21 Most Popular Songs About Love Triangles

Love is a beautiful experience we all want to experience, but sometimes it can be complicated and messy. If you were in a situation where you experienced the drama that comes from a love triangle, only songs about love triangles could summarize what you have been through.

The songs in this category show that love is not as simple as people want it to be. They narrate about the secret romances between different partners and the cheating scandals that erupt.

The playlist I compiled consists of songs from different genres, showing different narrative styles from an artist’s perspective. They also come from different eras, proving that love triangles are not a new phenomenon.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Same Girl Usher & R. Kelly Learn More
2 Ghostin Ariana Grande Learn More
3 Jessie’s Girl Rick Springfield Learn More
4 Love Triangle RaeLynn Learn More
5 Beautiful Liar Beyoncé & Shakira Learn More
6 She Will Be Loved Maroon 5 Learn More
7 The Math of Love Triangles Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast Learn More
8 Cardigan Taylor Swift Learn More
9 Betty Taylor Swift Learn More
10 August Taylor Swift Learn More
11 Better Days Graham Nash Learn More
12 Bizarre Love Triangle New Order Learn More
13 You Make Me Wanna… Usher Learn More
14 The Other Woman Lana Del Rey Learn More
15 Treat You Better Shawn Mendez Learn More
16 Leave Your Lover Sam Smith Learn More
17 The Other Girl Kelsea Ballerini & Halsey Learn More
18 The Fool Lee Ann Womack Learn More
19 One Love At A Time Tanya Tucker Learn More
20 Famous Blue Raincoat Leonard Cohen Learn More
21 Dilemma Nelly & Kelly Rowland Learn More


21 Most Popular Songs About Love Triangles

In this compilation of songs about love triangles, I will introduce you to some of my favorite songs that I found entertaining. You may add some of these songs to your playlist.


1. Same Girl – Usher & R. Kelly

YouTube video

The first song on this compilation is Same Girl by Usher and R. Kelly. The song was initially composed by an R&B group named Nephu and was passed to the duo, and their version managed to be considered among the Billboard Top 100 songs of 2007.

The song narrates a story of two friends discovering they have been dating the same girl, and they plan to meet her at the same time. The twist at the end is what makes the song memorable.

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2. Ghostin – Ariana Grande

YouTube video

Ariana is known for her pop and sassy music style, but she composed Ghostin using a creative style that is different from usual. The emotional piece showed a more vulnerable part of her.

The song acknowledges Pete Davidson’s love for her and the love she still holds towards her deceased ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.


3. Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

YouTube video

This is a legendary classic piece that I have some of my best memories attached to. The song’s lyrics are quite straightforward as they talk about his desires for his friend’s lover.

While the singer’s vocals and verse are one of the reasons that made the song popular, it is the song’s instrumental that made the track catchy and fun to rock.


4. Love Triangle – RaeLynn

YouTube video

“Love Triangle” is one of RaeLynn’s earlier songs that propelled her rise as a country music icon. The track is from her debut album titled WildHorse.

Unlike most songs about love triangles which are romantic, this piece talks about the struggles of being a child of divorce. Its popularity shot up because the lyrics are relatable to many.


5. Beautiful Liar – Beyoncé & Shakira

YouTube video

The song explores the story of two women discovering that they are involved in a love triangle with the same man. Instead of the women fighting over the man, they both agree that he is not worth their time.

The mixing of different genres and cultures in this piece of art made the song reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and was nominated for Grammy Award.


6. She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

YouTube video

Written by Adam Levine and James Valentine about 20 years ago for the band’s debut album “Songs About Jane.” It is one of their earlier songs that played a major role in the band’s success.

The song reached number one in different countries’ music charts, and its catchy lyrics will definitely stick with you for days after listening to the track.


7. The Math of Love Triangles – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast

YouTube video

The next song on this compilation is from a popular musical comedy TV show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriends.” The song takes place in one of Rebecca’s imaginations as she envisions herself with Greg and Josh.

The musical number shows how she is self-absorbed and clueless in a funny way while making geometrical puns through the lyrics.


8. Cardigan – Taylor Swift

YouTube video

Cardigan is one of the three songs about love triangles by Taylor Swift that puts the two other songs into perspective. The three songs tell a story of an ill-fated summer love triangle between Betty, James, and the unnamed girl.

The melancholic song lyrics are from the perspective of Betty. The piano instrumental and depiction in the music video is a testament to how music is a saving for most of us facing turbulent times.

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9. Betty – Taylor Swift

YouTube video

Betty is the second installment of Taylor Swift’s teenage love triangle, sung from James’ Perspective. The song was released on her eighth studio album, Folklore, and had different elements of genres such as country, guitar, pop, and folk rock.

The song’s lyrics contain an apology from James to Betty because he cheated on her.


10. August – Taylor Swift

YouTube video

Alongside Betty and Cardigan, this track finishes the love triangle story Taylor Swift created and is sung from the unnamed girl’s perspective.

The song depicts the unnamed girl’s pain over the summer fling that she had with James, who ended up abandoning her and going back to Betty. The song is for all those who feel like they are second choices.


11. Better Days – Graham Nash

YouTube video

Released in 1971 after the popular love triangle between members of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young supergroup, Better days became one of that era’s most famous songs about love triangles.

Graham Nash composed this magnificent track to summarize his relationship with Rita and Steven. In a clear way, Nash threw jabs toward Stephen as Stephen had stolen his girl. Though Nash and the girl got together later, that relationship was short-lived.


12. Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order

YouTube video

Though the track has a lot going on because it explores the excitement and confusion of love, it is one of the cleverest songs that I have ever listened to.

The singer’s vocals and the song’s rhythm are all independent of each other. Most people only get to appreciate this gem after listening to it a couple of times, as it does not fit the metrics of the standard pop song.


13. You Make Me Wanna… – Usher

YouTube video

This is one of those nostalgic songs that will take you back and make you reminisce about the time that the song was released.

This is one of Usher’s earlier songs that made him a global icon. The song’s lyrics are about Usher thinking about swapping his girlfriend for another girl who had been just a friend.


14. The Other Woman – Lana Del Rey

YouTube video

Known for her unique music style, Lana Del Rey has managed to make a name for herself through the exploration of tragic romance.

The track explores the theme of being the less-loved woman in a love triangle, and her melancholic lyrics and vocals will make you feel what the other woman is going through.


15. Treat You Better – Shawn Mendez

YouTube video

With over 2 billion views on YouTube alone, “Treat You Better” is one of this playlist’s most popular songs about love triangles. The song put Shawn Mendez on the map as a global pop icon due to its popularity and relatable message.

In an interview, the composer confesses that his catalog of songs is about Camilla Cabello raising the question, was Mendez letting her know that he could treat her better than her boyfriend?

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16. Leave Your Lover – Sam Smith

YouTube video

Though it is one of Sam Smith’s underrated songs, its lyrical content and the artist’s vocal ability prove it is one of his finest works.

The track is stunning and relatable to anyone who experiences feelings towards a person in a relationship with another. The acoustic feeling of the piece will make you empathize with what he’s going through.


17. The Other Girl – Kelsea Ballerini & Halsey

YouTube video

This track is about an unfaithful lover as it explores the topic of infidelity. The duet between Kelsea and Halsey has an upbeat instrumental making it sound celebratory, but it is not.

The choice by the artist to compose the track and make it sound poppy is what contributed to its success.


18. The Fool – Lee Ann Womack

YouTube video

I still get Goosebumps listening to this song as if I am listening to it for the first time. Lee Ann Womack proved in the track that she could make any song personal and make you feel what she is going through.

Upon its release, it peaked at second place on the Billboard Country chart. The song’s lyrics are about her conversing with the woman that her man still loves and has not moved on, despite breaking up.


19. One Love At A Time – Tanya Tucker

YouTube video

“One Love at a Time,” tells a unique story different from most songs in this category. In the song, Tanya talks about dating two guys at the same time. She is worn out as she can no longer handle the pressure of having multiple lovers.

This track was her redemption song after staying out of the music business due to substance abuse. The song peaked at number three on the Billboard Country chart.


20. Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen

YouTube video

Leonard Cohen has proven to be among the most brilliant singer-songwriters with unforgettable songs like Hallelujah. Famous Blue Coat tells a story of a love triangle between the singer, a male addressee, and a woman named Jane.

It takes the form of a letter where the composer opens up about being broken by his wife’s infidelity. The orchestra playing the instrumental does a remarkable job of adding weight to what the composer is going through.


21. Dilemma – Nelly & Kelly Rowland

YouTube video

The last song from this compilation is one of my favorite hip-hop songs that I have ever listened to. Dilemma tells the story of falling in love with another person while being in a relationship.

It has managed to get over 1.3 billion views on YouTube.


Last Words

The compilation of songs about love triangles perfectly captures how messy it can be to share romantic feelings with more than one person.

Though it is impossible to choose who you fall in love with, these songs explore mainly the themes of jealousy and cheating from different perspectives of characters who were in a love triangle.


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