15 Songs About Moses That Keep His Legacy Alive

Moses is one of the most important prophets in all religious texts. He is an example of how God can pull you through some of the worst times of your life and take you to glory.

Moses had to be hidden away just after being born so that he would not be killed. He was rescued by the daughter of the same man who wanted all Hebrew males dead, and eventually became a beacon of hope for his people, leading them to the Promised Land.

It is no surprise, therefore, that there are many songs about Moses that are made about this memorable man. There is so much we can learn from this man, and these songs help to keep him and the lessons we can learn from him in our minds.

Let us explore these songs and see what we can learn about this wonderful man of God.


15 Songs About Moses

Moses is one of those people whose legacy needs to live on and these songs about Moses help with this:


1. The Song of Moses – Paul Wilbur

YouTube video

This song starts strong, with a verse from Revelation 15:2. The song is a song of praise to God, and it is beautiful to see how Moses is remembered as his servant even years after he died.

This prophet’s life and legacy will continue to live on for years, even centuries after we are gone.

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2. Little Moses – The Carter Family

YouTube video

Little Moses dates back to 1929 when the Carter family composed it to teach us about Moses’ origin. The song starts with Moses’ discovery by the Pharaoh’s daughter.

It is a great song to learn about how Moses got to become such a large figure in all religions. The old style of singing with simple acoustics makes it a relaxing song and a joy to listen to.


3. Moses, Moses – Odetta

YouTube video

Moses went through a difficult time because of the Pharaoh’s decision. Odetta managed to capture the feeling of the exodus with her deep, soulful voice that puts sorrow and motivation all in one.

She encourages Moses, and us by extension, to keep on and not let the Pharaoh overtake him. This song resonates with my soul whenever I hear it, making it one of the best songs about Moses.


4. Prophet Has Arise – Israel Vibration

YouTube video

This one is a reggae song about Moses that calls attention to God’s prophet. Israel Vibration mentions many prophets such as Moses and King David who had messages for God’s people.

The song is also a call for redemption for people who are going through hard times today. The prophet Moses was a seer, who could see what would become of his people.

The song gives us a chance to reflect on what is happening to us today and relate it to what was happening to the Israelites during Moses’ time. Now, like then, we can hold on to the hope that someone will come to save us like Moses did the Israelites.


5. Song of Moses – Aaron Keyes

YouTube video

Another song about Moses that honors the legacy that is Moses’ life. This song talks about praising the Lord and the power he gives us.

It is a perfect depiction of what Moses must have felt while he fulfilled God’s orders. It gives us the courage to keep moving, knowing that God has our back through it all.

This faith in God, no matter what he was facing, is what makes Moses one of the most notable people to grace this Earth.


6. Where Is Baby Moses – Miss Nina

YouTube video

Looking for a great passover song to entertain and teach your kids about Moses? Where is Baby Moses by Miss Nina is a nice interactive song to get your children to learn more about him.

The song is accompanied by fun hand motions that children will be excited to follow. It tells the story of how Moses grew up.


7. Go Down Moses – Louis Armstrong

YouTube video

Louis Armstrong gives us one of the best songs about Moses to date. His strong vocals and the heavenly vocals backing him up make the perfect song.

The song tells us about the time Moses received the assignment to go free the Israelites from Egypt. This is a perfect way to remember the struggles Moses went through to fulfill God’s will.


8. Send Another Moses – The Ethiopians

YouTube video

Reggae has some of the most songs about Moses found, and “Send Another Moses” is an example of this. The Ethiopians are asking God to send another Moses to help them cross the Red Sea. They are asking for a savior from today’s sorrows.

Lyrics such as, “for the road is too rocky” and “the load is still heavy” shows how tired we all are with the current system of things and we all pray for another Moses to take us to The Promised Land.

The times are getting even harder, which can make so many people lose hope. Praying for another Moses to come to rescue us gives us hope and encourages us to keep going until redemption comes.


9. Moses – Coldplay

YouTube video

While this song is not explicitly about Moses, it draws parallels between Moses’ adventures and his abilities with the artist’s life.

It mentions the power over the sea that Moses had, likening it to the power someone might have over you. These unlikely comparisons have kept Moses and Coldplay on my mind for over 10 years.

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10. It Must Be You (Moses) – Bart Millard

YouTube video

Moses was sent away from his home when he was just a baby, rescued by the Pharaoh’s daughter, lived both a life of luxury and struggle and had a speech impediment. God still chose him to become the people’s savior.

Bart Millard’s song shows the struggle that Moses had believing that God has chosen him. This song will speak to your soul if you also have problems believing in yourself.

Most of us don’t think we are worthy of God’s love and forgiveness because of our shortcomings. This shows us that God looks beyond what we think of ourselves and that we are all deserving of His love.


11. The Birth of Moses – Two By 2

YouTube video

Another of the catchy songs about Moses, The Birth of Moses can help children learn more about Moses. Two By 2 teaches about the birth of Moses, starting from Pharaoh’s hatred for Israelites and many other things.

Play this song for your children if you want them to learn their Bible stories; it is a fast-paced song that will keep them entertained and educated.


12. My Shot – Hamilton

YouTube video

Popular culture has always found a way to put references to all the old and new people and occurrences in history and Hamilton is one of such examples. My Shot from Hamilton mentions Moses’ revolution, with his fight against the Egyptian Pharaoh.

The lyrics, “We roll like Moses, claiming our promised land” gives an unlikely reflection of Moses’ struggle, likening it to the American Revolution against the British.


13. Moses – Blind Boys of Alabama

YouTube video

Vocals can make a song shine and The Blind Boys of Alabama are the perfect way to learn about Moses. This is a Christian song that is mostly played to give people faith, with examples such as when Moses parted the Red Sea.

Learning about Moses gives us hope that the days will get better and our redemption is close, a truly chilling and inspirational song about the Lord’s prophet.


14. Led Out Of Bondage – Bill and Gloria Gaither & George Younce

YouTube video

A country song about Moses? Sign me up. Bill and Gloria Gaither sang this song about the way Moses led the Israelites out of bondage.

This is a great song of worship that will have you singing along from start to finish. George Younce is one of the vocalists who will always stand out with his voice.


15. Black Moses – Thoba Ndlovu

YouTube video

This is a lesser-known artist but his message still strikes for those who have been oppressed. Thoba relates the struggle of Africans who turned to their leaders after the post-colonial era, only to be met with lying leaders.

This struggle is similar to what Israelites faced, only they had Moses to help them get out of this oppression.

This song calls for a Black Moses who can do the same for those facing oppression today; they need a Black Moses to free them from the shackles that are holding them back.


Last Words

Moses’ legacy is not one we should take for granted. His story inspires a lot of hope and faith in all of us, which is why these songs about Moses are important today.

Listen to them and keep his memories alive. You might even learn new things about this man that will help you deal with the problems you are facing.


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