21 Sweet Songs About Growing Old Together

Love is a beautiful feeling, and having someone to share that love with is one of the best things on earth. You want to spend all of your life with the person you love, which is what these songs about growing old together are about.

Growing old with the one you love is the foundation of all relationships, and it is a special thing that cannot be replicated. Whether you have found love or are still looking for love, here are some songs about growing old together that will give you more hope about love.

Let them rekindle your relationship or encourage you to find your partner and want to grow old with them.


21 Songs About Growing Old Together

Below are some of the songs about growing old together that show that aging with the person you love is an amazing feeling:


1. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

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This is a song that swept all of us off our feet and put Ed Sheeran on the map worldwide. It is a fitting start to our songs about growing old together as Ed vows to love his wife until they are 70.

This touches the deepest parts of our hearts as we all wish to have that special someone that we will grow old with; this is definitely worth a listen.

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2. Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

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James Arthur captures all the stages of love, from the first meeting to the intimate moments, falling deeply and madly in love.

He even sings about bringing breakfast in bed, taking the children to school, and promises to stay with her until they are gray and old. He wishes she also feels the same, and they never let go of each other. How beautiful!


3. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

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This is one of those songs about growing old together that we all fell in love with, especially when watching “Twilight.” The song talks about dying every day, waiting for the person you love, and showing a willingness to wait for them no matter how long it takes.

This ballad shows the promise of unending love and what better way to represent this than the love between vampires? Hold the one you love close and do not let them go, not for a thousand years.


4. The Rest of Our Life – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

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It is beautiful when the person you love shows you they are determined to spend the rest of their life with you. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill talk of making plans for their children, even picking their names out.

They sing of a desire to give up worrying about their appearance as time changes their bodies. It is not important as long as they are together.


5. Love of a Lifetime – Firehouse

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Having a love to last your whole life is something we all treasure. Firehouse knows the importance of love and the wish to stay forever with your person.

The band composed this song about having the love of a lifetime. It talks of making all your dreams come true with your partner. There is no more need to worry about being alone, this love will last your whole life.


6. Faithfully – Journey

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Being in love is not always easy. It needs the promise to stay true to each other and hold on to your love, no matter how long it takes. Journey’s singer Steve Perry uses his vocals to sing about love while being on tour.

He shows that love can thrive anywhere and promises to be “forever yours, faithfully.” This promise keeps their love growing and will help them enjoy their love for the rest of their lives.


7. When I’m Sixty Four – The Beatles

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Even the world’s favorite bands, The Beatles, sing about growing old together. They mention small things, such as locking the door, feeding them, sending Valentine’s Day and birthday greetings, and more.

These are some of the things that make love blossom, and it raises the question, will the person I love still do these things when we get old? I hope the answer is yes!


8. I Love You Always Forever – Donna Lewis

YouTube video

We don’t just want someone who says they will always love us. We want someone who will stay true to their word. Donna Lewis’ song brings these wishes to the forefront, giving the promise of loving always and forever.

Being there for each other regardless of what happens is important. Life will throw a lot at you, but your love should be able to survive whatever comes your way.

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9. Could I Have This Kiss Forever – Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias

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The late great Whitney Houston, together with Enrique Iglesias, gave us this beautiful ballad. Its soft tunes and incredible vocals bring the passion and the desire we all have.

Love goes beyond the emotional; it also includes the physical aspect, the kisses, the touches, and the holding. Turn to your loved one and ask, “Could I have this kiss forever?” play this song to set the mood, and you will fall in love all over again.


10. In Our Old Age – Kenny Rogers

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Are you ready to shed tears? Well, let Kenny Rogers’ mesmerizing voice sing to you about being in love even in old age. He says that even though the sun sets and we grow old, the best years are still yet to come.

Love will get better and grow stronger as age progresses. The hair will turn gray, and our bodies will grow weaker, but the love will never fail. The mental picture he paints and his voice will have you picturing your future together.


11. Forever and Ever, Amen – Randy Travis

YouTube video

These songs about growing old together will make you remember the fresh emotions of being in love for the first time and the promise of forever that is strong.

Randy Travis’ classic country song is one of the pieces that will have you vowing to love your partner forever and ever, amen.

The wedding setting and the beautiful lyrics will sweep you away. He also shows the different stages of being in love, from the wedding and having children to growing old together.


12. Always – Atlantic Starr

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There is nothing more beautiful than starting a family with your loved one. It is one of the deepest forms of dedication. This song talks of a love that will always grow, with the singers singing about being together forever.

It shows that true love will always be there and will continue growing as time passes. The thought of being with the one you love forever is indescribable, and Atlantic Starr’s voices did that justice.


13. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? – Bryan Adams

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How do you know if you really love a woman? Bryan Adams gives different examples of how you can tell you truly love your female partner.

One of the ways he points out is that you need to be the one to tell her that your love will last forever. This kind of dedication and the willingness to grow together is what will let you know that you really love her.


14. Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

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Are you really in love if you are not willing to follow the one you love wherever they go? While this is not a requirement to be in love, Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” shows another way of being in love.

She says she will always be waiting and will be there to catch her lover whenever they fall. The willingness to not give up on love, time after time, is a captivating promise.


15. Grow Old with Me – Tom Odell

YouTube video

This is a beautiful song to play at your wedding, a way to cement what you should expect from your marriage. You are ready to grow old with the person you marry to weather all the storms you come across.

The soft instrumentals and Odell’s beautiful voice makes it a great song to promise to grow old together, to share what you see, and to always choose each other.

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16. How Forever Feels – Kenny Chesney

YouTube video

Another country star joins our list of songs about growing old together. Kenny sings of all the good things in life, toes in the sand, margaritas, and fast cars. But he says all this is nothing compared to how forever feels with the person you love.

Loving your partner is like all the fun and all the living in one. It is a refreshing feeling that overshadows everything else. We all deserve to know how forever feels.


17. Just The Two of Us – Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers

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This song is a classic for a reason; wanting to make it through no matter what, just the two of you, is a yearning for us all.

This is a beautiful piece for weddings, anniversaries; you name it. Playing the song will remind you of your desire to grow old together. The saxophone and accompanying vocals are a great addition to an already amazing song.


18. These Arms – All-4-One

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Having someone to lean on when times are hard helps take the burden away. Imagine having the same arms holding you for the rest of your life.

The singers promise never to break their lover’s hearts with every breath they take for the rest of their lives. Are you ready to love your partner every day?


19. Share My Life – Kem

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The peace and freedom you have while on your own is one of the best feelings. The only thing surpassing this is sharing your life with the one you love.

These are people who will come into your life and turn it all around but in the best way possible. You are ready to give them all your heart, anything they want, and to share your life with them until the very last breath.


20. Together Forever – Rick Astley

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What better way to show your partner you love them than with Rick Astley’s “Together Forever?” The song is full of the hope to stay together with the person you love forever. It is the kind of love that lasts for all time.


21. I Wanna Grow Old With You – Westlife

YouTube video

Westlife closes our chapter of songs about growing old together with this heartwarming song. Anyone who has been in love or wants to be in love wants to grow old with the person they love.

It shows the longing to be with the person we love and be there for them through everything. Their lyrics, “I wanna die lyin’ in your arms,” represent a deep affection for the person you want.


Last Words

Well, there you go! 21 songs about growing old together that give you a glimpse of what living till old age with the person you love is like.

Finding love like this is rare. If you find the one for you, hold them tight and don’t let anything come between you.


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