21 Inspiring Songs About Open Doors and Opportunities

Change, though not enjoyable, is something we go through regularly. People use different ways to get through rough times and one of those ways is listening to inspiring music such as listening to songs about open doors and opportunities.

Music can be a companion, a force that can reach us at a soul level when we stand at the threshold of something new, walking a new path in our lives.

Are you searching for a source of comfort and inspiration during challenging times? Look no further! Get ready to be uplifted, motivated, and filled with renewed strength as you immerse yourself in the power of music. 

Let these songs be the soundtrack to your journey of hope and new opportunities in life.



1. Open Door by Favor Diane

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Are you a believer going through faith-threatening or heartbreaking situations? Then this song is intended just for you. It reminds you that there are still open doors and opportunities, breakthroughs, and miracles, even in the most devastating situations.

According to Favor Diane, a Gospel music minister, “Open Door” is a message of hope, especially when you have been let down and disappointed by heartbreaking situations. Your faith can be awakened.



2. Open Door Season by Deitrick Haddon

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With this amazing tune, Deitrick Haddon assures you that this is a season of open doors. Regardless of what and where you have experienced before, the doors are bound to be opened, and whatever door has been closed will be opened this season.

The inspiring song implores you to go through whatever door or window, whether big, trim, or wide, the Lord may open for you. Through that door, you will get your breakthrough.



3. It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

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Released in the year 2000, “It’s My Life” is the song to listen to when you want to step out of your comfort zone and take that bold step to go through that open door of opportunity right in front of you.

This is just the song you need when you are psyching yourself to take that big, bold step that could potentially turn your life around for the better.

The song tells us that it is now or never; this is our only chance to go through the open door and make life-changing decisions.



4. All Things Must Pass by George Harrison

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This inspirational song reminds us that all things, even good things, eventually come to an end. That change is inevitable is well expressed in the words “sunrise doesn’t last all morning” and “sunset doesn’t last all evening.”

We may feel pain due to change, but afterward, things will start looking brighter; the grey clouds of the evening will be lifted. The song gives hope for a more vibrant future and new opportunities. It is a wake-up call to see the open door ahead of us.

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5. Fireworks by Katy Perry

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In this inspirational song, Katy Perry encourages you to be yourself despite life’s challenges. Like fireworks, you should shoot across the sky, let your colors burst, and show your worth.

Katy Perry tells you that maybe some doors are closed so that you can open that door that will lead you to the perfect road, so let your power shine, knowing that the low times in your life will soon end.

With over 1.4 billion views, Fireworks is one of the most popular songs about open doors and opportunities.



6. Change by Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift equates our life struggles and setbacks to a long battle, a fight for our lives. It is like a wall has been put up to hold us back from embracing the opportunities, the open doors, set before us. 

However, there is hope; that elusive break us in sight. We can use the missteps of our lives as stepping stones to our future success.



7. Closing Time by Semisonic

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The band Semisonic used their song “Closing Time” to inspire hope that endings can be opportunities for new growth.

The song’s opening lyrics indicate that the bar is about to be closed, at which time the doors are opened to let the customers out “into the world.” This metaphorically refers to changes we may be forced to make, like leaving a toxic relationship.

At “closing time, every new beginning comes from another beginning’s end.” 



8. Burning Gold by Christina Perri

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Are you looking to change negative patterns and habits in your life, but you feel that too many obstacles hinder you? “Burning Gold” is the song to listen to. Christina Perri says she is looking for an exit from this world of fear, an open door to a better life.

The song is a wake-up call to realize that you are the wind that carries change. You do not have to wait for the good to come to you.

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9. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

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Internal struggles are obstacles that are intrinsic to life. This inspirational song instills in us feelings of hope, positivity, and endurance as individuals and as a society.

In the song, two individuals take the risk of leaving their homes in search of their respective destinies, symbolically going through the open door of opportunity availed to them. 

The chorus encourages us to ‘hold onto the feeling’ to be optimistic, and we might just achieve the destiny we have been striving for. Don’t Stop Believing is one of my favorite songs about open doors and opportunities. 



10. Never Say Never by Justin Bieber

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If you never try, then you have no chance of having success. This song will help us all to be positive. “Never Say Never” encourages us to stop doubting and start believing. 

We should follow our dreams, and one day, they will come true. Live life to its fullest and embrace new opportunities. When you get knocked down, get back up and fight! 



11. Lose Yourself by Eminem

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“Lose Yourself” is an inspirational song that encourages its listeners to take advantage of any open door of opportunity that is set before them. It emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities as they come our way.

By narrating his life experience, Eminem urges us to act urgently since ‘we only get one shot’ at success. We should never let any opportunity to succeed in slipping away.



12. Opportunity Knocks by Nick Javas

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Nick Javas’ “Opportunity Knocks” reminds us not to let opportunities pass us by without noticing them. Through his song, Nick tells us how a door of opportunity was unexpectedly opened for him and how he enthusiastically seized the chance. 

If we look hard enough, we will realize that opportunities abound and that ‘we are meant to shine.’ Even in uncertain times, ‘when doubt is reasonable,’ the door to success is still open.

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13. Unwritten Lyrics by Natasha Bedingfield

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The inspirational lyrics of this song encourage us to embrace the open doors of opportunity in our lives. “Unwritten Lyrics” reminds us that every new day allows us to write our own story and live without predefined expectations. We should courageously embrace the unknown future and discover our true potential.

Not weighed down by overthinking or planning too far ahead, we can embrace the open possibilities of life and fearlessly pursue our dreams.



14. Born To Be Somebody by Justin Bieber

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Life may deal us blows, obstacles that could pin us down. Justin Bieber’s song inspires us to see beyond the obstacles and see the open door ahead of us.

Despite our daily struggles, we can make it and “light up the sky like lightning.” The song encourages us not to get tired of chasing our dreams. It is one of the best songs about open doors and opportunities. 



15. Wide Awake by Katy Perry

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Have you gone through something that caused you pain? “Wide Awake” inspires you to release bitterness and overcome the hurt. 

Katy Perry talks about how she trusted somebody blindly and the pain this caused her, but she eventually woke up and could see reality. The song inspires you to let go of the past and take the first step through that open door to true happiness.



16. Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

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This inspiring song is about a younger Kelly Clarkson’s dream of a bright future, about her paving her path to success. 

“Breakaway” tells you that sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and risk losing what you have to gain, and that change happens constantly. You have to move on, symbolically “swinging around revolving doors” because one door opens when another closes.

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17. Break Away by The Beach Boys

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“Break Away” is a song that encourages us to leap into the unknown to find happiness, leave the past behind, and break away to a better life.

Doors will open before you once you break away from an unfulfilling life. You determine how your future turns out by your outlook on life, so choose to experience happiness every day, and happiness will find you.



18. Changing Of The Seasons by Two Door Cinema Club

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Should you ever feel like you have been treated unjustly, listen to “Changing Of The Seasons.” The song talks of someone who feels they suffered injustice when their partner broke up with them.

Even though said partner tries to lure them back into the relationship, telling them “the door is open,” they lose all attachments and feelings to the person. 

Do not let resentment hold you back from moving on with your life. This piece is one of the best songs about open doors and opportunities to encourage anyone after a heartbreak. 



19. Coming in From the Cold by Bob Marley

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“Coming in From the Cold” inspires hope, especially when we experience depressing situations. The song likens being depressed to being out in the cold. We should not allow this to dampen our mood or make us sad and forsaken.’ 

Bob Marley sings that when one door is closed, another one is open, implying that just when we feel hopeless, a door of opportunity opens for us.



20. One Way Ticket by Carrie Underwood

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Your life need not stagnate “like a bug on a dirty windshield.” Carrie Underwood encourages us to say goodbye to yesterday and step into a better future, much like walking through an open door to a whole new life.

“One Way Ticket” suggests not looking back to an unsatisfying life in which things did not go according to plan, because “it matters where you are going, not where you’ve been.” You have the power to change the course of your life.

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21. Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson

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In this song, Kelly Clarkson tells her indecisive partner to choose between staying in the relationship or call it quits. She advises him to walk away if he can’t decide whether to stay or go.

Sometimes, the only solution to a bad situation, such as a toxic relationship or anything that hampers your personal growth, is to walk away and embrace other opportunities that you will find ahead. 



Last Words

Life is full of opportunities. Even though one door seems shut before you, many more doors will be opened. All you need to do is stay positive and not lose hope.

The right songs about open doors and opportunities can be inspirational. It can make you move, take action, or vow to become a better person. Some songs have the power to unite people. 

Other songs compel us to see the beauty in the world. Let these songs uplift you and help in motivating you to overcome obstacles, adversity, and challenges in life.


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