Top 16 Songs About Linemen You Must Hear

Linemen are some of the most important people in society as they play various vital roles, which is why several composers inspired multiple songs about linemen that you must hear.

The term linemen have been used to represent sportsmen who play American football, telephone and electrical line workers. All those who work or play that identify themselves as linemen have been a source of inspiration to create music to represent a certain trade or sport position.

Most of the tracks that I compiled in this playlist show appreciation for electrical linemen. Though this blue-collar job has been unappreciated for quite some time, let these singers show you the importance of linemen in our lives. 



1. Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell

YouTube video

The first song in this playlist is a poetic masterpiece from Glen Campbell. The song was written by Jimmy Webb, a songwriter responsible for several of Glen Campbell’s hits after getting inspiration from a lonesome telephone lineman working atop a pole.

The love song speaks of the overwhelming tasks linemen face, which are mostly solitary. The lyrics also paint the lineman as a person who is pining for home, as we can hear his absent lover singing in the wire.



2. Hold The Line by Toto

YouTube video

Though this song by Toto is a romantic ballad as the composer is calling out to his lover to be patient in their relationship, the lyrics have multiple sports themes. The expression ‘Hold the line’ resonates with linemen holding their existing position. 

The song by the American rock band was released in 1978, and it has nearly 250 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on the platform. 



3. The Lineman from SpongeBob Music

YouTube video

The next piece is an instrumental composed by Sam Spence for the Linemen episodes of SpongeBob cartoon. The soundtrack was made to signify the entrance of the Superhero duo Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in the SpongeBob universe. 

The upbeat musical number is fun, entertaining, and a great way to show a hero is about to save the day. The main instruments in the song’s composition are a baritone saxophone, drum sets, and a timpani.

Other than SpongeBob, the song has been used as a theme soundtrack for a number of NFL films. 



4. U Need a Lineman by Jim Dunlop

YouTube video

Jim Dunlop’s track is one of the best country songs about linemen that perfectly explain what it takes to be an electric lineman. It starts by describing a setting where it is 3 am in the morning, and a sudden power failure calls the composer to action. 

The artist describes that their job requires them to get into action in whatever weather or time for people to have lights in their homes. All he asks is that we respect his profession, as despite not going to college, not everyone is able to do what he does.

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5. Wichita Lineman by Jimmy Webb

YouTube video

Since Wichita Lineman is one of the most popular pieces in this playlist and it has enjoyed significant recognition for over 50 years, I thought it would be best to add the original demo from the song’s writer.

The artist’s slow-tempo song, dubbed the Piano version, is the perfect evocation of emotions as it gives a glimpse of what the lineman was going through. 



6. The Lineman by The Band Steele

YouTube video

Described by their strong vocals, and country roots, The band Steele is known for their incredible musicianship. The band had the inspiration to make this record after being involved in making a motion picture. Life on the Line starring John Travolta. 

They dedicated the song to linemen to honor them and their families for their service and risking their lives every day on power lines. 



7. Electric Wire Hustler Flower by Common

YouTube video

Other than the title of this song talking about the workers working on an electric line, the lyrics have a lot going on. Common used this track to talk about several issues, but one more prevalent in the song is his evolution to become a great hip-hop artist. 

The song’s chorus featured backup vocals of Sonny Sandoval, the lead singer Christian band POD. Electric Wire Hustler Flowers is part of Common’s fifth studio album, which was released over two decades ago and received positive critic reviews. 



8. Wichita Lineman by Johnny Cash

YouTube video

Wichita Lineman is one the most popular songs about linemen, as the track has so many renditions of it since its release.

Out of all the covers of the piece that have been recorded, I have found Johnny Cash’s version as it has stood the test of time because of his rich voice. 

Though it almost sounds ordinary, the richness of his voice touches so close to the heart. Though Glen’s version can make a listener cry, the down-to-earthiness of Johnny Cash makes me relate to the piece in a whole new way.

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9. You Know The Kind by Smiley Miller

YouTube video

You Know The Kind is a marvelous track about heroes that we do not give too much credit to. The song is about the selfless sacrifice of linemen who will sacrifice their own safety for the betterment of society. 

The song’s lyrics show how linemen and women will do everything in their power to ensure we have energy in our homes without taking any credit. The video shows a collage of multiple linemen working through difficult conditions with a smile on their faces. 



10. The Lineman by The Kentucky Lineman

YouTube video

In an ocean full of country music that is currently influenced and watered down with teen pop, it is quite refreshing to hear a song that sticks to the country roots.

The Lineman’s Sound by Kentucky Linemen is a vessel of true country genuineness for country music lovers. 

Similar to other songs in this playlist, the lyrics describe a lineman’s life and how demanding it is. The artist goes a step further by stating that the job requires one to have a supportive partner. 



11. It Pays Big Money by Mark Chesnutt

YouTube video

It Pays Big Money is one of my favorite songs about linemen in this compilation because it talks about the compensation of the trade. The song begins with the composer introducing us to his brother and a conversation he had with him about his work. 

The lyrics show that his brother was willing to take a chance with the job and become a lineman, a trade that pays big money. The song goes on to list other blue-collar jobs that most people do not consider doing but have good compensation.

So if you were considering being a lineman, let this song be a sign as the trade has numerous financial benefits. 



12. She Got His Back by Thomas Martinez

YouTube video

She Got his back is a song that tells the story of a lineman’s spouse. It speaks of the multiple women who understand how demanding a power lineman’s job is and are ready and willing to step up in order to take care of the family when the husband is not around.

The track starts with describing a situation where the lineman is called into service deep into the night, and the wife tries to help in order for her husband can be ready to go to work.

Martinez’s upbeat and heartfelt love song shows what goes unnoticed as also the partners of linemen sacrifice a lot.

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13. Lineman by Thomas Martinez

YouTube video

While Thomas Martinez’s previous song talks about his wife’s support, this next piece depicts the life of hardworking electric linemen.

The upbeat country song describes the artist waking up every day early in the morning before sunrise to set up all his job requirements in his truck. 

The song also proceeds by showing the composer will always show up to climb poles despite any weather. He also states that though some ladies call him crazy because some mud can get him dirty, his partner says his fun.

Though the song is about his trades, the chorus clearly shows the love Martinez has for his wife. 



14. The Lineman Song by Bruce Oakes

YouTube video

The Lineman song was composed by Bruce Oakes and his band, The Hi-Line Fever Band. Unlike most songs in this playlist that talk about an electricity lineman, this piece is about a telephone lineman.

The general theme of Oakes of the song is having fun during work.



15. The Lineman Joey Steele

YouTube video

Though most of the songs about linemen are upbeat, Joey Steele took a different approach in his song. The country song has a melancholy feel through the mournful tunes and slow guitar tempo. 

The composers give a different perspective of the job as they show it is dangerous dealing with live wires as a lineman. They show that they are putting their lives on the line every time they go to work. 

The song shows that linemen understand they are at risk of not returning home, but they always show up to do the job. It also mourns those who lost their lives in the line of duty for their service to ensure that our homes don’t lack electricity.



16. Where The Linemen At by NICO Trenches

YouTube video

A father and son made this rap song about football linemen by NICO Trenches to create publicity for their company.

Their company NICO Trenches, hosts camps for American football linemen to improve high school students’ interest in football and increase their odds at college recruitment. 

The father and son approach of using music as a marketing gimmick to endorse their linemen camps has been rewarding as music and sports are relatable to most youth.

The song lyrics are a call to training for linemen to improve performance and the game in general.

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Last Words

The term lineman or linemen has been used to mean different things in music, and this playlist of songs about linemen is a testament to that.

The majority of the artists that have contributed songs that use the term linemen were inspired by the popular Wichita Lineman song that was written by popular songwriter Jimmy Webb but sung by Glen Campbell. 

The other songs in the playlist are also about the other linemen, such as telephone and sports linemen. If you know any other songs that fit into the category, feel free to add them in the comment. 


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