21 Must-Hear Songs About Mustaches

Facial hair is one of the most important features of a man that screams masculinity. Whether they are bushy or full, it is every boy’s dream to keep one when they grow up. That is why there are multiple songs about mustaches from some of the best composers ever.

Whether the mustache is neatly trimmed or not, mustaches have been associated with manliness since the beginning of time.

There is no better way to celebrate this part of masculinity than through music. This compilation consists of 21 songs that tell stories about mustaches that will get you thinking.

The tracks cover a wide range of topics, from showing the joys of shaving it all to symbolizing new beginnings to the struggles of growing one.


21 Must-Hear Songs About Mustaches

Either way, the songs in this playlist will offer you a new perspective when you look at beards and mustaches. The playlist will cover different genres from different generations to show that this male fashion trend will be here to stay.


1. Cookie Duster – Turbo Star

YouTube video

Cookie duster is one of the most popular styles of mustaches, and it is perfectly appreciated in this track. Though Turbo Star are a relatively underground group, their song Cookie Duster deserves to be the first song on this playlist.

The track’s lyrics discuss some of the most impressive mustaches from recent pop culture. The artist talks about famous composers such as Freddie Mercury, whose signature facial hair was a mustache.

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2. Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache – Warren Smith

YouTube video

Red Cadillac and Black Moustache is a classic folk country record released in the 1960s. The classic song by Warren Smith became popular and received several renditions by popular artists such as Bob Dylan.

The song’s lyrics narrate a story of the composer in pain as his woman got into a relationship with another person. The only description he had of the other man is he was tall, had a mustache, and a red Cadillac.


3. I Grew a Mustache – The Motion Sick

YouTube video

The Motion Sick is an indie rock band known for its unique upbeat songs and sometimes melancholy lyrics. They were based in Boston and they managed to release two albums throughout their music career.

I Grew a Mustache was one of the band’s tracks that celebrated the beauty of having facial hair. The lyrics show how everyone appreciates a good mustache by even mentioning his mom loves it.


4. Obey The Beard – Psychostick

YouTube video

The next song on this compilation is an ode that shows the power of facial hair. Though the track focuses on all facial hair, it can help to give you confidence when you decide to grow that mustache you have wanted for a long time.

The band has a hilarious take on how facial hair can make a man’s life easier. If you were looking for a track highlighting the awesomeness of mustaches and general facial hair, then ‘Obey The Beard’ is worth listening to.


5. Mustache Man – CAKE

YouTube video

Mustache Man is a great track for any listener that had an encounter with a mustache man. The song has a very catchy melody that will get you to get grooving.

The piece also has a strong message of not judging a book by its cover.


6. Big Bushy Mustache – Jake Shears

YouTube video

Pop artist Jake shears music has never been hell-bent on being taken seriously by any of his fans. This allowed him to create a name for himself as an extremely funny song composer, and Big Bushy Mustache is a testament to that.

The song has Freddy Mercury vibes but uniquely. Few artists can make a song about facial hair have a sensual feel.


7. Santa’s Beard – They Might Be Giants

YouTube video

The first thing that comes into anyone’s mind when you mention Santa is his beard and mustache which goes out of the way to make a statement.

This song by They Might Be Giants is about seeing your woman kiss his friend dressed as Santa Claus. The facial hair is a central point of the song as you won’t get off the image of the scene as described by the composer.


8. Man With A Mustache – The Guys

YouTube video

This is hands down one of my favorite songs in this compilation because of its simplicity. You can master the song’s lyrics after a couple of listens.

The song’s lyrics tell a story of a woman in love with a mustache. It revolves around the selling point that a man with a mustache is better.

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9. Smell My Beard – Frank Zappa

YouTube video

Frank Zappa’s Smell, My Beard, is one of the best songs about a mustache ever. The song has a lot of significance to the artist and this playlist at large.

This is because the singer is known to be one of the most popular artists with the best mustache. He loved his mustache to the point of recreating its shape with a picture of dolphins on the cover of his “Trance-Fusion” album.


10. Pencil Thin Mustache – Jimmy Buffett

YouTube video

Pencil Thin mustache is a nostalgic ballad about the mustache culture from the composer’s childhood era. Jimmy Buffet released the song in 174, the first track of his Living and Dying in ¾ Time album.

The song performed well on Country music charts. The song’s upbeat rhythm perfectly depicts the 1970s thin mustache trend. It might make you want to grow one and solves some of the world’s mysteries.


11. Must Be Santa – Bob Dyla

YouTube video

Though this piece is considered mainly a Christmas festivity song, it also fits into the playlist’s theme because of Santa’s iconic facial hair.

The song was released in 2009 and is part of the Christmas in the Heart album. The song has managed to gain over 7 million views.


12. This Beard is for Siobhan – Devendra Benhart

YouTube video

This piece by Devendra is about being proud of yourself and whatever traits you have. Even if your moustache or beard isn’t perfect, you still have to own it.

The artist’s vocal dynamics are amazing, and the notes he hits are pure and steady. Few artists present such raw energy in their music as he does.


13. The Creep – The Lonely Island

YouTube video

The Creep is one the most popular songs about mustaches in this compilation, as it has gained over 115 million views on YouTube. The song features other pop artists such as Nicki Minaj and John Waters.

It’s a song about people that are creepy. One creepy trait about guys is the pencil moustache.


14. Moustache Man – The April Maze

YouTube video

Mustache Man is a spectacular duet from The April man composed to celebrate no-shave November. It is a fun and upbeat song celebrating the hair strip that grows above the upper lip.

The song opens with a funny line as the composer tells us he was born with a thick mustache and can’t get a lover. He is in luck as he finds a woman who is into men with facial hair making them the perfect match.


15. Ron Bell’s Mustache – Mineral Hill

YouTube video

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your growing hair? Then this song will show you that it is not a unique experience as it tells a relatable story.

The protagonist of the song is jealous of Ron Bell’s mustache and wants some grooming tips from him.

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16. Burning Beard – Clutch

YouTube video

The clutch is the ultimate dystopian portrayal band I have ever listened to, with their music representing something about our society.

While on the outside, the song’s title might make one assume that the piece is about facial hair that is on fire, the lyrics point out ignorance fueled by the religions we believe in.


17. Power Mustache – The Vandals

YouTube video

While most songs about mustaches in this playlist celebrate men wearing facial hair, this is completely different from theirs. The Vandals use the mustache as a symbol of repression and advise the listeners not to trust a man with facial hair.

The metal song’s lyrics highlight some of the famous men in history who had mustaches, which were a great source of world issues.


18. Mr. Moustache – Nirvana

YouTube video

Mr. Moustache describes the stereotypical macho man Cobain often encountered during his teenage years. The track is one of the most iconic riffs that will probably amaze you.


19. Mustache – FunkeyMonkeys!

YouTube video

From the cookie duster to the handlebar, all those styles of mustaches receive appreciation in this song. The composer’s ability to rhyme hilariously will make you want to add this track to your playlist.


20. Mustache – Little Big

YouTube video

The next song in this playlist has gotten over 65 million views since its release in 2022. The composers have an interesting way of relaying a message to listeners to love their facial hair.

Little Big’s videoclips are hilarious. Here they portray a world of opposites, where women are supposed to have mustaches and those who don’t are a shame to society.


21. Moustache Paradise – Mr. Tetanos

YouTube video

The last song on this compilation is by Mr. Tetanos, and it is the perfect piece to take you on a journey to mustache paradise.

The fun electric song has a unique melody and visuals. The simplicity of the song’s lyrics is the main reason why I like the song. They have an uncanny ability to attract the attention of their audience by making catchy songs like this.


Last Words

These are some of the best songs about mustaches that are a must-listen for you. If you know anyone who has a mustache or growing one, share these tracks with them, they might enjoy it.

Some of the songs in this compilation use a beard as an umbrella to refer to all types of facial hair. And if you have one yourself, whether it is clean-shaven or unkept, enjoy its awesomeness.


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