21 Songs About Robots To Get You Geeked Up For The Future

Robots, these futuristic machines that will bring mankind far, have been a great inspiration to many artists. It is no secret that most people are fascinated by these self-propelled mechanical servants, which is why multiple songs about robots from different generations are composed.

From the clunky metal depictions of robots to the futuristic android of the 21st century, we are step by step geeking up for the future.

Though some of the songs depict robots as cold and lifeless machines, I found most composers paint them as a representation of various aspects of society.

This list will explore how robots have been depicted in songs, from pop to hip-hop to electronic music. You will witness the tales of love, technological dystopias, and more.


21 Songs About Robots To Get You Geeked Up For The Future

You might even start to question your relationship with technology after going through this song list.


1. Paranoid Android – Radiohead

YouTube video

The song’s structure of Paranoid Android is truly out of this world, and only a few artists have the musical capability to execute a song in such a way. The track title references Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The band wrote this song after Yorke had a bad experience at a bar in Los Angeles, where he saw how some people on cocaine were behaving.

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2. Robots – Flight of the Conchords

YouTube video

While most of the songs that talk about robots highlight the negativity of what a robot uprising would look like, this is no different.

This song by Flight of the Conchords takes a different approach from the rest as it tackles the topic in a humorous way that will leave you cracking up. The song’s catchy upbeat melody makes it stand out from the rest.


3. Robots Have Feelings – Crackout

YouTube video

This unique song paints a different picture from most of the other songs in the compilation. The electric track explores the theory that robots have similar emotions to humans.

The lyrics challenge the traditional school of thought, which most of us hold that robots are purely mechanical. Perhaps you will start treating the artificially intelligent machines you come across with dignity.


4. The Cyborg Slayers – Dethklok

YouTube video

The metal song’s structure and vocal aggression clearly show a dystopian future where robots dominate the world and the last surviving humans scrabble for survival.

The high-energy track features unique shredded guitar solos and fast-paced drumming, creating an intense atmosphere. If you have a playlist of ‘humanity against a robot uprising,’ this piece should be part of it.


5. Menschmaschine – Megaherz

YouTube video

Menschmaschine is one of the most underrated songs about robots by the German metal group Megaherz. It explores the relationship between machines and humans.

Humans can be robots as well if you get rid of their emotions and mistakes. It seems the band is critiquing modern society by making this comparison.


6. Everyday Robots – Damon Albarn

YouTube video

Everyday Robot is a song from Damon Albarn’s debut album with a similar name, released in 2014. This poetic track is about how we as a society are conformed by technology and no longer know how to live.

The lyrics show that the kind of direction we are heading is quite sad. The inspiration for this song came to the composer when he witnessed people lost in their worlds while he was stuck in traffic.


7. Robots – The Futureheads

YouTube video

Robots by The Futureheads is unique because it differs from others in this list. The song’s lyrics take the listeners through the daily life of a robot, and we see life from their perspective.

The song ends with the robot lamenting and asking why they don’t have a mind of their own.


8. Robot Boy – Linkin Park

YouTube video

This track by Linkin Park is an upbeat song with a strong sci-fi message to its listeners. The lyrics of the song show us how, as a society, we have lost touch with our emotions and become robots.

It is also a break-free song that encourages us to rediscover what it truly means to be humans and have humanity.

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9. Is A Robot – Deus

YouTube video

Like most other songs about robots in this compilation, this piece by Deus talks about a time when robots shall replace us. The song’s lyrics describe a world taken over by robots and humans and no longer in control or needed.


10. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 – Flaming Lips

YouTube video

If you are looking for a song with incredible storytelling abilities, then Yoshimi Battles the Pink robots will be a great inclusion to your playlist. Flaming Lips named the main character Yoshimi from a woman with the same name who played with The Boredoms.

Some think this song is only about a girl fighting robots, others think it has a deeper meaning about fighting cancer. Listen to the song and find out!


11. Robot Factory – Jimmy Eat World

YouTube video

Robot Factory is one of my favorite songs from the band’s album, Static Prevails. This second studio album was released in 1996, and it shows Jimmy Eat World’s move from pop punk, a more dominant genre from their debut album, to post-hardcore and emo.

The band sings about robots being used to work for humans. It’s sung in a robot’s perspective, where the robot wants to attack its creators for being used.


12. The Robot With Human Hair – Dance Gavin Dance

YouTube video

The Robot With Human Hair is a musical sager with several incredible parts to listen to. This first part has a perfect balance and clean vocals with guitar work that compliments the singers.

The song emphasizes that the world is overrun with machines, and humanity is lost. What remains are human-robot hybrids that have abandoned their humanity for a “perfect” world.


13. Robot Rock – Daft Punk

YouTube video

This is an iconic tune that you’ve probably heard of. While lyrically it doesn’t communicate much (its lyrics consists of “Rock, robot rock” repeated multiple times), it’s a great listen if you are a fan of amazing instrumentals.

Perhaps this is how robots like to jam, how robots rock.


14. Robot Man – Connie Francis

YouTube video

In this track, Connie Francis wishes to have a robot man as her lover, someone she can count on and wouldn’t cheat on. Sylvia Dee and George Goehring wrote this classic song in 1960.



15. I Love You (Miss Robot) – The Buggles

YouTube video

The Buggles released the track on the Age of Plastic Album. Its lyrics describe how a robot is perfect for the singer.

In an interview, The Buggles said the song described that the song was about being on tour and trying to connect with people that you don’t like.

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16. One More Robot – The Flaming Lips

YouTube video

While the other song from The Flaming Lips on our list focused on Yoshimi battling cancer (or battling robots), One More Robot focuses on a robot who starts to develop emotions.

Though some might find the concept ridiculous, it is quite touching. The song introduces the idea of a robot developing consciousness and trying to be something more than a machine, something that scientists have been trying to do for decades.


17. Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots Pt. 2 – The Flaming Lips

YouTube video

By now, it is very clear that The Flaming Lips were fascinated by robots. Unlike its predecessor, which has a similar title, the band released this second part as an instrumental.

The instrumental’s sound is probably Yoshimi being in battle with robots. It’s a clear picture that the first part was only preparation for the fight, and the effects we hear in this second part translate to what happens in the story.

The screams on the instrumental symbolize Yoshimi losing her battle in the end.


18. None of Them Knew They Were Robots – Mr. Bungle

YouTube video

Now considered a cult classic, it was one of the most underappreciated songs by Mr. Bungles that was released in the 1990s.

The song talks about how robots slowly replace us without even realizing it.


19. Hey! (Rise of the Robots) – The Stranglers

YouTube video

While the song’s lyrics might sound like a robot uprising is happening, it is not the case for this track. The Stranglers composed this piece to highlight how workers courageously stand up for themselves against poor working conditions.

This should be your protest anthem if you are a worker’s union leader or member.


20. Citizens of Tomorrow – Tokyo Police Club

YouTube video

Tokyo Police is a popular indie rock band from Newmarket, Canada. The lyrics of this song narrate a future where robots better care of the earth than humans do throughout our history.

It also imagines that the same robots mostly destroy future humans. Interestingly the composers imagine that year was 2009.


21. Mr. Roboto – Styx

YouTube video

Once in a while, we witness great musicians veer off to uncharted areas and take risks to create something that is considered weird, but the end product is amazing.

This song is one of the cases. I invite you to listen to this amazing tune.


Last Words


Whether you are a fan of sci-fi or want to explore different perspectives of music, these songs about robots will introduce you to many themes.

Most composers penned these songs to express their fears of a society turning into machines, while others imagined a future where robots dominate humans.

Only time will tell whether we change as a society for the better or end up in a dystopian future with robots.


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