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The greatest thing about music is that a composer can be inspired to write a song about anything. Smelling good and fragrance is a major part of our daily lives, which is why there are multiple top songs about perfumes.

The songs cover songs not only cover the topic of scents and odor but also show us the emotions the composer experienced when triggered by a certain smell.

Some of the songs in this playlist show how a certain fragrance from a person they love makes them miss them when they are not together. The songs show us that perfumes play a role in our connections with people in our lives.


Top 21 Songs About Perfume

Do you have a favorite perfume? Does it connect you to a specific event or someone in your life? Then let the songs in this category help you explore your feelings about your favorite fragrances when you listen to them.


1. Perfume – Shaed

YouTube video

The addressee of this song is the composer’s love interest. The lyrics simply show us that the artist has chosen to make him her boyfriend.

Her choice and attraction are based on her inability to get his smell out of her thoughts to the point of being obsessed.

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2. This Town – Niall Horan

YouTube video

This Town is a single by Naill Horan, released in 2016. The perfume in the song represents his crush. He’s reminded of her whenever he smells her perfume.

The song received great success on its release, gaining over 70 million views on YouTube. It is a story about his desire and failed opportunity to confess his love, only to realize that his interest is with someone new.


3. Perfume – Britney Spears

YouTube video

Britney Spears penned this magnificent song with the help of other popular composers such as Sia. It tells a story about a woman who knows about the cheating behaviors of her boyfriend.

She uses her perfume to mark her territory from the other woman.


4. Gardenia de Chanel – Eddie Barclay

YouTube video

This orchestra by Eddie Barclay was inspired by one of the world’s biggest perfume fragrance companies, Chanel. If a perfume can be smelled from a song’s composition, then it doesn’t come any closer than this.

I was impressed with the instrumental the first time I heard it.


5. No More Perfume On You – Teen Pop

YouTube video

This list of songs about perfume shows that fragrance is common in every part of the world. No More Perfume On You is a Korean pop song about a man having an affair with an older woman.

The lyrics tell a story of him begging his mistress not to wear perfume on her or his girlfriend will catch him.


6. Perfume – Chris Brown & RichGirl

YouTube video

Perfume is a duet from Chris Brown and RichGirl exploring their relationship’s intimate details. The track is part of the artist’s In My Zone mixtape recorded in 2010.

The two artists’ voices perfectly blend together in harmony to create a visual interpretation of their intentions toward each other.


7. Scent of a Woman – Marion Meadows

YouTube video

Marion Meadows, a sax player with a special fluid style, brings us the peace of mind that brings back memories of our lovers with the scents of their perfumes.

This intelligent and mature piece that is pleasantly arranged will definitely drift your spirits the first time you hear it.

Though it is only a smooth jazz instrumental, it is a one-of-a-kind piece that always takes me to a higher dimension than any song with lyrics will.


8. Candy Perfume Girl – Madonna

YouTube video

Candy Perfume Girl’s opening has unique postmodern beats that are coupled with fashioned electronic guitar flare-ups.

The track is a bonus song on the composer’s Ray of Light album, released in 1998. The song’s lyrics focus on femininity’s allure, which can make a man lose themselves.

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9. Perfume and Promises – Idina Menzel

YouTube video

Before her popularity from Let It Go from Frozen, Idina Menzel composed one of the best songs about perfume I have ever listened to.

The song features a style that is true to her musical roots with a strong message of overcoming life’s obstacles. The singer released the song on her I Stand album in 2008.


10. Perfume – Parade

YouTube video

After the release of their first single the composers had this follow-up track to solidify their trendy boho chic image. Perfume is a single by the British all-girl group parade. The piece was released in 2011 and received positive critical reviews.

The song’s theme is about girl power, summer fun, and parties on the beach.


11. Smell It On Me – Yukmouth & Gudda Gudda & Tity Boi & D-Golder

YouTube video

This song has one of the best lineups of legendary hip-hop artists. Smell it On Me lyrics focus on success as every artist’s verse flaunts their influence in the hip-hop community.

If you want a track that defines the scent of success, this piece has all it takes and will definitely fit the theme.


12. Smells Like Me – Charlie Puth

YouTube video

The song talks about Charlie’s former girlfriend. The lyrics show us that she is still holding on to the little things that remind her of him, and the smell of his cologne can’t escape her mind or her clothes.

It seems she’s still not over Charlie and wants to get back with him.


13. The Scent of Her Perfume – Nicola Milan

YouTube video

In this song about perfume, Nicola Milan narrates to us a story of a man haunted by the lingering memories of his lost love. The protagonist’s memories are personified by the scent of his former lover’s perfume.

The artist’s vocals and instrumental will get you hooked on this dramatic and passionate tango that is one of a kind.


14. Your Scent – Dusty Good Music

YouTube video

Your Scent is a melancholic track that can connect you to the suppressed emotions about your former lover. The underrated composer opens up and expresses his undying love.

This song shows how difficult it is to move on when our senses, such as smell, can bring forth emotions.


15. Herbal Scent – Tom Browne

YouTube video

Herbal Scent is a Jazz gem from 1979 that perfectly depicts the genre between the 70s and 80s. The instrumentals’ beginning is one of the smoothest intros I have ever listened to.

Tom Browne rose to prominence as a jazz trumpeter while working with Sonny Fortune.

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16. I Can Still Smell Your Perfume – W Official

YouTube video

This song by W Official is a testament to how fragrances psychologically influence human beings. It shows that the aroma of those who will love has natural spiritual and physical healing elements, which is why most breakups are painful when the scent is remembered.

The song has a nice blend of indie and rap styles.


17. Speechless – Dan + Shay

YouTube video

Speechless is one of the most popular country songs about perfumes in this compilation, as it has over 128 million views on the YouTube streaming platform alone.

The song’s lyrics talk about the awe-striking effects that the singers’ partners had on them on their wedding days. It is the perfect song to serenade the person you love.


18. Scent of Her Perfume – Josh WaWa White

YouTube video

The scent of her perfume lyrics tells the story of the composer, who is in pain after realizing that he shouldn’t have left his former lover.

The song introduces us to his pain as he acknowledges that it is yet another passing day without the love of his life.

All he is left with is the memories of them being together, and he feels that the scent of her perfume is rolling in his veins, which is why he can’t move on.


19. Perfume – Mehro

YouTube video

Only a few artists are able to make us feel emotions like Mehro. On this track, Perfume, he will definitely lower your emotional guard through his tender vocals.

The addressees of this track are all the lonely hearts who are in pain; all they have is the memories of their former significant other’s perfume.


20. Cologne – Beabadoobee

YouTube video

Though cologne is known to have a lower concentration than perfume, it does the same job of adding a nice fragrance to the person who wears it.

This song by Beabadoobee introduces us to the composer and her desire for the man she loves. The track is a killer piece, perfect for a hazy summer afternoon relaxation.


21. Perfume – Rag’n’Bone Man

YouTube video

The last song on this compilation is from a famous pop artist Rag’n’Bone Man. He has several critically acclaimed songs, such as Human, that have billions of views across multiple streaming platforms.

The song perfume was an inspiration after reading a novel named Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by German novelist Patrick Süskind. Though the book is dark, he finds a way to turn his inspiration into a song that relates the thought of someone’s perfume to missing and loving them.


Last Words

These songs about perfumes will teach you that there is more to the fragrances we love and wear. The composers show a deeper psychological connection beyond understanding, as triggers from someone’s perfume can bring forth memories or desires.

Most of the artists in this list from different genres connect their desire to smell certain perfumes to the need of past lovers.


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