21 Songs About Nieces And Aunts To Celebrate This Special Bond

The relationship between aunts and nieces is interesting and can be compared to that between a mother and a daughter but with less intensity and seriousness.

Since most aunts are considered reliable parental figures, with some exceptions, different stories step from their relationships with nieces.

These 21 songs about nieces and aunts share different narrations from the artist’s perspective that are touching and hilarious.

Some aunts can play a substantial role in a niece’s life, while others are the fun ones we occasionally meet during the holidays. The joy of having someone in the extended family that looks after you are delightful.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Your Auntie Grizelda The Monkees Learn More
2 Aunt Diaries Kendrick Lamar Learn More
3 Aunt Dot Lil Kim & Lil Shanice Learn More
4 Hey Auntie IDK & Slick Rick Learn More
5 Nieces Hostage Queen Learn More
6 Aunt Dora’s Love Soul Shack Arthur Conley Learn More
7 Rockin’ Chair Hoagy Carmicheal Learn More
8 Aunts Place Fredo Learn More
9 Aunt Hagar’s Blues Art Tatum Learn More
10 Electric Aunt Jemima Frank Zappa Learn More
11 Aunt Jackie Jason Fox & Hood Presidents Learn More
12 Long Tall Sally Little Richard Learn More
13 Dear Aunt Arctica Radish Learn More
14 Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie) Buckethead Learn More
15 Go Tell Aunt Rhody Woody Guthrie Learn More
16 Aunt Betty Middle Class Rut Learn More
17 Auntie’s Wooden Leg Alice In Wonderland Learn More
18 New York Soul Jon Bellion Learn More
19 Letter To My Niece Dasgasdom3 Learn More
20 Aunt Lisa Mastodon Learn More
21 Song For My Niece Honeycru$t Learn More


Songs About Nieces and Aunts

Without further ado, let me share with you some of the best songs to help you celebrate this special bond. It is good to remind yourself of the special bond from time to time.


1. Your Auntie Grizelda – The Monkees

YouTube video

The first song of this playlist is an upbeat and funny piece from The Monkees. The song has a definite garage rock feel, and it is a silly track that you can share with your aunt so that you can bond.

The song is a general complaint about Grizelda’s judgmental and pushy character, and it first appeared on a TV series in 1967.

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2. Aunt Diaries – Kendrick Lamar

YouTube video

Aunt Diaries shows Kendrick Lamar’s level of creativity and lyricism in hip-hop. The song tells complex stories about Kendrick’s aunt.

It’s an open-minded song as it talks about his transgender aunt and his experiences. Kendrick’s aunt used to be female but changed his gender, and although Kendrick isn’t a niece, it makes for an interesting song nonetheless.


3. Aunt Dot – Lil Kim & Lil Shanice

YouTube video

Aunt Dot is an iconic hip-hop song that shows Lil Kim’s storytelling ability. Aunt Dot is a reference to Lil Kim’s menstrual cycle. It sort of represents the her growing up and how her teenage years changed her.


4. Hey Auntie – IDK & Slick Rick

YouTube video

Not all songs about aunts and nieces are positive, and this piece from IDK and Slick is a testament to that fact. The singer is inspired by his tough upbringing while living with his aunt and the abuse he experienced.

He sings about what a happy family looks like and wishes that he, too, could experience that.


5. Nieces – Hostage Queen

YouTube video

Though the song is relatively underrated, it is one of my favorite songs in this compilation. The rock song has a lively, upbeat instrumental that is quite intense.

The drums perfectly complement the guitar work, and it won’t be too hard for you to rock to it once you have listened. This piece is an excellent dedication to all nieces everywhere.


6. Aunt Dora’s Love Soul Shack – Arthur Conley

YouTube video

Arthur Conley is a soul legend that was a household name between the 1960s and 1980s. His discography contains some of the most popular songs of his generation, and Aunt Dora’s Love Soul Shack is one of his singles.

The song is a narration of the artist’s fond memory of Aunt Dora. The lyrics show the artist loved his aunt and would frequent her places as there was never a dull moment with her.


7. Rockin’ Chair – Hoagy Carmicheal

YouTube video

Rockin Chair was originally composed in 1929, and over the years, it has been covered countless times by various artists.

The track is about an elderly man who is seated on his rocking chair as he awaits death. He calls out for his aunt to escort him to the afterlife. This shows the good relationship that the composer had with his aunt and expects to continue when they meet again.


8. Aunts Place – Fredo

YouTube video

In this piece, Fredo has proved again that he is a great storyteller through his rap song. He narrates his earlier life before music success and gives his fans insights into his upbringing.

The rapper pays homage to his aunt as he narrates she is the only one willing to take him in when his mother kicked him out.

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9. Aunt Hagar’s Blues – Art Tatum

YouTube video

Art Tatum is an inspirational piano technician and is considered one of the greatest in the Jazz field for his contribution to the genre.

In this piece, the composer performs a rendition of a popular 1920s blues song, and its structure becomes a Jazz standard. Upon the song’s release in 1950, it received lots of praise and love.


10. Electric Aunt Jemima – Frank Zappa

YouTube video

The legendary Frank Zappa is known for his unconventional methods of music composition. In this piece, he got inspiration from a popular food brand.

He renamed one of his guitar amps to Aunt Jemima and composed this track to honor it. His love for the breakfast food brand and guitar amps can be equated to the type of love the aunts and nieces have.


11. Aunt Jackie – Jason Fox & Hood Presidents

YouTube video

If you are looking for an energetic hip-hop song about nieces and aunts, this will be a great choice to add to your playlist. The song’s lyrics talk about Aunt Jackie hanging out with the composer and having a blast while spending time together.

All the singers in this piece describe how fun it is to spend time with Aunt Jackie. We can paint the picture that she is a woman of color with great taste in music and who loves to have fun.


12. Long Tall Sally – Little Richard

YouTube video

Long Tall Sally is one the best song by Little Richard, and it went on to be covered by some of the most popular artists such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

The song talks about the composer’s Aunt Mary and her husband, John, who is having an affair with a woman named Sally. Music like this contributed to the birth of rock and roll.


13. Dear Aunt Arctica – Radish

YouTube video

The singer talks about where they live and describes it as an unfavorable place to reside. He also shares his intentions to get out of there. Before deciding to leave, he consults Aunt Arctica, showing that the composer respects the elder relative.


14. Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie) – Buckethead

YouTube video

Though some might consider the track a bit lengthy, every second of it is worth listening to. It is one of the few songs about nieces and aunts that don’t need any lyrics to accompany it, as every bit of it speaks louder than words.


15. Go Tell Aunt Rhody – Woody Guthrie

YouTube video

Go Tell Aunt Rhody is one of this compilation’s oldest songs about nieces and aunts. Woody Guthrie recorded this folk song in the 20th century but the lyrics date back to the 18th century.

The song is said to originate from an opera by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. This version features the singer singing the song over guitar and banjo instrumentals with backup vocals to spice things up.

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16. Aunt Betty – Middle Class Rut

YouTube video

Aunt Betty was released by Middle Class Rut in 2013 as the first single of their second studio album, “Pick Up Your Head.” Alternative punk rock depicts Aunt Betty as isolating herself from the world.

The song’s lyrics are quite sad as the composer wants her to get out of it.


17. Auntie’s Wooden Leg – Alice In Wonderland

YouTube video

If you are a fan of “Alice In Wonderland,” this nostalgic piece is for you. The character performs the unhinged tune as an impromptu performance on a tabletop.

It is a musical number like this and more that made the film stand out compared to the other versions of it.


18. New York Soul – Jon Bellion

YouTube video

This track’s lyrics might not explicitly talk about aunts and nieces as it is about missing family, but it is a great addition to this compilation of songs about nieces and aunts.

Jon Bellion’s lyrics are relatable to those who work further from their families. They also talk about seeing nieces growing up too fast, and the only place they connect with you is Instagram.


19. Letter To My Niece – Dasgasdom3

YouTube video

Letter to My Niece is a tribute by Dasgasdom3 toward Genesis, his niece. The track starts with the artist describing why he is writing a song for her birthday, and hopefully, when she grows up, she will be able to understand.

In the song, the artist describes how he loves and looks at her as her daughter. He says that his niece gives him purpose and is the most important person in his life.


20. Aunt Lisa – Mastodon

YouTube video

The song is about the band’s drummer, who passed away. In their own way, Mastodon was honoring Aunt Lisa through this heavy metal piece as she was described to be a lively personality.

The lyrics describe the memories that the composer shared with his late aunt and descend into a chaotic finale that perfectly describes the aunt’s personality.


21. Song For My Niece – Honeycru$t

YouTube video

In this piece, the composer narrates how he sees his niece. It is his opinion that she grew up too fast, and he advises her on the cruel struggle that is the passage from childhood to adulthood. The composer ends by advising her not to mind what people are saying.


Last Words

There you have it, this list of songs about nieces and aunts worthy of your playlist. Most of these songs emphasize solidifying the bonds of extended families and not living like strangers.

While most of them are entertaining, some show the true dark nature of some aunts, as they can also abuse those they are supposed to care for. These songs cover various topics and genres, which shows how diverse they are.


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