21 Famous Songs About Hating Yourself And Self Loathing

Most of us have been upset or had periods where we hated ourselves for seemingly no reason. We realize we’re not alone by the sheer amount of songs about hating yourself that have been composed.

We can always rely on music to give us the comfort we need, no matter the circumstance we find ourselves in. The feeling of self-loathing is a dreadful one that no one should ever experience.

So I have searched through the vast music library to give you the most popular songs about hating yourself. The songs are from different genres so no matter your genre preference, you’ll probably find a song you like here.

As much as it is healthy to embrace the feelings we have, even those of self-loathing, we need to try and get help if they turn into feelings of self-harm. Always remember all life is precious.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Anti-Hero Taylor Swift Learn More
2 Hate Myself NF Learn More
3 Hate Me Blue October Learn More
4 Don’t Let Me Get Me P!nk Learn More
5 You Know I’m No Good Amy Winehouse Learn More
6 Creep Radiohead Learn More
7 Breaking Down I Prevail Learn More
8 I Hate Myself For Loving You Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Learn More
9 Worthless Eli. Learn More
10 Hate Myself Tate McRae Learn More
11 Unpretty TLC Learn More
12 My Mother & I Lucy Dacus Learn More
13 Jealousy, Jealousy Olivia Rodrigo Learn More
14 That Other Girl Sevdaliza Learn More
15 Dancing On My Own Calum Scott Learn More
16 I’m Not Enough And I’m Sorry Teqkoi & Snøw Learn More
17 I Fuck Everything Up Mom Learn More
18 Dear God, I Hate Myself Xiu Xiu Learn More
19 Mirror Little Dragon Learn More
20 Trying to Be Nice Fanclubwallet Learn More
21 I Scared All My Friends Away Beard Learn More


21 Songs About Hating Yourself And Self Loathing

The compilation below is of the most famous songs I could find about self-loathing:


1. Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift

YouTube video

Taylor Swift is one of the most emotional artists of our generation, as she knows how to give voice to the feelings that are hard to talk about. In this beautiful song, she talks about how she feels like her life has become too big for her.

Taylor said that “this song really is a real guided tour through all the things I tend to hate about myself; we all hate things about ourselves”.

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2. Hate Myself – NF

YouTube video

NF is a hip-hop artist who usually delves into dark themes such as self-loathing and self-harm. This talks about how he is facing depression and anxiety and he hates himself.

His lyricism is superb, I fell in love with the song the first time I listened to it.


3. Hate Me – Blue October

YouTube video

The song was originally written to be about the singer’s ex-girlfriend, but the music video was remade to be about his mother. The song is about how Justin doesn’t feel worthy of either his ex-girlfriend’s or mother’s love.

This song was written during a time when he was recovering from drug addiction. It was written as a sort of apology to the people he had hurt back then. He hates himself for wronging his people.


4. Don’t Let Me Get Me – P!nk

YouTube video

P!nk is an artist who doesn’t shy away from talking about her insecurities in her songs. Despite her immense popularity and success, she has always felt insecure and hated being compared to prettier artists like Britney Spears.

P!nk shows us that insecurities are not just problems reserved for us but even the most successful people. She has a loyal following but still feels like that, showing us that self-loathing is destructive.


5. You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse

YouTube video

Amy Winehouse talks about her drug abuse and alcoholism as they affect her relationship with her man. She talks about how the addictions led her into infidelity and how she hates herself for it.

The song is mainly about how she feels like her man can do better as he is a good guy stuck with her toxic behaviors. Amy lost her life in 2011 due to alcohol intoxication.


6. Creep – Radiohead

YouTube video

The song is about a man trying to get the attention of a beautiful woman with whom he is fascinated. He follows her around, trying to gain the courage to make a move but fails.

He hates himself because of it and wishes he could be more confident. This self-loathing song teaches us that we need to take action in our lives, or else we will continue hating ourselves for it.


7. Breaking Down – I Prevail

YouTube video

The singer Brian Burkheiser talks about how self-loathing has led him to a deep depression that is crippling him. As we can see, if not dealt with, self-loathing brings depression which, in turn, can make us suicidal.

Burkheiser sheds light on depression in this song and how he hated letting it control him. What Brian is neglecting to realize is depression, and self-hate get the best of us, and the only answer is seeking help.


8. I Hate Myself For Loving You – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

YouTube video

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts made this song to talk about how one can lose themselves in unrequited love. The singer talks about how she hates how much she loves a guy when he doesn’t return that love.

We all love to love, but its intoxicating nature can leave us feeling lost and too dependent on others.

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9. Worthless – Eli.

YouTube video

Eli. sings about how alone he feels even when in the company of friends and family. He hates himself when his relationships die off and wishes he could do better.

He watches his friends have a happy life without him, which compounds self-hatred. Hating yourself is not the solution, working on your life is.


10. Hate Myself – Tate McRae

YouTube video

Tate said she wrote the song right after a breakup and that it was an emotional time for her. She is tough on herself as she blames herself for making her partner unhappy to the extent of breaking up.

She talked about the song saying most people take the victim’s role after a breakup to make themselves feel better. But sometimes, sitting back and analyzing where you went wrong is healthy, although it can bring feelings of hatred and self-loathing to the surface.


11. Unpretty – TLC

YouTube video

TLC sings about feeling insecure and unpretty. Society puts a lot of unrealistic expectations on girls, and all that can take a toll on one’s mental, resulting in self-hate.

The singers hate themselves for not being pretty enough. Men want them to wear makeup, have hair extensions, have plastic surgery, etc.


12. My Mother & I – Lucy Dacus

YouTube video

Songs about hating yourself take different shapes, and this example is about how Lucy hates her body. She talks about how she hates herself for her features and wishes to change them.

She explores how self-hatred can impact generations, as she saw her mother going through the same insecurities that most of us struggle with today.


13. Jealousy, Jealousy – Olivia Rodrigo

YouTube video

Olivia Rodrigo points out how social media gets us to hate ourselves as we start comparing ourselves to others. She talks about the unachievable standards set on social media that make people feel hopeless and jealous.

Social media can be great entertainment, but we find ourselves trying to measure others’ success to our own. We must find a balance between using or deleting it for our peace of mind.


14. That Other Girl – Sevdaliza

YouTube video

That Other Girl dives into the unrealistic expectations put on us by society to fit the social norms. I can relate to Sevdaliza as it is hard to fit in all the time while still being true to yourself, which can give rise to feelings of unworthiness.


15. Dancing On My Own – Calum Scott

YouTube video

In this emotional example of songs about hating yourself, Calum Scott gets us into our feelings as he takes us through his tragic love story.

Him seeing his ex kiss another person truly hurts him. He talks about how he hates himself that he can do nothing but sit in the corner.

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16. I’m Not Enough And I’m Sorry – Teqkoi & Snøw

YouTube video

This piece focuses on a toxic relationship the singer is in. His partner is verbally abusive and constantly picks on their insecurities to put them down.

He hates himself for not leaving even when he sees the relationship is not good for him. We must be wary of such toxic relationships. If left unchecked, this can give rise to intense feelings of hatred towards ourselves.


17. I Fuck Everything Up – Mom

Mom judges herself too harshly, stemming from her self-hatred. She describes how we try too hard to be the best at everything and fail. S

he is self-critical and unfair to herself as she tries a lot, and although things don’t work out, sometimes she only focuses on the failures, not the success. Many of us do this, although it is unhealthy and makes us think we are not worth anything.


18. Dear God, I Hate Myself – Xiu Xiu

YouTube video

Jamie Stewart sings about self-hatred a lot. He sings about flipping himself in the mirror, as he hates when he looks at himself.

It is clear the singer is struggling with self-acceptance, and it is manifesting itself through self-aggression, shining a light on how hard we judge ourselves.


19. Mirror – Little Dragon

YouTube video

Yukimi Nagano sings this song with great passion. She is singing to someone who deeply hurt her, but she’s treating herself so harshly as she is both angry and afraid of herself.

She treats herself harshly for the smallest things, like forgetting to smile. The song is a sad depiction of how we treat ourselves sometimes.


20. Trying to Be Nice – Fanclubwallet

YouTube video

Fanclubwallet’s song takes me back to when I was young and a people pleaser. I was a quiet kid, and that got me the reputation of a nice kid. Which was okay until no one thought I should have a voice to speak for myself or have opinions.

This weighed heavily on my mental health as I found myself expected to take anything thrown my way, which made me hate myself as I saw myself as a coward. And this song talks about exactly that, as the singer speaks about being tired of pleasing people.


21. I Scared All My Friends Away – Beard

YouTube video

As we finish this journey of songs about hating yourself, we end with this heartbreaking tune. My heart broke when listening to this song as I could relate to the singer’s struggles.

Beard sings about being ready to do anything to keep his friends. He self-loathes as he feels like he always says the wrong thing that pushes his friends away.


Last Words

We finally reached the end of this emotional roller coaster of songs about self-loathing. The songs have a certain emotional attachment to me as I have always had difficulties fitting in, and blaming myself has always been the easy way out.

I hope you’ve added some of these songs to your playlist to listen to when you need them.


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