21 Songs About Honey to Sweeten Your Day

The best thing about music is that an artist can compose a track about anything. That is why today we’re looking into some of the best songs about honey. Before commercial sugar processing, honey was the primary sweetener in many cultures.

Though it is primarily a sweetener with plenty of health benefits, singers over the centuries have been using honey as a metaphor for an array of things, such as love and happiness.

That is why some of the songs in this compilation use honey as a term of endearment for a loved one.


21 Songs About Honey

Whether it is rock, country, or hip-hop, you’ll always find a song that uses it. Let’s explore some of the best songs about honey.


1. Honey for the Bees – Alison Moyet

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The first track on this sweet compilation is from British singer Alison Moyet. It was released in 1984 for her debut solo album, Alf, and has been covered by other artists, with the popular one being Patti Austin.

The singer’s lyrics are poetic and a bit sensually explicit. The lyrics narrate the uncontrollable mutual attraction between the singer and her lover and how she can’t get enough of him.

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2. Honey – Bobby Goldsboro

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The singer in the song narrates a story from a husband’s perspective. It shows the love that he still holds for her and that he misses her.

The song was released in 1968, held the number one position on the US music charts for five consecutive weeks, and was part of the album of a similar name.


3. Wild Mountain Honey – Steve Miller Band

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This piece is a personal favorite of mine as it stands out the first time you hear it. It starts with a beautiful acoustics melody, which blends perfectly with the soothing vocals of the singer.

Do you know about wild mountain honey?  This relaxing song will show you.


4. Honey Don’t – Carl Perkins

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If you are a fan of rock and roll, you’ve probably heard of the Honeydew list, where your loved one creates a list of tasks for the husband to fulfill.

Perkins flips that concept by saying, “Honey don’t,” as he asks his girlfriend to be faithful to him. This gives me Elvis Presley vibes.


5. Honey, Honey – Abba

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Honey, Honey is one of the popular songs about honey from the 70s. The singer uses the term honey to refer to a man she is attracted to.

The almost risqué lyrics describe the man as a love machine that makes the singer happy and sometimes dizzy. Other than the singer referring to the man’s attractiveness, she also shows she loves him for who he is.


6. Everything is Honey – Winnie the Pooh

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The children’s song is from the Winnie the Pooh film released in 2011. The song shows Pooh getting so hungry that his hunger makes him hallucinate.

He starts seeing everything as honey pots. Afterward, he realizes Pooh realizes his hallucination made him eat mud.


7. Honey Love – Janina Frostell

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Though most of her earlier records were not that successful, Honey Love shows Janina’s efforts for musical success.

Before the Finnish pop singer switched to music, she made her breakthrough to stardom by winning the Maiden of Finland beauty pageant, which gave her a shot to head to the Miss World competition.


8. A Taste of Honey – The Beatles

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The short, catchy song has a simple sentiment where the singer reminisces about his first kiss. The lyrics show us his desire to return home soon to her.

Besides being a personal favorite for Paul McCartney, the song can be described as one of the most successful pieces in music history as it has many many versions.

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9. Goodbye Alexander, Goodbye Honey Boy – Marion Harris

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Though it is one of the least-known songs about honey in this generation, it’s a farewell song for a soldier by his wife.

The lyrics mainly focus on the actions of Dinah Lee, the lover of Alexander Cooper, who is going to fight in WWI.


10. Honey, Honey – Amanda Seyfried

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Amanda Seyfried’s song is a feel-good piece. It perfectly captures the feeling of falling in love for the first time as it describes the overwhelming rush and physical sensation when two people are attracted to each other.

The song’s chorus is a repetition of “honey, honey” multiple times, emphasizing the intenseness of their attraction. It’s from the movie Mamma Mia.


11. Honey Don’t – The Beatles

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After the success of Cal Perkins’s song “Honey Don’t,” there are many renditions from famous artists. One of the covers that stood out was from The Beatles, who released their version in 1964.

They did not change much of the lyrics.


12. A Taste of Honey – Herb Alpert

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Herp Alpert and his band have recorded the most famous instrumental version of this song. It was so great that it won 4 awards. It spent 5 weeks on the top charts.

While it has no lyrics, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this amazing song from the 60s.


13. Honey – Mariah Carey

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Many artists use their songs to hide explicit, hidden messages about sex within their lyrics. This is the same case with Mariah Carey, making her track one of the most popular songs, Honey, as it talks about her secret affair.

The song gave her the persona of a good girl gone bad, making her more iconic.


14. Honey To The Bee – Billie Piper

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Billie Piper’s song is part of her debut album of the same name. To match her previous track that dominated the charts, the singer composed this song with nonchalant breezy verses that depict her more mature side.

More than 20 years after its release, it is evident that the sensual nature of the song alleviated her material from a teen star to a pop star.


15. Honey – Halsey

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Honey is a coming-out-of-the-closet anthem by popular artist Halsey as she ventures into her sexuality and reveals she is bi. The lyrics sing about her erotic adventures with another woman.

The track is part of “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, ” released in 2021.

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16. Honey Bee – Albert King

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Albert King smashes in this rendition of Muddy Waters’ song with his vocal delivery and gritty groove. He played his guitar with his left hand and turned it upside down without restringing it, giving the ode a unique sound.

His unique guitar skills influenced the next generation of composers, such as Jimi Hendrix.


17. Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammer

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Andy Grammer’s piece is one of the best songs I have ever listened to, as it has an important lesson about staying faithful.

It is from the perspective of a man who has gone out for a night out with his friends and is determined to resist any temptations that come his way.


18. Honey – Kehlani

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The stripped-down acoustic ballad is about the singer’s adoration of her lover. Her voice in the song is amazing. Her vocals and rhythm will bring any listener a smile filled with happiness.


19. Honey Bee – Blake Shelton

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The budding romance track inspiration came from a happy accident when the composer struggled to get ideas for his next song. They came across a news article about former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.

It’s a lovely song that you can dedicate to your partner if they’re into country music. Blake never misses.


20. I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends) – Neon Trees

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The song’s title self explains the composer’s message to his lover. Initially, the song wasn’t about a lover at all. It was inspired by a bad experience the singer had with a friend that he had invited to eat out together, but the friend had invited other people, which pissed Tyler Glenn off.


21. Milk And Toast And Honey – Roxette

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The last song on the playlist uses honey to describe the feelings that the singer is going through. The choice of using it together with milk and toast shows she feels warm in the first stages of her relationship.


Last Words

Songs about honey are a major thing in music, and this playlist shows that there is quite a number out there. The songs range in different genres and styles, so you will never lack a piece to sweeten your taste buds.

These songs will suit you if you want some sweet tunes to add to your playlist. I hope you enjoyed the compilation and found a few tracks that will be part of your playlist.


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