Top 18 Captivating Songs About King Tut

Music has been, for ages, the best medium for expression, which is why multiple songs explore different themes. While listening to different songs about royalties, I found songs about King Tut fascinating as they are not only entertaining but educational. 

As we mark a century since the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, we will explore some of the best songs that left a lasting impression in the music industry about the young Pharaoh. 

These songs give us a glimpse of the royal figure. They will show you what his reign was like, while other artists draw inspiration from him as they find similarities between their lives and the young King. So sit back and relax as I take you through majestic tunes. 



1. In Old King Tutankhamen’s Day by Sophie Tucker

YouTube video

The first song in this playlist is from the year Howard Carter and George Herbert discovered the young King’s tomb.

Due to the wide press coverage at the time and the excitement of discovering a pharaoh’s tomb, there was a spark in public interest leading to the creation of songs such as Sophie Tucker’s.  



2. King Tut by Steep Canyon Rangers and Steve Martin (Saturday Night Live)

YouTube video

Steep Canyon Rangers and Steve Martin’s performance of King Tut on Saturday Night Live in 1978 was a hilarious and entertaining experience. The combination of Martin’s comedic talent and the band’s musical prowess created a memorable and energetic performance. 

The song is a catchy and humorous tribute to the famous Egyptian Pharaoh, and the band’s instrumental skills brought the track to life. Martin’s comedic timing and stage presence added a layer of humor to the performance, making it a standout moment of the show.



3. King Tut’s Haul Song by Horrible Stories

YouTube video

This rap song is a catchy and fun-filled track that will have you jamming to its hip-hop beats. The lyrics cleverly showcase the lavish lifestyle of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Tut, and his collection of extravagant possessions. 

The song has a unique mix of modern and ancient references, creating an entertaining and educational experience. With its infectious rhythm and witty wordplay, King Tut’s Haul Song is a must-listen for both rap enthusiasts and history buffs.

The song is a parody of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop song that enjoyed wide popularity upon release.



4. Ancient Egyptian Music-King Tut by Brandon Fiechter

YouTube video

Though this piece has no lyrics, as it is just an instrumental, it perfectly captures the musical style of ancient Egypt. Brandon Delivered a high-quality piece that is sweet and melodic. If the young King Tut ever inspires you, you can sing over it to create a song. 

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5. King Tut KS2 History Story Song for Children by Magic Mountain Creative

YouTube video

King Tut KS2 History Song for Children is a creative and engaging children’s song that uniquely combines history and storytelling. The track effectively captures the sense of adventure and discovery that comes with archaeological excavations, making it one of the best songs about King Tut.

The song also offers a surprise twist of finding King Tut’s tomb, adding a sense of excitement and wonder. Overall, the song is a fun and educational piece that introduces children to the history of ancient Egypt in an entertaining and accessible way.



6. Ancient Egypt by Mr. Nicky

YouTube video

If you are a fan of Maroon 5’s Moves like Jagger, then you will definitely love this piece. Ancient Egypt Song by Mr. Nicky is a popular educational history song that has gained traction in schools and on YouTube.

With over 1.8 million views, it is clear that many people are finding this song informative and enjoyable. 

The lyrics are clever and memorable, providing a fun way to learn about ancient Egyptian pharaohs and their contributions. The catchy chorus and melody make it easy for students to remember the presented information.



7. Ancient Egypt for Kids: A History Song by Twinkl Kids’ TV

YouTube video

Songs are a fantastic way to engage children and introduce them to new topics. The catchy tune, combined with the informative lyrics, helps children learn about ancient Egypt’s culture, gods, and famous figures. 

The accompanying video adds visual elements that further enhance the learning experience. Overall, this song is a great educational tool for introducing children to the fascinating world of the Ancient Egyptians.



8. Pharaoh, Pharaoh by Kidsrockcm

YouTube video

This is a fun and catchy song that tells the story of Moses and the Israelites’ escape from Egypt. The energetic chorus and repetitive lyrics make it easy for kids to sing along and remember.

Adding the kids’ voices to the song adds enjoyment and creates a sense of community and participation. The beats and rhythm of the song are lively and make you want to dance and sing along.

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9. Tut, Tut by A New Children’s Musical

YouTube video

Though this piece is an hour-long musical, it would be an abomination not to include it in the playlist of songs about King Tut. The musical narrates a story of a 10-year-old prince who seeks adventures after being bored with royal life, and all things change when the King dies, and he has to ascend the throne.

Despite the musical having multiple tracks, I found the opening track, To the Sun, the most entertaining one. 



10. The Pharaoh by Visionatica

YouTube video

The Pharaoh by Visionatica is a captivating rock song that combines powerful vocals and atmospheric instrumentation to create a haunting and thought-provoking experience.

The lyrics delve into themes of history, greed, and self-destruction, painting a vivid picture of a society blinded by its pursuit of wealth and power. 

With its references to ancient Egypt and its mysteries, the song serves as a reminder of the consequences of our actions and the importance of learning from our past.

The combination of dynamic vocals, expressive instrumentals, and thought-provoking lyrics make The Pharaoh perfectly represent the royal society in the time of King Tut.



11. Old King Tut by Eddie Cantor & Lillian Billie Kent

YouTube video

The song King Tut, sung by Eddie Cantor & Lillian Billie Kent in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire is a delightful and energetic tune that takes us back to the era of King Tut.

With catchy lyrics and a lively melody, it captures the spirit of the time and the joyous atmosphere of King Tut’s reign. 

Eddie Cantor and Lillian Kent’s performance adds charm and charisma to the song, making it a memorable part of the show.

Their vocals are harmonious and playful, bringing the characters and their vibrant world to life. This King Tut song is a delightful addition to Boardwalk Empire’s soundtrack.



12. King Tut by Busta Rhymes ft. Reek Da Villian & J Doe

YouTube video

King Tut by Busta Rhymes, featuring Reek Da Villian and J-Doe, was released 11 years ago but did not achieve significant success compared to the other hits by the hip-hop legend. It has only garnered 2.2 million views on YouTube since its release. 

The song is a typical representation of the flashy, boastful hip-hop style popular at the time. The artists showcase their wealth and opulent lifestyles, which are synonymous with the lifestyle of the young Pharaoh.

While it may appeal to fans of high-energy rap and those who enjoy the artists involved, King Tut did not make a lasting impact in the music industry.

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13. Tutankhamun Song by Year 3 Assembly – Sherborne House School

YouTube video

The song about Tutankhamun performed by Year 3 Assembly at Sherborne House School is a creative and educational piece. The lyrics tell the story of the young king and his journey through time.

The children’s dedication to the musical makes it easier to appreciate the performance. The short performance is enjoyable and showcases the effort and talent of the young performers.



14. Old King Tut 1923 by Billy Jones and Earnest Hare

YouTube video

Old King Tut” is a humorous and lively song by Billy Jones and Ernest Hare that tells the story of King Tutankhamun and his reign in ancient Egypt. The song is filled with playful wordplay and catchy rhymes, making it a fun listen. 

The lyrics depict King Tut as a wise and beloved ruler, referencing his tomb and the treasures found within. The song’s rhythm resembles Sophie Tucker’s song, which was released a year earlier.  

The song also includes comical references to Cleopatra and other historical figures, adding to its charm. Overall, “Old King Tut” is a delightful and light-hearted tune that provides a humorous glimpse into ancient Egyptian history. 



15. King Tut by Smash Mouth

YouTube video

Smash Mouth’s song is another parody whose subject matter is King Tut. Though most of the songs in this playlist about King Tut give us the audience about the Pharaoh, Smash Mouth is more specific to facts about him.

The artist has a unique way of presenting unique historical facts through her music. 



16. King Tut’s Death Journey by Jeffrey Goodman 

YouTube video

The death of the youngest King of Egypt has always been a mystery for a very long time. Just as he ascended the throne while he was still young, his death also came less than a decade into his reign. 

Jeffery Goodman created this melancholic instrumental to express the emotions and what it was like to lose a pharaoh who had a lot of promise ahead. It features haunting vocals to achieve a feeling of pensive sadness. 

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17. King Tut by B.o.B

YouTube video

B.o.B’s Rap song gives us an overview of hip-hop artists’ lifestyles. He compares his lifestyle to that of King Tut, who was the ruler of Egypt over 3000 years ago. The song is part of his Song Elements album. 



18. King Tut, Steve Martin Karaoke by World Master

YouTube video

To end the playlist of songs about King Tut is a karaoke piece by World Master. Steve Martin’s song about the Egyptian ruler is one of the most popular songs on the list, and it might be your personal favorite, so why not sing along to it?

The track provides an instrumental for the song and lyrics to guide you while singing along to the song.



Last Words

This playlist of songs about King Tut consists of multiple songs from different genres. The songs are suitable for all generations as they are both educational on the ruler’s history and also entertaining.

Experience What life was like for the young king through the multiple songs in this compilation. 


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