21 Songs About Humanity That Will Fill Your Heart With Hope

Music can bring various feelings into our lives; sometimes, we turn to it to get inspired, empowered, and strengthened. I have found that listening to songs about humanity can help us deal with complex emotions and have a deeper connection to one another.

Looking around the world and what is happening globally, it is easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed. However, we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to those in need so that we make this world a better place.

These songs help us celebrate our greatest moments as a society and motivate us to do more so that we can facilitate change. When music crosses a line from not being purely about entertainment, then our hearts will be filled with hope, and more people will be encouraged to seek change.


Songs About Humanity

Below are the 21 best songs about humanity with different strong messages that will fill your heart with the hope of positive change to come.


1. One Day – Matisyahu

YouTube video

The first song on this compilation is from Matisyahu, who advocates for the end of violence so that there can be world peace. His song takes the structure of a prayer and hopes the future will improve.

It is among my favorite songs as it is not only beautiful and candid, but it is profound. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves so that its teachings can speak to the people of the world.

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2. Keep Changing The World – Mikeschair

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This rock ode is a shootout to any listener to be an activist for positive change in the world. The main focus of it is empowerment as it encourages people to help broken and less fortunate people in the world.

The message in the lyrics is quite clear, and I believe the artist intends us to leave this planet better than we found it.


3. Where Is The Love? – The Black Eyed Peas &

YouTube video

With nearly 900 million views on YouTube, this is one of the songs that put Black Eye Peas on their path to global stardom. They take to highlight the evils that are going around the world and highlight a lack of love.

It also touches on topics of police brutality, racism, and terrorism. In the mids of today’s problems, “Where Is The Love?” is the only logical question.


4. We Are The World – Michael Jackson

YouTube video

Written in 1985 by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie to show the world we are interconnected, it is one of the most popular songs about humanity ever created.

The song featured over 20 popular artists as they united to raise funds for Africa. Most of us have probably heard this, as it has been re-released for many worldly problems.


5. One Love – Bob Marley

YouTube video

One Love is probably the most popular reggae song to have ever been composed. This is because its simple message of love makes it stay relevant for generations after its release.

The idea of Bob Marley is we should look at others in the same light we want to be looked at. The message of peace and love in this song has been covered by many popular artists in years to come, such as Ziggy Marley and John Legend.


6. Do They Know It’s Christmas – Band Aid

YouTube video

Written by Midge Ure and Bob Geldof in 1984 to raise funds for the Ethiopian famine, it is one of the earlier songs about humanity that featured an ensemble of popular artists. The composers created a charity supergroup known as Band Aid, featuring Irish and British popular musical acts.

It is considered one of the best Christmas songs ever composed because of its lyrical content, as the artists were calling out to their fans to help in their charitable efforts. The song is among the first multi-celebrity projects that influenced more to come in later years.


7. Waving Flag – K’NAAN

YouTube video

Waving The Flag was initially written by the Somali-Canadian artist K’naan for the Somali people’s aspiration for peace and freedom. Upon its release, it managed to reach number one on the Canadian Hot 100 chart.

Its popularity made it to be selected as the promotional anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The message for humanity inspired people to get together.


8. Tears Are Not Enough – Northern Lights

YouTube video

Recorded by Canadian supergroup Northern Lights, the song was written to support Ethiopian famine relief efforts. This massive project was organized by Bruce Allen, who brought in several popular artists from Northern America.

The song’s theme shows that having pity or tears when seeing your neighbor suffering is not enough. The best approach is to take action.

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9. We Are The World 25 for Haiti – Various Artists

YouTube video

The famous We Are The World of 1985 joined hands once again to spread the message of togetherness after Haiti experienced one of the most devastating earthquakes ever witnessed.


10. One Song – Mitchell Jay

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One song has one of the most beautiful melodies that perfectly blends with the lyrics. The song gives the listeners hope that we can be one people when we put effort into it.

The track was embraced worldwide and became the anthem for peace when it was released.


11. Hey World (Don’t Give Up) – Michael Franti

YouTube video

Michael Franti starts the song by describing the various challenges that the world faces. He points out that we can be aware of the gradual change in our environment and how it has been going downhill.

The Artist goes forth to rally the world and be the agent of change to create a better world. This soulful piece is quite inspiring as it shows that we are in all this together.


12. East To The West – Michael Franti

YouTube video

While some might argue that Michael Franti’s songs promote hippie values, that would not be the case as from his music catalog, you will notice that he has been preaching an idea of the world being a better place by putting in our collective efforts.

The track shows that we are all connected and will ultimately be heading in the same direction. It reminds us to be kind to one another.


13. Heal The World – Michael Jackson

YouTube video

With several songs about humanity in his music catalog, Michael Jackson has proved that he was good to the bone and full of hope.

The genius of his art and his good heart made him compose this piece to improve the conditions of children worldwide. The song calls out compassion and understanding to those who are less fortunate in the world.


14. Imagine – John Lennon

YouTube video

Imagine is the principal song from John Lennon’s album of the same title, released in 1971. The song is considered the best-selling single of his entire career because of its message.

The song’s lyrics encourage us to imagine a world of world peace without materialism or borders that separate us based on religion. The legendary singer composed the song to show us there are ways to live in the world and that we should learn to coexist peacefully.


15. With My Two Hands – Ben Harper

YouTube video

With My Two Hands was recorded in 2003 and featured an up-tempo reggae grove and blue rock. Upon its release, the song blew like wildfire in European radio stations, and as a result, the composer was awarded Artist of the Year by Rolling Stone.

The song’s lyrics focus change can come into the world if a single person takes the initiative to do it.

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16. What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye

YouTube video

During the Vietnam Wars, few artists were vocal against it. Marvin Gay composed the incredible ode in 1971 to raise his voice against what was going on in Vietnam.

The album with the same title addresses the issues of drug abuse and gives inspiring messages.


17. Peace – Luminaries

YouTube video

Peace is one of the most important things on this earth, and with the lack of it in most places, the world needs more people to advocate for it. Luminaries wrote this piece to capture the essence of peace and how we should strive to attain it.


18. Seasons of Love – Rent

YouTube video

Most of the songs from the compilation are from popular mainstream artists but this piece is from a traditional musical theater.

The song is filled with love while at the same time recognizing our shared humanity. In a simple description, it reminds us to keep loving even when we have disagreements.


19. Once A Day – Michael Franti & Spearhead

YouTube video

As it is evidently noticeable, Michael Franti’s music is full of purpose, and he doesn’t shy from spreading a message of humanity that will feel the listeners with hope.

The artists tackle the concept of making every day important to anyone around you. The song also shows us that if we move closer during our toughest times, we will rise the highest.


20. The World Is Ours – Aloe Blacc & David Correy

YouTube video

Though the song was composed to promote the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil, it perfectly captured the spirit of humanity. The track has a strong message of togetherness as the lyrics remind us that the world is for all of us.

It’s based on Aloe Blacc’s song with a similar title, Hello World (The World Is Ours).


21. One Tribe – Black Eyed Peas

YouTube video

To end this compilation that champions us to have humanity, it is a song by Black Eye Peas that wants us to be one tribe. The song summarizes the message of unity and peace throughout this playlist as the group reminds us that we are one people.


Last Words

If you are passionate about making the world a better place than it is today, then these songs about humanity should be part of your playlist as they will give you the hope to bring the change needed in this world.

All of these songs champion us to be global citizens and should care about others the same way we care for ourselves.


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