21 Songs About Milk That Will Make You Crave a Glass

We start drinking milk from a young age and sometimes continue doing so until we’re old. There are different types of milk, from animal milk to plant-based and nut milk, so it is not surprising that there is an incredible number of songs about milk.

These songs will not only make you thirsty, but some will also help you reflect on your life choices. There are many meanings associated with milk, and artists have used their creative freedom to explore as many as possible.

So, grab a glass of milk, sit down, and enjoy these 21 songs about milk.


Songs About Milk

Get ready to immerse yourself in the surprising depths of these songs about milk:


1. Milk – Jack Stauber

YouTube video

If there is any song that will encourage you to drink that glass, carton, or bottle of milk you have had in your fridge, this is the one. The song is about a box of expired milk that has been sitting on the shelf for far too long.

For a song whose lyrics are about milk, don’t be surprised to find yourself crying. It may make you reflect on your life and how you’ve gone about it. Most importantly, please drink that milk before it expires.

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2. Milk – Garbage

YouTube video

This song is dedicated to the singer’s husband. She says she is milk, symbolizing a maternal figure. She also says that she can be hot and cold, meaning she’s willing to go to great lengths for her husband.

Shirley’s voice will bring you to tears when listening to her soulful vocals sweep you away.


3. Milky Milky Milk – Miley Cyrus

YouTube video

Miley Cyrus has been entertaining us with her songs since her days as Hannah Montana. She is back to do this again with her song “Milky Milky Milk.”

The song is a perfect mix between a trippy song with old vocals and with raunchy lyrics that will make you blush. This song will leave you thirsty in many ways. You better have a glass of milk handy while listening to Miley.


4. Milk and Alcohol – Dr. Feelgood

YouTube video

A perfect mix between blues and rock, Dr. Feelgood brings us a gem with “Milk and Alcohol.” The song also has a 20-second guitar solo that is one of the best things you will ever hear.

Milk and alcohol are not a good pairing, and I believe that is what the lyrics want you to imagine.


5. Milk Milk Lemonade – Amy Schumer & Amber Rose & Method Man

YouTube video

Who knew a parody song could go this hard? Is this song about objectification, people owning their bodies, or just a song written when someone was bored?

No one will really know. In the meantime, enjoy this tune by the comedian Amy Schumer


6. Milk & Honey – Hollie Cook

YouTube video

This reggae-like jam joins our list of songs about milk. It talks of the state of the world and the things that impact us all.

It makes us reflect on how life can all seem so pointless at times that there is nothing to do but laugh alone in your room. But hey, no matter how hard life gets, you can always try some milk and rice with just a bit of honey.


7. M.I.L.F. $ – Fergie

YouTube video

This is one of the songs I listen to when I need a break from the pressures of life. It is a funny song from Fergie that includes some of the most influential women and mothers in Hollywood.

The visuals are part of what makes the song, with a lot of milk being splashed, sold, and drank everywhere. Don’t be shocked if you suddenly want to drink some milk after listening to this.


8. The Milk Song – LankyBox

YouTube video

You can never have enough milk, and whenever you think you have, listen to this song. It is a mix of cringe with a catchy tune. The song will remind you to drink your milk.

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9. Milkcow Blues Boogie – Elvis Presley

YouTube video

The legendary Elvis Presley gave us this bouncy tune. His signature voice with the energizing lyrics will have you dancing your feet off.

This is one of the songs that cemented his unique voice and style. It is also a great song to showcase his incredible grasp of vocal range, which is hard to come by these days.


10. Malted Milk – Robert Johnson

YouTube video

I have never related to songs about milk more than Robert Johnson’s Malted Milk. He says he keeps drinking malted milk to drive his blues away.

I have been there, searching for comfort at the bottom of a glass, but it doesn’t help. It feels like Robert Johnson sang these lyrics just for me. They are both comforting and haunting and definitely worth a listen.


11. No Milk Today – Herman’s Hermits

YouTube video

There is something about older songs that will forever make them stick around as time goes by. This song reflects the end of hopes and dreams because his love has gone away.

For some people, the song is a reminder of freedom and hope during the thick of the Vietnam War. Whatever you think of when you listen to it, the song will definitely be one of the best songs from the group.


12. Milk and Toast and Honey – Roxette

YouTube video

If the song’s title doesn’t get you craving milk, then listening to it will do that for you. Some believe the song is about a woman going through a breakup and seeking comfort in the warmth of fulfilling food, milk and toast, and honey.

Others think it is about falling in love, which makes them feel warm inside like milk, toast, and honey would make them feel. What do you think it means, and are you craving milk now?


13. Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk – Rufus Wainwright

YouTube video

A catchy song from Rufus Wainwright, “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” talks of the singer’s cravings. They are some of the milder cravings he has, with his other cravings being too harmful. Many say the song is about our daily addiction and how we go about them.


14. Milk – Kings of Leon

YouTube video

One of the more undercover songs by the band, “Milk,” has been one of my favorite songs for decades. It has a unique tune.

It makes me think of a simpler life and is a relaxing song for a lazy day at home. The girl not liking the milk in the lyrics means that she thinks shes too good and too cool for the guy, and that’s why she leaves him.


15. Milk Magic – D Billions

YouTube video

This is a great song to encourage children to drink milk and learn more about milk. It shows the different products that can be made from milk, such as cheese, butter, cream, and more.

It is an educating, fun, and catchy song that you will have a hard time getting out of your head. You might even learn something or two yourself.

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16. Hot Milk – Snail’s House

YouTube video

Who said only songs with lyrics deserve a spot on our list of songs about milk? Are you ready for nostalgia, anime, and a fun tune all mixed together?

I have often left the tune play in the background while going about my tasks. Those who have seen the memes will have even more fun with this song.


17. Milk Train – Jefferson Airplane

YouTube video

There aren’t many rock songs about milk but “Milk Train” is here to fill that void. This song has a powerful punch that makes it stands out. The accompanying instrumentals take it to the next level. The song has underlying sexual meanings.


18. Milk & Cookies – Super Simple Songs

YouTube video

Nothing feels more Christmas-like than this song. It is a great song for the whole family, reminding you to keep out milk and cookies, and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.

You can even get your children to participate in the preparation with you. Playing this song while making the milk and cookies will create a fun atmosphere for everyone.


19. No No Milk Song – ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

YouTube video

Have you ever struggled to get your baby to drink his milk? Some children don’t like drinking milk, even though it is good for them.

If your kids have this problem, play them the “No No Milk Song.” It shows some of the benefits of drinking milk, such as promoting healthy bones, bright eyes and helping them grow.


20. Milk – The 1975

YouTube video

One of the beauties of songs is that they can use one thing to mean another. This pop-rock song about milk addresses what others think is the use of drugs.

The girl in question was once a good girl who started using drugs to fix her broken heart, but now she got addicted. The 1975 use this upbeat tune to talk about a deeper issue, which is admirable.


21. Milky Cereal – LL Cool J

YouTube video

LL Cool J closes off our songs about milk with this absolute gem of a song. It is my favorite song to play in the morning while preparing my bowl of cereal with cold milk.

It’s not necessarily about eating milky cereal, its more about the experiences with different women that the rapper had.


Last Words

From songs about literal milk to songs that use milk as a metaphor, these songs will make you crave a glass. I hope listening to these songs has improved your mood, and songs like “No No Milk” have informed you more about milk and its products, encouraging you to drink more milk.

More importantly, I hope you had fun while listening to our playlist. Which song did you like best?


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