15 Enchanting Songs About Gypsy Woman

The term gypsy woman is synonymous with a woman being free-spirited and mysterious. This has made several artists compose some of the most enchanting songs to show us how they were swept off their feet.

While the original meaning of gypsy refers to nomadic people from Asia, the Romani, in recent times, urban culture defines the term as a beautiful, provocative, and, in some instances, cunning woman.


15 Songs About Gypsy Woman

The songs in this playlist tell stories of women full of energy who want to live life on their terms. If you have ever been captivated by a gypsy woman or feel like you are one yourself, these songs from different genres and generations will relate to you.


1. Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) – Crystal Waters

YouTube video

The first song in this playlist is from Crystal Waters. Gypsy Woman has over 83 million views on YouTube, and it’s not hard to see why. It is a visually captivating representation of the song’s message.

While the video doesn’t directly depict a homeless woman singing in the streets, it uses artistic and symbolic visuals and tragic lyrics to effectively convey the theme of homelessness.

The use of vibrant colors, unique camera angles, and energetic performances all contribute to the overall appeal of the video. The artist was inspired by a homeless woman who sings gospel songs on the street.

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2. Gypsy Woman – Don Williams

YouTube video

Gypsy Woman is a timeless classic that showcases Don Williams’ undeniable talent as a storyteller. The song is a beautiful country song that perfectly captures the nostalgia and longing for a past love.

Williams’ soothing voice and heartfelt lyrics paint a vivid picture of a mysterious gypsy woman who left a lasting impression on him.

The imagery of silver coins jingling and fancy shoe dancing adds to the magical aura surrounding the woman. The melody, accompanied by soft and gentle guitar strums, creates a dreamy atmosphere that transports the listener to a distant memory.


3. I Recall A Gypsy Woman – Ricus Nel

YouTube video

Ricus Nel’s cover of Gypsy Woman is a delightful rendition of the original country song by the late Don Williams. Nel’s vocals are heartfelt and filled with emotion, perfectly capturing the longing and nostalgia of the lyrics.

The instrumentation is well-balanced, with melodic guitar and gentle accompaniment that complements the storytelling nature of the song.

I Recall a Gypsy Woman is a beautifully sung and well-executed cover that pays homage to the original while adding a personal touch. It is one of the best cover songs about Gypsy women.


4. Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee) – Steve Void & Sharon Doorson

YouTube video

This song covers the original track Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters. However, it brings a unique flavor and energy to the song.

The collaboration between Steve Void and Sharon Doorson results in a catchy and infectious rendition that stays true to the original while adding its touch.

The vocals are captivating, and the production is well-crafted, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. It’s a song that makes you want to dance and sing along.


5. Gypsy Woman – Brian Hyland

YouTube video

Gypsy Woman by Brian Hyland, sung in the 1970s, is a captivating song that tells the story of a woman who mesmerizes everyone around her with her beauty and dance skills.

The singer is instantly drawn to her and expresses his desire to be close to her. The lyrics beautifully paint a picture of the campfire scene and evoke a sense of longing and romance.

Hyland’s vocals are passionate, and the guitar melody adds to the overall dreamy atmosphere of the song.

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6. Gypsy Women – Aadhi

YouTube video

Gypsy Woman is a beautiful and enchanting song that captivates from start to finish. The folk-rock sound creates a dreamy atmosphere that perfectly complements the lyrics.

The song is from from the Indian Malayalam-language movie, Aadhi.


7. Gypsy Woman – The Impressions

YouTube video

Gypsy Woman by The Impressions is a timeless classic that captures the allure and mystique of a beautiful gypsy woman. The smooth vocals and mesmerizing melody create a captivating atmosphere that transports listeners to a campfire meeting under the open sky.

The lyrics paint a picture of a love-struck narrator enchanted by the woman’s dark hair and cat-like eyes.


8. Gypsy Woman (She Is Homeless) – George White Group

YouTube video

The cover of Gypsy Woman (She Is Homeless) by George White Group adds a smooth and jazzy element to the original song.

The vocals are sultry and soulful, infusing the lyrics with a sense of classiness. The jazz instrumentation, including the piano and saxophone, adds a sophisticated touch to the track.

The musicians showcase their talent with skillful solos and tight harmonies. This song version is perfect for a lounge or intimate setting, creating a relaxed atmosphere.


9. Gypsy Woman – Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights

YouTube video

Gypsy Woman by Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights is a track that perfectly blends country and rock elements to create a high-energy, captivating song

The lyrics touch on the frustrations of a troubled relationship and the decision to break free from the lies and games of the partner.

Jonathan Tyler’s powerful vocals and the band’s tight instrumentation create an engaging listening experience. The catchy chorus and dynamic musical arrangements make it a song that keeps listeners hooked and singing.

With its rock-infused country sound, Gypsy Woman is a standout track that showcases Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights band talent and ability to blend multiple genres to create a unique sound.


10. Little Things X Gypsy Woman – Jorja Smith

YouTube video

Jorja Smith’s mash-up of Little Things and Gypsy Woman is a smooth and soulful blend of two fantastic tracks. The combination of Smith’s mesmerizing vocals and infectious beat creates an irresistible and captivating sound.

The lyrics, centered on the little things that bring joy and escape, are relatable and uplifting. Fusing these two songs creates a unique and fresh musical experience that keeps listeners engaged and wanting more.

The song perfectly captures the theme of a free-spirited woman making it one of the most popular songs about gypsy women released this year.

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11. Gypsy Woman – Bobby Womack

YouTube video

Gypsy Woman by Bobby Womack is a captivating live performance that captures the essence of the gypsy spirit. From the mesmerizing guitar melody to the hypnotic vocals, this song beautifully portrays the enchantment of a gypsy woman.

The lyrics vividly depict a woman dancing and enchanting everyone in her sight. The energy and atmosphere of the live recording add a special touch to the song, making it feel even more authentic and immersive.

Gypsy Woman is a mesmerizing and unforgettable tune that showcases the unique charm and allure of the gypsy culture.


12. Gypsy Woman – Curtis Mayfield

YouTube video

Curtis Mayfield’s rendition of Gypsy Woman is a testament to his immense talent as a singer-songwriter and guitarist.

His live performance captivates the audience with its soulful delivery and irresistible groove. Mayfield effortlessly brings out the hypnotic beauty of the song, paying homage to the original version.

His powerful vocals and expert guitar playing add depth and emotion to the already compelling lyrics.

Mayfield’s influence in soul and politically conscious African-American music shines through in this performance, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.


13. Gypsy Woman – Hilary Duff

YouTube video

The Gypsy Woman by Hilary Duff is an energetic and captivating song about a manipulative and enigmatic woman. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a woman who lures men in with charm and mysteriousness, only to leave them broken and exposed.

Hilary Duff delivers the lyrics with conviction and emotion, adding depth to the storytelling. The music, with its catchy melodies and energetic instrumentals, perfectly complements the dark and haunting theme of the track, making it one of the most entertaining songs about gypsy women.


14. Gypsy Woman – Carlos Santana

YouTube video

Gypsy Woman by Carlos Santana is an enchanting song that transports listeners to a magical world. Santana’s signature guitar melodies create a mesmerizing backdrop for the narration of a mysterious and alluring gypsy woman.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of her dark hair, captivating eyes, and captivating dance moves.

The song captures the longing and desire to be near this captivating woman, even though she may never know of the singer’s love for her.

The song’s passionate vocals and infectious rhythm make it a timeless classic in Santana’s repertoire.


15. Gypsy Queen – Chris Norman

YouTube video

Gypsy Queen by Chris Norman is a mesmerizing and enchanting song that captures the essence of a mystical love story.

The lyrics beautifully describe the protagonist’s infatuation with his gypsy queen, painting vivid imagery with words like “raven hair” and “auburn eyes.”

The haunting melody and Chris Norman’s soulful vocals enhance the ethereal atmosphere of the song. The blend of folk and rock elements creates a captivating musical experience.

Gypsy Queen is a testament to Norman’s songwriting prowess and ability to transport listeners into a world of magic and love.


Last Words

There are many stereotypes about gypsy women and what is expected of them. These songs about gypsy women show that these women are free-spirited.

The songs on this compilation mainly capture how different singers were captivated by these women. If any of the songs on the playlist relates to you, share or leave a comment below.


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