These 21 Songs About Prophets Can Inspire Your Faith

Prophets have been a part of human history since before the Bible was written. There are man prophets mentioned in different religious books, like those from the Quran. There are also modern-day prophets who gave, and some are still giving prophecies about humanity. It makes sense, therefore, that there are multiple songs about prophets.

These songs are spread across different genres and all have a message we can benefit from. Listening to these songs can help you renew your faith, and give you something to believe in.

Whether you’re religious or not, you can still enjoy these powerful and touching songs. So, let’s get started.


21 Songs About Prophets

The following songs about prophets will help inspire you and give you a different perspective on life:


1. The Prophet’s Song – Queen

YouTube video

Queen is known for their incredible songs and incredible vocals and “The Prophet’s Song” is one of the songs that shows you why.

Written by band member Brian May, this song is one of the best things Queen has ever performed. Freddie Mercury’s vocals and the band’s harmony will blow you away.

The song talks of an unknown prophet who comes with a warning for the people of Earth. This is one of those songs everyone should listen to at least once in their lives.

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2. Go Down Moses – Louis Armstrong

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Moses is one of the most well-known prophets from the Old Testament. The legendary Louis Armstrong gives us one of the best songs about prophets, telling the story of Moses.

The song covers Moses’ journey from receiving orders from the Lord to freeing his people. This is not a very spiritual song but listening to it feels like a spiritual journey.


3. The Prophet Speaks – Van Morrison

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The song’s opening lyrics tell the truth, no one listens when the prophet speaks. But eventually, they come around and see what the prophet was saying was true.

Van Morrison delivers this song in the way only he can, making it one of the best performances. Maybe this song will encourage you to pay more attention should another prophet speak.


4. The Prophet’s Eye – Bad Brains

YouTube video

The prophet sees everything, even before it happens. He also sees as people don’t listen to the prophecies and know what will become of them.

This song talks of a Rastafarian prophet who sees them with disapproval as people don’t learn from their mistakes. The ending message is a hopeful one, saying the people will not stop until they reach Mount Zion.


5. Prophet Has Arise – Israel Vibration

YouTube video

Israel Vibration speaks of a prophet who has arisen with a dreadlock in their eyes, maybe referring to another Rastafarian prophet.

They mention Moses and King David and the messages they had for the people. This prophet is here to judge and execute those who do wrong.

The song also goes ahead to say that the people shall never run short of prophets. Does this mean we have prophets alive to this day? That is for you to find out.


6. NY Prophesie – Blues Traveler

YouTube video

This song was on the soundtrack of the Nascar 2000 game. It talks of the prophets that are everywhere in New York City that nobody ever listens to.

It raises the question, what if some of these prophets are real? What will happen to our lives now that we didn’t listen to them?


7. Cassandra – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

YouTube video

Sophie sings of the female prophet Cassandra, who was cursed to always see the future but is never allowed to interfere. Cassandra was cursed by Apollo to see the true events of the future and speaks of these prophecies but no one would ever believe her.

This is a sad truth once you realize that no one would listen to most of the prophets of the past.


8. A Song of Prophets – Jason Davis & Various artists

YouTube video

This Christian song is both an ode to past prophets and those that are with us today and is perfect for our list. It honors the prophets that passed and talks of prophets that will come now and in the future.

A Song of Prophets is a prayer to God to heal us and let us worship him. It is a song that lets us pour our hearts out to God and let his strength and power heal us of whatever vice we might have.

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9. Nostradamus – Al Stewart

YouTube video

Al Stewart brings to life some of the prophecies Nostradamus saw and adds some of the things that happened after Nostradamus’ passing, including the Great Fire of London, Hitler, and the Spanish Civil War.

While most scholars disputed his prophecies, this song gives great insight into some of the things that have happened. Some of the prophecies are easy to decipher while others need more work.

Give it a listen and let us know which ones you couldn’t figure out.


10. It Shall Flow – Elana Watson

YouTube video

While I am not sure which prophet Elana Watson refers to, this song still hits a cord. I believe the song refers to, at least partly, the prophecy in Psalm that talks of blessings overflowing the land.

The message is encouraging and gives us a sense of hope and I hope it does the same for you.


11. Jonas & Ezekiel – The Indigo Girls

YouTube video

The Indigo Girls refer to Jonas and Ezekiel, the prophets from long ago. The names were on a tombstone that one of the band members saw in a slave cemetery.

The song also refers to an anti-war activist, Bob Sheldon, who was shot in his store. The Indigo Girls used the song as a warning to people who put all their faith in prophecies and it leads them to disaster.

While believing prophecies is not bad, we should not lose ourselves in them as it could lead to our demise.


12. 25 Prophets – Zain Bhikha

YouTube video

This song follows the 25 prophets honored in Islam. Zain even goes ahead to mention all the 25 prophets in the song.

Christians can see some of the correlation between the Muslim and Christian prophets, showing that religions share a lot of the same messages.

The song is also a good way to get your children to know the names of the prophets as it mentions them both in Arabic and English. Whether you are a Muslim or not, the song brings a deep sense of peace that we all need.


13. Jonah Was A Prophet – VeggieTales

YouTube video

This is another of the songs about prophets that is perfect for children. It focuses on the story of Jonah, the prophet who tried running away from delivering a message to Nineveh and was swallowed by a whale.

It is a fun little song to help you know more about one of the prophets.


14. More Prophet – Capleton

YouTube video

Capleton sings of a prophet who comes to cleanse all that is wrong in the world today. He talks of vices like corruption and slackness and other vices that people are doing.

The prophet is here to burn everything with fire and cleanse the people. Capleton’s lyrics are controversial as they sound a little homophobic, putting gay and lesbian people with the rest of the problems today. What do you think of his lyrics and the song altogether?


15. The Four Horsemen – Aphrodite’s Child

YouTube video

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are a dominant feature in the book of Revelations, signaling the end of the world. Aphrodite’s Child prog rock song refers to these horses and their colors.

The instrumentals accompanying the haunting lyrics can put you in a trance with how good they are. This band is definitely worth checking out.

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16. Two Sevens Clash – Culture

YouTube video

This song focuses on a modern-era prophet, Marcus Garvey. Garvey’s prophecy was of the chaos that would happen on July 7th, 1977 in Spanish Town.

People actually believed him and didn’t go out at all in fear of what would happen. This song describes that and many other prophecies.


17. John Saw That Number – Neko Case

YouTube video

Neko Case takes us back to the New Testament, with the reference to John the Baptist and the Bible book of Revelation.

There was a bit of confusion, as Neko Case confused John the Baptist with John the Apostle who she believed was the same person. Despite the confusion, the song’s alluring instrumentals followed by the piercing voice make for a great listen.


18. Fifty Years After the Fair – Aimee Mann

YouTube video

At the New York World Fair of 1939-1940, Americans got a glimpse of what the future would be, a dystopian future with more advanced technology and a better life.

Sadly, this was not true 50 years late, showing an unfulfilled prophecy that Aimee Mann sang about. She sings that the future never came around as the real world is a stark disappointment.


19. False Prophets – J. Cole

YouTube video

I wonder if J. Cole knew how relevant his music would be 6 years down the line. Most people speculated (and J. Cole kind of confirmed) that the first verse talked of the decline of Kanye West.

A few years later and Kanye West got himself in trouble, making J. Cole a sort of prophet, seeing things that had not happened before. The song also focuses on the darker side of fame, especially in the rap community. It still holds its relevance to this day.


20. Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage

YouTube video

Rap and rock music have given us some of the best songs about prophets, one of them being “Prophets of Rage.” This song was a collaboration between three of the biggest bands, Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, and Cypress HIill.

While it doesn’t talk about real prophets, these bands have a reputation that puts them in this category. If you are a fan of these bands or even one of them, you will have fun listening to this song.


21. False Prophet – Bob Dylan

YouTube video

People would refer to Bob Dylan as a “false prophet” and a “prophet.” He uses this song to address these rumors, saying he is no false prophet.

This song feels like a wake-up call, urging us to look at how we live our lives.


Last Words

These songs about prophets range from bible descriptions of prophets to modern-day prophets and even false prophets. They all carry a different message that we can learn from.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Which song was your favorite and what message did you get from it?


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