21 Songs About Hiding and Staying Out of Sight

Life is full of ups and downs that can make us feel like we want to disappear. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are multiple songs about hiding that portray this exact feeling.

You may want to get away from the hardships of your life, are looking to relax, or have found a safe space that you can disappear to for a while. It is important to realize why you want to hide and deal with these emotions before they get the better of you.

The songs deal with the different emotions we might be feeling at the time, some good, others bad. While trying to figure these things out, let these songs about hiding keep you company until you are ready to return to society again.


21 Songs About Hiding

These 21 songs about hiding will help you see that you are not the only person who sometimes wants to stay out of sight:


1. Out of Sight – Citizens

YouTube video

Out of sight, out of mind is a phrase that applies to many things. Citizens take a more introverted look at this saying by giving us the story of a person who is never seen.

He goes to bed alone; no one acknowledges his pain or sees him as a victim. The song also criticizes people who avoid taking responsibility for their problems and convince themselves they are okay just because they are out of sight.

You can get different explanations from the song, and each new listen will open up possible meanings.

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2. Out of Sight – YP

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YP makes us face the real truth that people are only with you for what you can give them. They show you they love and care about you but leave when things get complicated.

This kind of person forgets about you and doesn’t bother themselves with you once you can’t help them anymore. This song makes you appreciate those who are there for you through the good and bad times; they will have you in mind even when you are out of their sight.


3. Hide – Juice WRLD & Seezyn

YouTube video

This was one of the songs on the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack. It talks about finding a safe space, in this case, in a girl who makes him feel like he is at home.

He is ready to leave all the thrills and is ready to settle down. Finding someone who lets you unwind and be yourself will make you feel like you are hiding from the world, but it is the best feeling possible.


4. Hide Away – Daya

YouTube video

Daya’s “Hide Away” takes a different look from the other songs about hiding. The song talks about the poor standards men have towards women in dating.

They only want the “bad girls,” those who get undressed on the first date. It seems like the only boys around are the “bad boys,” and Daya wants to know where the good boys are hiding, those who will cherish and appreciate her.


5. Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap

YouTube video

Imogen’s Hide and Seek talks about a person who turns to the shadows for refuge, hiding from the world. She has been hurt by her parents who said they meant well but divorced.

She wants to get away from them, choosing to hide.


6. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – The Beatles

YouTube video

Sometimes we hide from the world which constantly judges us for who we are. This is what The Beatles talk about in this song about homosexuality and similar topics that people aren’t willing to accept.

John Lennon’s voice captures these emotions beautifully, making the feelings seem genuine.


7. Out of Sight and On My Mind – Billy Joe Royal

YouTube video

Out of sight and out of mind is about the feeling when you love someone deeply. Billy Joe Royal sings of a man who was left by his lover.

She took all her belongings with her; it was almost like she was hiding from him. Despite her absence, however, she is constantly on his mind, and he thinks she will stay there forever.

This just goes to show that you cannot always depend on hiding; your will be remembered by those who love you.


8. Hiding My Heart – Brandi Carlile

YouTube video

Being in love is one of the best feelings, but it can quickly turn sour when the one you love disappears. It feels like your heart is torn out, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Brandi Carlile sings of seeing someone she loves, but she knows he will disappear one day. She knows that she will have to spend the rest of her life hiding her heart away so she doesn’t have to deal with the pain of not having him around anymore.

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9. Hide U – Kosheen

YouTube video

Like many songs about hiding on this playlist, “Hide U” by Kosheen talks about hiding away from our problems. The lyrics mention hiding someone away from danger and protecting them from the world.

It is not clear whether the song talks about another person or if Kosheen sings about herself, but I am sure most of us can relate to wanting to hide away from the world. Too bad we cannot stay away from our problems and the outside world.


10. Hideaway – Queens of the Stone Age

YouTube video

We all have reasons why we might want to be out of sight. “Hideaway” talks about an abusive relationship where the predator hunts the prey.

The prey wants to hide away but the predator won’t let her. Being in such a toxic relationship is bad for you.


11. Hide – Ella Mai

YouTube video

Falling in love with someone you can rely on is one of the most beautiful things. Ella Mai talks about finding that one person who makes you feel soft and loved and takes away all your rough edges.

This person gives her a safe place to hide from her troubles. She can turn to him when she is hurt or scared. It is such a beautiful song!


12. The Great Pretender – The Platters

YouTube video

This song talks about someone who hides and stays out of sight by pretending. They falsify their feelings, making it look like they are okay.

The singer sings of a person who was left to grieve by himself, and instead of dealing with it, he chooses to pretend. He laughs like everything is okay, hiding his true feelings behind this mask.


13. Out of Sight – James Brown

YouTube video

The Godfather of Soul gave us a gem with “Out of Sight.” This song praises a shapely woman with a sweet disposition that has James besotted.

She likes staying out of sight, but her character and looks make it impossible to go unnoticed. James Brown’s singing style and legendary shuffle make this one of the best songs in music history.


14. Hide in Plain Sight – Jim James

YouTube video

The world is so vast that it can make us feel like we are not important. Many people have the feeling of hiding in plain sight, where no one sees them, and life goes on without them.

Jim James shows us we are all important by making us feel seen. There are some people out there who care about us, even when we feel alone.


15. Invisible – Linkin Park

YouTube video

Sometimes we hide because we feel like people are mad at us or that they will destroy us. However, Linkin Park consoles us, telling us they will not let us feel invisible.

We all need someone who can hear us, see our problems, and acknowledge our feelings. You might feel less inclined to hide if you know someone is looking out for you.

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16. Can’t Hide – Whethan & Ashe

YouTube video

Heartbreaks are the worst and make you want to hide, which is why many songs about hiding deal with love and heartbreak.

You lose yourself in drinking, parties, or other methods of comforting yourself, such as talking to exes to hide from your feelings. This song shows us that we cannot always hide from these feelings.

The only option is to face these feelings. There is no need to look back at the past; open yourself up and seek love again.


17. Hiding My Heart – Adele

YouTube video

Adele made a cover of Brandi Carlile’s “Hiding My Heart,” creating one of the best covers of our age. Her voice is a great match for Brandi’s vocals.

She gives the song a more mournful tune and makes us all want to hide our hearts away so we don’t have to feel pain anymore.


18. Can’t Hide Love – Earth, Wind & Fire

YouTube video

Anyone who has tried to hide their feelings will quickly come to learn that you can’t hide love. It is a strong emotion that will find a way to come out, despite your best efforts.

This song by the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire tells the woman to stop trying to run and hide. Surrendering to these feelings is the only way to find out if they are genuine; for all you know, you might find the love of your life.


19. Hide Nowhere – Devin Townsend

YouTube video

Devin Townsend uses strong imagery of cold dead skies and cold blue waves to show us how life is full of trials. He has nowhere to hide because these problems hide in his world.

The song shows that we cannot hide from our troubles as the pressures of life will eventually catch up with us.


20. I Believe – KAMRAD

YouTube video

This song is about a person who would rather sleep than fall in love. He is so afraid of falling in love that he hides in his house at night.

He also doesn’t want to hurt someone, so his only solution is to stay hidden. While others are out having fun, he decides to keep himself out of sight and at home instead.


21. I Just Want to Hide My Face – EKKSTACY

YouTube video

“I Just Want to Hide My Face” is a fitting conclusion to our songs about hiding. It talks about the dullness of life.

The singer knows that sadness lasts for a long time, so instead of facing it, he just wants to hide his face. This is a feeling many of us will relate to, especially when things get too hard.


Last Words

Hiding and staying out of sight is not the solution to our problems, but it can sometimes feel like the only thing to do. I hope these songs about hiding will help you when you feel overwhelmed.

Take a break from the world if you need to but don’t hide away for too long; we will miss you.


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