21 Songs About Redemption That Can Inspire Positive Change

Redemption is one of the most significant concepts in many religions worldwide, which is why many songs about redemptions have been written to discuss the topic.

The topic is not only for religious people as it is present in the secular world too. You will encounter multiple stories of someone doing deeds of charity, kindness, and compassion to pay for past mistakes and misdeeds.

Most of the songs in this list are worship tracks that will help you connect with divine power and find comfort. The theme of these songs will be a reminder of the transformative power of God’s love and will help to inspire positive change in life.


Songs About Redemption

Even if you do not believe there is a higher power, some songs’ lyrics will help you explore the beauty of redemption and help you forge a good path for yourself.


1. Movin’ on Up – Primal Scream

YouTube video

The first song of this compilation is by Primal Scream from the Screamadelica album. This piece and the rest of the songs in the album start slow and seem like gospel ballads as it has consistent and heavenly backing vocals.

The lyrics, such as “I was blind, now I can see,” feature heavy themes of redemption.

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2. Let The Redeemed – Josh Baldwin

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The song’s lyrics are a declaration that God is a deliverer and redeemer, and he is the one who is capable of leading us from a place of darkness through his power.

The composer believes that no sound is more powerful on earth than a song of captives being set free. Through the song, Josh Baldwin invites his listeners to testify their hope for positive change.


3. Living Hope – Phil Wickham

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The song’s lyrics, “Hallelujah, Praise the One who sets me free, ” clearly indicate that a higher power is our only redeemer. The artist also says the Messiah would break the chains in our life which is the concept of salvation.


4. Rise – Gabrielle

YouTube video

Rise by Gabrielle is built around the sample of Bob Dylan’s song, “Knocking On Heavens Door.” The song is about her falling apart and eventually getting back on her feet.

She wrote the track hoping to inspire her listeners in whatever situation they are going through.


5. My Testimony – Elevation Worship

YouTube video

My Testimony Is one of the most popular songs about redemption as it celebrates our testimony and salvation through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

The track encourages Christians to embrace a purpose-driven life and be driven by the Holy Spirit, especially in times of uncertainty. The praise and worship song has managed to gain over 10 million views in the last three years of its release.


6. House of The Lord – Phil Wickham

YouTube video

Phil Wickham’s song House of The Lord is a celebration of redemption that comes from God. In the first verse on this track, the composer teaches us about the miracles God has done for us.

The song’s sentimental message of redemption is what the global church can proclaim loudly.


7. Redemption – Hurts

YouTube video

The English musical duo, Hurts, narrates a story of a guy whose life has lots of nefarious acts in this ballad. The composers also show that the character is at a stage where he is seeking forgiveness for his past.

He calls out to a higher power (Father) for rescue and pleads for compassion. God loves us all.


8. Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

YouTube video

The lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground deal with getting a second chance in life and making the most of it. The song is guided by a mix of Christian morality and astrological mysticism.

It was inspired by a near-death experience that Stevie had, which made him appreciate life more.

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9. Redemption Song – Bob Marley

YouTube video

This song by Bob Marley is probably the most popular song about redemption globally, as fans of the artist viewed him more as a prophet than any other artist of the 20th century. Such a song of redemption made him solidify his name in the industry.

Redemption song is characterized by strong prophetic quality as the composer put the track out in his last years. While most of his songs feature a reggae beat instrumental, this was recorded with somber guitar chords to give it a different feel.


10. Inside Looking Out – The Animals

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Similar to The Beatles, The Animals were a British invasion band that greatly impacted the music industry globally.

The song narrates a story of an inmate and his desires. It’s not really love that he wants, it’s redemption.


11. Heal Me – Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

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There aren’t enough words to describe this Sarah Shook and The Disarmers piece. Their song is plainly raw and kick-ass and it can strike the very core of a listener’s soul.

Drinking will never fill the hole in our hearts, but redemption and God certainly will.


12. Galileo – Indigo Girls

YouTube video

Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls wrote this song about reincarnation. The song opens with the composer questioning how many lifetimes she will have to pay for her past mistake.

Her acknowledgment of mistakes shows that she is seeking redemption to get her soul right. The song is centered around Galileo, an Italian astronomer who championed the belief that the Earth revolved around the Sun.


13. I Saw The Light – Hank William

YouTube video

Hank William’s track, I Saw the Light, is one of the oldest country gospel songs about redemption in this playlist, as it was released in 1948.

The song is about people and how sometimes we make wrong decisions. Ultimately, we come to see the light, seek redemption, and become men of God.


14. Mighty to Save – Hillsong Worship

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The song’s lyrics mainly surround the idea that God is the redeemer and our salvation. He is not limited to any particular circumstance or challenge we may face, as even mountains can be moved by the power of His word.

The song acknowledges that salvation is difficult to achieve alone. The composer describes Jesus as the author of our salvation through his death and resurrection.


15. My Redemption – Halestorm

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Regarded as an anti-religion song, My Redemption by Halestorm is a song that unfortunately is at the core of so many people’s beliefs right now in the world.

Unlike the other songs that seek a higher power as their redeemer, the composers declare that you don’t need God or religion for redemption, and that you can only do it alone.

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16. Watch The World Burn – Falling In Reverse

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This song is mostly dedicated to the band’s critics and enemies. They made him suffer a lot and here he’s getting back at them.

He sings about seeking redemption as he wants to change and admits it is not easy.


17. Lord Give Me a Sign – DMX

YouTube video

DMX wrote religious songs about redemption and became an international success. The composer starts the song by opening up about the pain he has been through, and he understands that only God can be his refuge.

Referencing the name of Jesus in the song means that he knows that redemption only comes from him.


18. Redemption – Nathaniel Rateliff

YouTube video

Nathaniel wrote and recorded this track about redemption from one’s past and released it in December 2020.

The song is part of Apple’s original film, Palmer, which tells a story of an ex-con trying to reintegrate into an unforgiving society.


19. How Can It Be – Lauren Daigle

YouTube video

How Can It Be explores the theme of redemption by being ashamed and guilty for her past. The song shows us God’s grace and forgiveness. Lauren managed to win the Song of the Year in the 2015 GMA Dove Awards.


20. Jesus Paid It All – Passion

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There is no greater song for a Christian’s belief in redemption than this one. Christ sacrificed himself so that we can be redeemed. The composer acknowledges our strength is not enough, but through Jesus, we are strengthened and made pure.


21. Redemption Day – Sheryl Crow & Johnny Cash

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The last song in this playlist is from Sheryl Crow and Johnny Cash. The track draws attention to our natural need to be free, and Sheryl Crow attempts to convey a message that we should take care of our world and be invested in helping each other.


Last Words

As much as theological redemption is present in most of the tracks in this list, it is a testament that is universal. Most of the songs about redemption in this playlist are about redemption from God and society as a whole.

The artists feel grateful because they know the price of their sins and that a higher power has paid for them so that they can live a guilt-free life.

The songs also teach us there is a lot of love in the world to be given despite each of us has their own shortcomings.


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