21 Sad Songs About Grandma Passing Away

A grandmother is the sweetest and most caring person in a family, often a pillar of wisdom that can be relied on. They spoil us and love us dearly. To lose your grandmother is one of the saddest experiences you could endure. Listening to songs about grandma passing away can be a good way to cope with that sadness.

You can use the songs to celebrate a life fully lived. They could help calm you while helping you come to terms with your grandmother’s passing. Playing songs that your grandmother loved is also a lovely tribute to her.

Nr Song Artist About
1 I’ll Be Seeing You Billie Holiday Learn More
2 Over The Rainbow Judy Garland Learn More
3 Tell You Something (Nana’s Reprise) Alicia Keys Learn More
4 My Way Frank Sinatra Learn More
5 Supermarket Flowers Ed Sheeran Learn More
6 We’ll Meet Again Vera Lynn Learn More
7 Ain’t No Sunshine Bill Withers Learn More
8 Amazing Grace Elvis Presley Learn More
9 Candle In The Wind Elton John Learn More
10 Nan’s Song Robbie Williams Learn More
11 I Will Wait Mumford & Sons Learn More
12 One Sweet Day Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men Learn More
13 Spirit In The Sky Norman Greenbaum Learn More
14 Beautiful Day U2 Learn More
15 Grandma’s Song Gail Davies Learn More
16 When We Were Young Adele Learn More
17 What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong Learn More
18 Let It Be The Beatles Learn More
19 You’ll Never Walk Alone Gerry & The Pacemakers Learn More
20 Grandma’s Feather Bed John Denver Learn More
21 Holes In The Floor Of Heaven Steve Wariner Learn More


21 Songs About Grandma Passing Away

You could play songs that remind you of a special memory you shared with her. I hope these songs about grandma passing away I have compiled will give you solace while you mourn.


1. I’ll Be Seeing You – Billie Holiday

YouTube video

This classic jazz/blues tune by Billie Holiday makes you feel nostalgic for the one you lost. When you visit the places you used to go to together and are hit by a wave of longing, you know the deceased would have loved to have been there.

This song captures that feeling perfectly and brings some emotions to the surface whenever I listen to it.

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2. Over The Rainbow – Judy Garland

YouTube video

This song is about hoping for a better place for your grandma after she has passed. A place that’s better than the one she just left, where there is no pain, suffering, or stress.

It helps you in your grieving process because it assures you that even though she isn’t here, she is in a better place, and her soul is at ease.


3. Tell You Something (Nana’s Reprise) – Alicia Keys

YouTube video

Alicia Keys made this song after she experienced her grandmother’s battle with illness until she passed away. She describes the feeling of helplessness she experienced watching her grandma die.

The song reminds us to cherish the ones we love while we still have them around. You should tell them everything you want to say to them because life is too short. You should not wait until it’s too late to love them.


4. My Way – Frank Sinatra

YouTube video

If you’re looking to celebrate a fully lived life without apologies, this song is a must. Frank Sinatra released this song in the late 60s as a symbol of individualism.

It captures the feeling of living life the way you see right and not always playing by the rules but always being proud that you made your own choices. The song is perfect if your grandma was a maverick back in her day.


5. Supermarket Flowers – Ed Sheeran

YouTube video

I cried a lot the first time I heard this song. Ed found out that his grandmother had passed away when he was working on his album, and he made this song as a tribute to her. It talks about loss and the heartbreak that comes with it.

You feel his pain as he sings every line. He admits that the loss has shattered him, but he also tells himself that “A life with love is a life that’s been lived”. This song is sad, poignant, and beautiful. It beautifully captures our feelings when we lose our grandmothers and is soothing to listen to.


6. We’ll Meet Again – Vera Lynn

YouTube video

This song became famous in the second World War when soldiers had to leave their families and go off to war. They never knew if they would see their families again, and this song uplifted their spirits.

It reassured the two parties that they would always find a way back to each other. They would meet again in a place without suffering, which is encouraging if you just lost your grandma. This song gives hope in the face of despair.


7. Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

YouTube video

The beauty of art is that it’s subjective; it’s what you choose to make it. This song works as a song for this scenario because it talks about how a person was our warmth. “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone,” because grandmothers are the rays of our Sun.

Losing them can feel like the sunshine was snatched out of your life, a feeling I can definitely relate to.


8. Amazing Grace – Elvis Presley

YouTube video

This beautiful song gives the message of forgiveness, redemption, and mercy. It encourages you to find comfort in faith and is one of the songs about grandma passing away that brings comfort.

Trust that God will come through for you in your time of need. Times of mourning can be some of the most challenging, and this song helps embolden your faith and ease your heart.

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9. Candle In The Wind – Elton John

YouTube video

Created to honor Marilyn Monroe and later adapted to honor Princess Diana, this song was made to celebrate strong women in society and is the perfect song for grandmas.

It is about somebody’s life cut short in its prime. While being a grandmother certainly implies that one has lived a full life, it still feels as though she went too soon, like a candle in the wind. Just make sure to have some tissues on hand because this one will make you cry.


10. Nan’s Song – Robbie Williams

YouTube video

As far as songs about grandma passing away go, Robbie Williams fully committed to the task, deciding to write the song himself. He makes you feel like you haven’t fully lost your grandmother.

In his song, he says he knows his grandmother is watching over him. This song helps you cope with loss. It reminds you that those who die are always with us, in our hearts, wherever we go.


11. I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons

YouTube video

This song is about two people who are far from each other and have to wait till they meet again. It is the perfect metaphor for death and one of the best songs about grandma passing away.

You don’t know when you’ll see your grandmother again, but you hope she is happy in heaven. You hope that someday you will meet her and feel the warmth of her hug.


12. One Sweet Day – Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men

YouTube video

This gospel pop song from the 90s is about loving someone who has passed away. It talks about how the protagonist never got to tell the deceased how they really felt.

It shows the hope that we know our loved ones are watching over us and shining down on us. Grandmothers will always be the sweetest people you will ever meet, and their passing is very sad.


13. Spirit In The Sky – Norman Greenbaum

YouTube video

The best way to describe this song is “religious rock song,” and what better way to celebrate someone’s life? Greenbaum talks about what he thinks will happen after he dies: “Gonna go to the place that’s the best.”

An uptempo rhythm, a catchy sound, and a nice message are exactly what you need to lighten your spirits as you celebrate your grandma’s life.


14. Beautiful Day – U2

YouTube video

Your grandma’s passing is a tragedy that will leave you downcast. Beautiful Day is all about being able to find something positive and joyful in your life, even when it feels like you’ve lost everything.

It sounds like a pop-rock song and has an inspiring message and uplifting sound. You need to celebrate the lows and highs that life has to offer.


15. Grandma’s Song – Gail Davies

YouTube video

Gail Davies wrote this song for her grandmother who had passed away, and it is another fitting of all the songs about grandma passing away. She reminisces about the song her grandmother had taught her.

It talks about how she was an amazing person. Gail’s soothing voice and the reminiscing manner with which she sings make you sad, yet it makes you appreciate the time you spent with your grandmother. It makes you appreciate all the little things you learned from her.

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16. When We Were Young – Adele

YouTube video

This isn’t your typical song to play for your grandma, but it is an apt choice. In this song, she meets a friend from her past and tries to make amends with them because they didn’t end things so well.

In a way, she is making peace with her past, her mistakes, and all the things she regrets. It seems fitting we make peace with our choices while we are reminded of how fast life can end, especially when our loved one dies without us making amends.


17. What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

YouTube video

This song feels like a hug you desperately need at your lowest. What’s so special about it is that it tells us that despite these horrible things going on in our lives, there are still so many beautiful things for us to enjoy.

Even though it hurts to lose your grandma, there is still plenty left in the world to enjoy and look forward to. I’m sure that’s what our grandma would want us to do too.


18. Let It Be – The Beatles

YouTube video

When it comes to the death of a loved one, it’s hard to imagine how things would be without them. You start to worry and fear the loneliness and long for those departed.

To help with that, this classic from The Beatles tells us not to worry so much. It assures us that things will be okay. You will get the motivation to move on with your life even though now you might be uncertain how.


19. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry & The Pacemakers

YouTube video

It is so easy to feel isolated when you lose a loved one. You go through the worst experiences and try to keep a brave face for those around you.

This song about grandma passing away tells you that you don’t have to. It encourages you to move on with life, and even though things may be hard, you will always have support through the toughest moments.


20. Grandma’s Feather Bed – John Denver

YouTube video

This country song is from the perspective of a child who went to visit his grandmother with his family. He recalls an old feather bed that was massive and soft.

This song is unique because it shows your love for your grandma through the innocent eyes of a child. It takes you down memory lane to all those nice moments you had while at her house, like a family get-together.


21. Holes In The Floor Of Heaven – Steve Wariner

YouTube video

The last song on our list is this beautiful tune about Steve’s grandmother’s passing when he was about to turn eight. He was saddened by her passing but was reminded by his mother that his grandmother was watching over him.

You get the sense that your loved ones are there with you, even after they have passed away, and that makes this cold, sad world a little less lonely.


Last Words

Grandmothers are an irreplaceable part of the family. They nurture multiple generations. They look on with pride as we stumble through life, trying to figure it all out.

They provide advice that is worth its weight in gold. When they finally pass away, it leaves a hole in the family that can never be filled.

I hope these songs about grandma passing away will help you mourn your grandmother and provide comfort and solace while you grieve.

I hope that you can even celebrate her life in some of them. You may not have said everything you wanted to say, but at least you gave them a proper sendoff.


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