your entire life.

The song inspires us to have patience and faith in love as true love eventually finds us.


19. Eternal Flame – The Bangles

YouTube video

The Bangles are mostly known for this classic tune that is about the eternal flames of love and how true love stands the test of time. I hope you are lucky enough to find this kind of love.


20. Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinéad O’Connor

YouTube video

This song was initially written for Prince, but O’Connor’s version is the one that made it a hit. Finding your soulmate is one the greatest things but losing them is one of the saddest moments.

This song describes the artist’s reaction after breaking up with her true love, and it is a terrible experience. If you’re together with your soulmate, never let them go.


21. A Thousand Years – Christina Perry

YouTube video

We finish this list with this beautiful song by Christina Perry. The song was adored by many because of its moving lyrics and because it was the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga.

The wedding scene takes it to the next level as it embodies the vows of forever and always couples make.


Last Words

The list above was an emotional one to write as it has many classic moving pieces. The concept of finding the love of your life is perfectly captured in these songs about soulmates to get you in a loving mood.

I hope you get inspired to open your heart to love after listening to them. I included sad songs in the mix as we need to know even though it hurts sometimes, it doesn’t mean love isn’t worth it.


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