21 Deep Songs About Losing a Pet

Pets are a big part of our lives, and we have learned to love and treat them like family. Losing a pet is one of the worst experiences. Since music helps us express what we go through most moments in our lives, listening to songs about losing a pet can help us heal and remember the beautiful moments we shared while they were alive.

Such songs can provide great comfort to you. If you are grieving from the death of your pet, this playlist that I compile consists of deep songs that will assist you in finding solace.

This compilation covers songs from different genres, some of which fit the theme of losing a loved one. Grab a tissue, and don’t hold back your tears as I take you through emotional songs that will help you through this difficult time.

Nr Song Artist About
1 I Will Always Be With You Sheena Easton and Jesse Corti Learn More
2 Chasing Butterflies Frankly Speaking Learn More
3 Old Grey Dog Jimmy Scott Learn More
4 Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog Jane Siberry Learn More
5 Dead Dogs Lorn Learn More
6 Just A Dog Mo Pitney Learn More
7 I Wish Dogs Could Live Forever Tyler Farr Learn More
8 Ghost of Buddy Wisdom in Chains Learn More
9 Cat Lullaby Lisa Hindmarsh Learn More
10 Martha My Dear The Beatles Learn More
11 I Want A Dog Hobo Johnson Learn More
12 Goodbye My Friend Linda Ronstadt Learn More
13 Dead Dogs Two Clouddead & Boards of Canada Learn More
14 Old Shep Elvis Presley Learn More
15 Old King Neil Young Learn More
16 Little Boys Grow Up and Dogs Get Old Luke Bryan Learn More
17 Your Dog Loves You Colde & Crush Learn More
18 Cooper’s Song Rachel Hart Learn More
19 Cracker Jack Dolly Parton Learn More
20 Shannon Henry Gross Learn More
21 Beyond The Rainbow Bridge Trina Belamide Learn More


21 Deep Songs About Losing a Pet

Here are my top song picks that will help you heal when grieving the loss of your pet.


1. I Will Always Be With You – Sheena Easton and Jesse Corti

YouTube video

The first song on this list is from one of my favorite animated films, “All Dogs Go To Heaven.” This magnificent piece is a perfect reminder of how our pets have the same love as we do towards them.

The song is sung from a pet’s perspective showing that they will look after you even after they’re no longer part of this world.

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2. Chasing Butterflies – Frankly Speaking

YouTube video

Grieving the loss of a pet can make you go through a lot of pain. Frankly Speaking, decided to rescue a new pet, and this song narrates how his pet helped him in life.

In the song’s lyrics, he wishes the dog’s chasing butterflies in heaven.


3. Old Grey Dog – Jimmy Scott

YouTube video

Old Grey Dog is one of the few deep and emotional songs that will make you tear up while listening to it. The song was composed by the great Jimmy Scott, and although it’s not necessarily about his own dog, it’s about a dog in his neighborhood that is neglected.

This is one of the perfect songs to honor the life of your pet.


4. Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog – Jane Siberry

YouTube video

This song by Jane Siberry will hit home if you just recently lost your pet. The narrator sings about how everything surrounding her is a constant reminder of her furry friend whom she lost.

It is evident that the loss of a pet can be very hurtful, and the little things in life can amplify the pain.


5. Dead Dogs – Lorn

YouTube video

Lorn is for his unique type of music that features dark and sad instrumentals. A look at the visuals of his songs gives a clear picture of the images that he wants listeners to get from his art.

With no words, he made one of the deepest songs about losing a pet as he communicates the loss of his dog through a familiar sense of emptiness. If you do not have the right words to describe what you are going through, you will be able to relate to this piece.


6. Just A Dog – Mo Pitney

YouTube video

This song is for you if you are a huge fan of country music. “It’s Just a Dog” is a song that shows that even though pets are animals, they are a big part of our lives.

The singer’s emotion and lyrics show the pain he is going through, just trying to remember their past moments.


7. I Wish Dogs Could Live Forever – Tyler Farr

YouTube video

From the song’s title, you can already know the track’s context and what the composer is going through. This deep song’s lyrics show his wishes that his pooch could live forever because of the bonds we create with our pets.

His dog stayed with him through his hardest times so it only makes sense that he misses his furry friend.


8. Ghost of Buddy – Wisdom in Chains

YouTube video

Every song composer had their way and style of mourning the loss of life of their pet. Ghost of Buddy is a case as this is one of the few hardcore punk songs that talk about losing a pet’s life.

The song shows us how the composer is struggling to cope with the loss of his dog’s life. It goes to show us that every artist, no matter the genre, experiences the same pain when losing a pet.

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9. Cat Lullaby – Lisa Hindmarsh

YouTube video

Cat Lullaby is a deep tribute song about losing a pet that will make you feel for the loss of Lisa’s feline friend.

The song describes all the great moments the narrator had with her companion and how she wishes to have more of those. It is one of the best goodbyes songs that shows what the hurt pet owners go through.


10. Martha My Dear – The Beatles

YouTube video

This is one complex yet simple song by The Beatles. Martha My Dear was written and sung solely by Paul McCartney, and it was released in 1968 on their album, The White Album.

The song describes Paul’s deep bond with his sheepdog. The song has a number of notable covers by several artists such as Slade and World party.


11. I Want A Dog – Hobo Johnson

YouTube video

While most of the songs in this compilation have a melancholic rhythm and lyrics, “I Want A Dog” takes a different route from them. Through his lyrics, Hobo Johnson describes all the good things he wants in his life, from a dog, a wife, and kids.

His insistence on wanting a dog throughout the verses and chorus makes you realize his need for company, which is only natural after losing one.


12. Goodbye My Friend – Linda Ronstadt

YouTube video

If you need an angelic voice to sing for your pet’s memorial, there is no better song with great vocals than this piece by Linda Ronstadt.

It is the perfect tune to honor your pet for the good times you share. Though the lyrics are quite sad, they offer a sense of comfort and hope that even though the pet is gone, it will always be in our hearts.


13. Dead Dogs Two – Clouddead & Boards of Canada

YouTube video

The next track on this playlist of songs about losing a pet has a somber and upbeat instrumental while its lyrics narrate a gory scene witnessed by the singers.

The composer narrates the death of two dogs. After seeing the scene, they were shocked by the sight, and the only thing they could do is to empathize with the unfortunate experience the pets went through.


14. Old Shep – Elvis Presley

YouTube video

Old Shep is a song that I relate to because I have lived to see the passing of my German shepherd. Listening to this piece reminds me of the times we spent with my furry friend.

It may be particularly hard to end the song without being emotional as Elvis was to put down his pet.


15. Old King – Neil Young

YouTube video

After the death of his dog, Neil Young wrote a song for his dog to honor all the years spent together. Old King was a major part of Neil’s life and spent most of his life touring with him.

In an interview, Neil Young stated that his dog was the only creature he trusted to confide his deepest thoughts and everything.

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16. Little Boys Grow Up and Dogs Get Old – Luke Bryan

YouTube video

Just like any other country song by Luke Bryan, this is also a magnificent piece of work. The lyrics tell a story of the dog that grew alongside the artist and all the beautiful moments.

However, little did Luke know that while little boys grow up, dogs only get old.


17. Your Dog Loves You – Colde & Crush

YouTube video

Your Dog Loves You is one of the deepest songs about losing a pet I have ever heard. It is quite evident that we all appreciate the life we live with our pets, and we can express ourselves in the different languages we speak.

The song is an enlightenment that our deceased pets loved us, and they wouldn’t want to see us being too sad.


18. Cooper’s Song – Rachel Hart

YouTube video

This is one of the deepest songs to honor an animal that I have ever listened to. Racheal Hart wrote the song, which became viral after she uploaded it on social media.

The story got lots of media coverage and even a few interviews from news stations. With her amazing vocals, perhaps it will be the start of her music career.


19. Cracker Jack – Dolly Parton

YouTube video

If you have ever listened to Dolly Parton’s songs, you will realize how great of a storyteller the artist is. Cracker Jack is no exception as she opens up about her childhood furry friend and all the beautiful moments they spent together.

This is a perfect song for a celebration of life rather than a being in tears mourning your loss.


20. Shannon – Henry Gross

YouTube video

After the release of Shannon in 1976, it became an instant success and reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Henry Gross composed the song to honor the death of Shannon, who was the dog of a member of The Beach Boys. The chorus says that the pet is gone, and the artist hopes he drifts off at sea.

The dog loved to swim, and he only hoped that he was doing what he loved after leaving this world.


21. Beyond The Rainbow Bridge – Trina Belamide

YouTube video

The last song on this compilation is by Trina Belamide, which she dedicates to all pet owners that lost their dear pets.

Her thoughtful and caring intentions of easing a heavy heart have made this song have over 4 hundred thousand views on YouTube alone.


Last Words

Losing a pet is not an easy experience, but there are multiple deep songs about losing a pet that can help express what you are going through.

Whether you are looking for songs to bring back good memories or just want a good cry, this playlist will rise to the occasion to honor your pet.

I found most of this song to have been a great source of help when I lost one of my pets, and they generally made me feel better and heal after a long period of mourning.


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