21 Best Songs About Protecting Someone

Life can get really hard sometimes, making us feel like our days are full of pain and misery. Having someone who is there for you during these difficult times is a big blessing. Today’s songs about protecting someone are here to remind us of this.

Protection can come in different ways depending on what life throws at you. Someone can be protecting you by offering you advice, helping you find answers to difficult problems, being there for you, or giving you the love and support you need to get through hardships.

How can you protect those you love and what are some of the ways those around you give you protection? Let these songs help you find the answers.


21 Songs About Protecting Someone

These songs about protecting someone will give you faith in humanity and encourage you to accept help and give help and protection to those who need it:


1. I’ll Be There – Jess Glynne

YouTube video

Protecting someone means being there to shelter them from whatever they are facing. Jess Glynne, one of the most promising talents of our time, makes this promise.

She promises to always be there, even when nobody else will. She is ready to give all her love and make sure we are never alone. This means a lot, especially when someone is going through a tough time.

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2. One Call Away – Charlie Puth

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The song that put Charlie Puth on our radar is one of those songs that lets people know you will never let them down. Feeling alone when you are in trouble can exhaust you, but knowing that you are not alone gives you strength.

Puth promises to be there to save the day whenever he is needed. He offers more protection than Superman, saying that he’s got nothing on him.

Send this to your loved ones to let them know that you are only a call away and will be there to look out for them whenever they need you.


3. All For Love – Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart & Sting

YouTube video

Fewer things are as strong as rock and walls. In this song, the singer says he will be the wall that protects the one he is singing to.

They offer great protection. We all need someone to be the wall that protects us from the wind, rain, hurt, and pain. When there is love, protection will come easily. I hope you find someone who is willing to protect you when you need them.


4. Protect The People – Tarrus Riley

YouTube video

This is a prayer to God to protect the people. Sometimes what we need is divine protection to protect us from those who would take advantage of us.

God can send this protection in the form of a person. Do you have that person who always seems to be there for you, even when you didn’t know you need them? That could be divine intervention.


5. How to Save a Life – The Fray

YouTube video

One of the many ways to protect them is by understanding them and finding out how to save them. “How to Save a Life” is about someone who is trying to understand how to help someone in trouble.

Giving someone help when they need it the most is a form of protection and this song captures this spirit.


6. Lean On Me – Bill Withers

YouTube video

Bill Withers sang one of the most touching songs about protecting someone. It perfectly captures the strength we all need when going through a tough time.

It acknowledges that we all have pain and sorrow from time to time. However, knowing that there is someone we can lean on during these difficult times make our burdens that much easier to bear.

You might be the one who needs protection today, but things change and you may be the one who offers protection to someone tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and always be ready to accept help from those who offer it.


7. Count On Me – Whitney Houston & CeCe Winans

YouTube video

Whitney Houston gives us the strength we need when going through tough times. That close someone can see your pain even when you’re trying to hide it.

The girls sing of offering friendship that will never end. They promise to be strong when one of them is weak. We can all benefit from someone being there; knowing that you have a friend to count on when you need help is one of the purest forms of protection.


8. An Innocent Man – Billy Joel

YouTube video

Sometimes the person you want to protect is yourself. You have gone through so much and been hurt by people so you shelter yourself.

You don’t want to feel the hurt and the pain that you felt before. Billy Joel talks about being the person who is there to help people.

Take a chance to let someone in, they might just be the help you need. They can offer you the protection you cannot give yourself.

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9. No Matter What – Calum Scott

YouTube video

Growing up is very hard. You feel all alone and like no one else will understand what you are going through. In this song, Calum talks of taking years to tell his struggles to his mother.

He was met with love and told to be who he is because she will love him no matter what. Love, from parents and friends, can be the protection you need to see you through the hardest of times.

Your loved ones will love you no matter what.


10. I Won’t Let Go – Rascal Flatts

YouTube video

Have you ever felt so lost and alone that you don’t have anywhere to turn? As Rascal Flatts reminds you, you are not alone.

If you are going through such a time or know someone who is, let them know you will be there for them. Having someone offer their protection during a time like this can mean the world.


11. Protect My Heart – Kelis & Pharrell Williams

YouTube video

Falling in love can be very risky. You are giving your mind, body, heart, and soul to someone with the hope that they will take care of it.

However, sometimes the people you choose to share yourself with don’t appreciate this. If this happens, take care of yourself and protect your heart. Protecting yourself means you will not get hurt by people who don’t deserve you.


12. You Are Not Alone – Michael Jackson

YouTube video

Although seen as a love song, I believe “You Are Not Alone” is fit to join the ranks of songs about protecting someone. We all want someone to stand by us through thick and thin and hearing “You are not alone, I am here with you” can be the comfort you need.

Whether this comes from someone you love or from a divine source of protection, these words will give us the strength we need to carry on.


13. Here For You – Kygo & Ella Henderson

YouTube video

“Whenever you’re feeling down inside, I promise to take you off to the heights, I’m here for you.” These words offer more than just companionship, they offer you protection from whatever you are going through.

Kygo and Ella Henderson made this pop/techno song showing that some people will be there for us no matter what we are going through, and we should do the same for those we love.


14. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Josh Groban

YouTube video

Josh Groban gave us this song that pulls at our heartstrings. Going through trying times alone can make the road feel very long.

Having someone to support you as you go through this will make the journey feel lighter. Josh Groban’s powerful voice gives us the strength to push through and with loyal people by our side protecting us, there is nothing we can’t do.


15. Try a Little Kindness – Glen Campbell

YouTube video

This country song reminds us to be kind to those we meet. Showing kindness can be a way of protecting people, especially those who feel alone.

Kindness reminds us that the people around us are worth the love and protection we can give. Let kindness be your light. You might receive this protection too from someone you don’t know when you need it the most.

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16. In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride

YouTube video

Being a parent is one of the hardest but most fulfilling things in someone’s life. Part of being a parent requires you to be your children’s protector.

You are who will guide them through life and protect them from anything that might cause them harm. Martina McBride looks into what children think of their parents; they are their heroes.


17. Hey Brother – Avicii

YouTube video

This song from Avicii shows the love and protection between siblings, making it perfect for songs about protection.

The singer says that there is nothing they wouldn’t do if their sibling needed them. This kind of sibling love makes those involved feel loved and protected.

If you have a sibling, make sure you are ready to give your all to protect them as they will do the same for you.


18. You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor

YouTube video

Friends are there for us through all of life’s troubles. Real friends will step up to help you when nothing seems like it is going right.

A good friend will protect you and offer you anything you need to get better. They will come running to help you, and that is what James Taylor reminds us of.

Be the kind of friend that protects others and make sure you surround yourself with similar people.


19. I Will Protect You – Korn

YouTube video

Nothing is as assuring as hearing the words, “I will protect you” from someone. They give you their word that they will protect you from any harm.

This underrated song by Korn gives that assurance, delivered in hard-hitting instrumentals that will have you rocking out.


20. Stand By You – Rachel Platten

YouTube video

A person who loves you will not be turned away by your scars or your pain. They will stand by you through it all, protecting you from anything that is against you.

Rachel Platten gave us this beautiful song that gives us the strength to keep going because we are not alone. Those who love us will stand by us, and we should be ready to stand by those we love and protect them to the best of our abilities.


21. Umbrella – Rihanna

YouTube video

This masterpiece from Rihanna closes our list of songs about protection. Most people enjoy this song but not many get the message it puts out

Rihanna promises to be there for the one she loves, protecting them from the rain. Rain is usually used to signify troubles and hardships. Who are you willing to share your umbrella with?


Last Words

These songs about protection are here to remind you that you are never alone. You might be going through the hardest times in life, feeling alone and worn down.

Take comfort in knowing that there are people out there willing to protect you with their lives. Let these people in. You should also be ready to protect those you love from the hurt and pain they are experiencing.


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