21 Songs About Silverados for Truck Lovers

Few trucks make it to the Truck Hall of Fame; the Chevrolet Silverado is one of them. It is one of the most powerful trucks. That is why there are a lot of songs about Silverados that appreciate these trucks for the powerhouse they are.

Our cars hold so much of our lives and have been with us through some of the best and the worst times of our lives.

For most people, a Chevy Silverado is the epitome of what is considered cool, and if you have a Silverado, you know exactly why. It is a trustworthy truck that will never fail you, no matter how long you use it.

Whether you have a Silverado or want to buy one, listening to these songs about Silverados will build your faith in this beast of a truck.


21 Songs About Silverados

The following songs about Silverados will excite the truck lover in you.


1. Silverado For Sale – Morgan Wallen

YouTube video

Let’s start with a song that will tug at your heartstrings. Silverado for Sale is a romantic country song that will make you forget your troubles. It talks about a boy who is ready to sell his beloved Silverado to buy a ring for the woman he loves.

Wallen loves his truck so much but he is willing to sell it for his love. He continues talking to a potential buyer, sharing memories of what happened with him and his truck.

The song will move you to tears, especially if you have that special truck or car that you would never think of selling.

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2. Get Your Shine On – Florida Georgia Line

YouTube video

“Get Your Shine On” might not be what you think of when talking about your Silverado but anyone who has ever used their truck to go on trips can relate to this.

This song focuses on the joys of summer when riding around on your Silverado, wearing Ray Bans, and partying. Florida Georgia Line has given us gems and this song makes us all want to get candy-painted Silverados and go on adventures.


3. Silverado – Katie Noel

YouTube video

This song completely took me by surprise and is an unexpected addition to the songs about Silverados. Silverado is a remix to the viral “Thotiana” song by Blueface.

Katie’s version replaces the lyrics to focus on this monster of a truck. It is one of the best songs you can play while riding in your truck.


4. Silverado Bench Seat – Granger Smith

YouTube video

That this is one of the best songs about Silverados that you will ever hear. It talks of making love on a Silverado bench seat, with sweet lyrics about a country boy’s love.

Most Silverado owners can relate to these lyrics, especially those who have used their Silverado bench seats to do the activities mentioned by Granger Smith, how naughty!


5. Old Silverado – TrapHouse Koda

YouTube video

This is not the only song about Silverados that talks of doing dirty things in a Silverado. TrapHouse Koda’s music video even features stunning visuals of a great Chevrolet Silverado to put you in the mood.

It is one of those rap songs you can blast in your Silverado and will instantly improve your mood. And who knows, you might also end up making love in your old Silverado if you haven’t already.


6. Space Cowboy – Kacey Musgraves

YouTube video

Let us slow this down with Kacey Musgraves who gives us a different look to Silverados. This is a breakup song, with the boy driving away in an old Silverado.

It hits hard if you’ve been in a similar situation. These are the kinds of things that will always stick with us.


7. Redneck Crazy – Tyler Farr

YouTube video

The song is about the pride of Rednecks and is also a breakup song. The singer talks of parking his Silverado in front of his ex-girlfriend’s house and getting drunk while shining headlights into her bedroom window.

Her cheating on him has broken his heart and drove him redneck crazy. This is one of those songs you can play at full volume while driving.


8. Summer Forever – Billy Currington

YouTube video

Oh, don’t we all wish we could have summer forever? It is one of the best lovemaking weathers, especially on that Silverado leather.

You can spend your days driving around town in your Silverado and the nights making love in your Silverado. Billy Currington’s song is a summer anthem that must play in many people’s Silverados when summer rolls around.

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9. See About A Girl – Lee Brice

YouTube video

Most of the songs about Silverados seem to center around love, and Lee Brice is no exception. “See About A Girl” talks about a man who can’t wait to go home and see his girl.

His friends are handing out and drinking beer but he just wants to go home after getting a call from her. He points his Silverado down the road to go be with her, such a touching song.


10. 11 Beers – The Reklaws & Jake Owen

YouTube video

The memories you make in your Silverado will be some of the best memories that you will always treasure for the rest of your life.

Jake Owen reminisces about the time he spent with the girl who is now his ex. They used to drink 11 beers while playing music on his Silverado truck.

He still thinks of these memories as they would sit on the hood of the trunk and wishes she also thinks about him, even leaving one beer for her just in case she comes back.


11. Doggone – Tim McGraw

YouTube video

What do you think of while riding around in your Silverado? Well, Tim McGraw feels like the seat next to him on his Silverado is empty because his dog is now gone.

He still rides down the same roads they used to when the dog was still alive as a way to keep its memory close.


12. Off The Beaten Path – Justin Moore

YouTube video

Country music is one of the perfect things to blast on your radio while riding around on your Silverado. The song talks about taking the Silverado off the beaten path, driving around, playing country rock, and enjoying time with his girl.

It is one of those songs that just belongs in a Silverado and you will always have it playing in your truck.


13. Black Silverado – Vwillz

YouTube video

There seems to be a tie between Silverados, in this case, a black Silverado, and heartbreak. Vwillz talks of riding away on his black Silverado so he can get away from the woman who broke his heart.

He just wants to put a lot of miles between them because maybe it might soothe his broken heart.


14. La Silverado – Nivel Codiciado & Junior H

YouTube video

The tie between Silverados and memories is made even stronger in this song. The singer says that his Silverado accompanies him everywhere, seeing everything he sees.

This song shows that Silverado cars aren’t only famous in America but also in Latin-speaking countries.


15. Songs About Trucks – Wade Bowen

YouTube video

Wade Bowen doesn’t want to hear any more songs about trucks after a heartbreak. He made a feeling-bad song to suit his trip down memory lane.

He mentions many trucks, such as the Silverado, Eldorado, Dodge Ram, and more. He doesn’t even want to drive around in his truck since he got his heart broken.

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16. Truck Huntin’ – Jared MacLane

YouTube video

What is one of the best trucks to get? A Chevy Silverado, of course. In this song, a boy wanted to buy his own Silverado after the first car he got was a rusty hand-me-down Jeep Cherokee.

So he starts working and saves money to buy his dream truck. He then goes truck hunting for his dream truck, either a Silverado, a Bronco, or a Ford.


17. Silverado – Dylan Jakobsen

YouTube video

This is a love song that brings to mind road trips on my Silverado. He likens the woman he loves to a good solid Silverado that he will always go back to.

It’s such an unusual and romantic song.


18. Sand In My Boots – Morgan Wallen

YouTube video

One of the best singers for country music, Morgan Wallen gives us another of the songs about Silverados that make this special truck stand out.

This song is a perfect mix of good ol’ Eastern Tennessee, love, and sunburnt Silverados. Morgan wanted to go back home with the girl he meant but he is now heartbroken and all he has left is sand in his boots and his trusted truck.


19. Silverado – Hunter Phelps

YouTube video

Going out on a ride at night in your Silverado? Playing “Silverado” by Hunter Phelps is the best song to play on a night like this.

Playing this song will make you treasure these perfect nights even more.


20. Full Moon – Bianca Palomin

YouTube video

I am glad I am not the only person who sometimes goes out for night rides when the Full Moon is out.

She wants to pick her partner up in her Chevy Silverado and go riding, and blasting this song in your speakers on a night like this will make it perfect.


21. Oil Spot – Nate Smith

YouTube video

This is the perfect song to close off our songs about Silverados. “Oil Spot” highlights the durability of the truck. It talks of how the Silverado still runs like a top even after years of use.

The song also talks about how some things never change, such as the Silverado, and the memory of the woman he once loved.


Last Words

Did I convince you to buy a Silverado? Are you more appreciative of your truck now than you were before? Then these songs about Silverados have done their job.

Let us know why you love your truck and the memories you have made in it.


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