Manipulation Melodies: 21 Songs About Gaslighting

Gaslighting is described as manipulating someone using psychological methods into questioning their sanity or powers of reasoning. We can see numerous examples of gaslighting in our day-to-day relationships, and sadly, most of us fall for it. So much so that there are multiple songs about gaslighting made because of such situations.

It is easy to fall in love with or have a relationship with those who gaslight us and make us feel worthless. Take heart, however, because this will not last.

You will eventually find a way out of that toxic relationship and discover the true power within you. until then, let these songs about gaslighting show you that it is possible to get out.


21 Songs About Gaslighting

These songs about gaslighting will infuriate you, make you think, and encourage you to leave such abusive relationships. Let’s get started!


1. Gaslighter – The Chicks

YouTube video

The Chicks, formerly Dixie Chicks, start us off with this powerful song about being lied to and manipulated by those you believed in.

It is a powerful anthem and a true reminder to not let others take advantage of us.

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2. Trauma – NF

YouTube video

Those who manipulate us in relationships can leave us with trauma that follows us around our whole lives. These people will have you “trading your joy for protection.”

This song is an encouragement for anyone in such a situation to get out. Some people say they’ll always be there for us but never help when we need it the most.


3. Gaslight – Snow Tha Product

YouTube video

Snow Tha Product raps about a man who gaslights the woman he is in a relationship with. He makes her feel like she is not worth anything.

He treats her like a queen when outside but manipulates and mistreats her once in private. This is a sad reality of many relationships today.

If you are in such a relationship, this song can act as a form of release and can hopefully empower you to find your own way out.


4. Who’s Laughing Now – Jessie J

YouTube video

This is one of the songs about gaslighting that I always listen to whenever I remember how I was bullied when younger. Your bullies can drag your spirit down but then turn around and pretend they never did that, gaslighting you into believing it was all in your head.

Don’t give them that power! Go out and do whatever it takes to become your authentic self, and you will end up having the last laugh.


5. Gas Lighting – Nevv

YouTube video

So many people want to break into the music industry but Nevv shines the light on what happens there. He highlights the manipulation that is rampant in the music industry and the fake love that is common in our lives.

Definitely check out the lyrics as this song drops some hard truths that most of us don’t want to admit. In the end, people try to antagonize Nevv for being the real person.


6. Gaslight – Nessa Barrett

YouTube video

Many people have lived through manipulation in their relationships. Nessa highlights the questions you might ask yourself when in a relationship with someone who is constantly gaslighting you.

You even question your worth, you feel jealous, and even wonder if you are their type. They call you crazy and then turn around and do things that make you feel worthless.

Nessa’s “Gaslight” is one of the songs about manipulation that many can relate to, especially if you have lived through such a relationship.


7. Cry Me A River – Justin Timberlake

YouTube video

This song is an anthem for all those who have been gaslighted in relationships, especially by cheating lovers. These people will make you believe they love you, only to take advantage of your love and devotion to do whatever they want.

This song gives us hope that we can get out of the shackles of these manipulative people, and they will not take advantage of us through their tears anymore.


8. Every Breath You Take – The Police

YouTube video

This song by The Police is one of the oldest songs about gaslighting. The singer makes it look like he is in love with the person he is singing to, using words that make you believe they are in love with you, but the truth behind these words is more shocking.

You come to realize that they use these words to trap this person in the relationship and they quickly turn into threatening words. Sometimes people who use strong words to show their love feel like they own us, taking our freedom away.

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9. Gaslight – INJI

YouTube video

The singer in this song admits that the person she was with made her crazy and now she wants to do the same thing to him.

This is a true case of tasting your own medicine. The lyrics are satirical and show the ugly side of toxic behaviors. It is also a great banger with a catchy melody.


10. Gas Lighting – Lizzy Farrall

YouTube video

This track highlights the struggles that people in problematic relationships experience. Those on the outside always wonder why these people don’t just end the relationships but are unaware of the level of gaslighting that makes them stay.

The trippy visuals are a perfect accompaniment for this dark song and fit the whole theme.


11. It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

YouTube video

In this song, one of the singers was caught red-handed having sex with another woman by his girlfriend. So, what is Shaggy’s advice on how to deal with the situation?

Deny, deny, deny! He tells him to just say it wasn’t him, no matter what the truth is. The track is still one of those that I will sing along to just because of how catchy it is.


12. Til It Happens To You – Lady Gaga

YouTube video

While those doing it might not think they are hurting or gaslighting you into feeling better, people who give unsolicited or bad advice are doing exactly that.

Lady Gaga sings about the advice people normally get after being sexually harassed. It is common to hear things such as, “It will get better,” “Keep your chin up” and more.

They never seem to understand that it is not as easy as it sounds. In this piece, Lady Gaga tells these people they will never know how it feels until it happens to them, such an empowering song.


13. You Ruin Me – The Veronicas

YouTube video

The people we love can have too much power over us and some take advantage of that to hurt us. “You Ruin Me” is a powerful ballad that shows the psychological trauma such relationships can leave us with.

These people make us feel like we are nothing without them. They make us feel so bad then turn around and tell us they love us; it is this kind of gaslighting that makes so many fall for these manipulation tactics.


14. Gaslight – Maggie Lindemann & Siiickbrain

YouTube video

The lyrics “shouldn’t love a girl just to tear her down” are something every gaslighter and manipulator should hear. These people make us fall for them so easily and then hurt us.

The shouting and screaming in this song fit exactly what you feel when someone keeps manipulating you. Scream and shout along to release those negative feelings and find the strength to move on.


15. Your Power – Billie Eilish

YouTube video

Your power is something you should never lose, but a manipulator can rob you of it. These people not only take your power but ruin you in the process.

They make you think they are your savior but destroy you without even thinking twice. This song encourages you to take your power back and not let someone else take advantage of your power.

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16. Hustle – P!nk

YouTube video

P!nk likens a relationship with a gaslighter to that of a lion and sheep. The song is a song about not falling for the same tricks again.

The person who gaslit and manipulated you might have gotten away with it once, but they won’t do it again.

P!nk’s message encourages us to not fall for the same mistakes again. It is one of the songs about gaslighting that shows you it is okay if you fell for these manipulations once, but you should never let it happen again.


17. Grenade – Bruno Mars

YouTube video

“You’ll smile in my face then rip the brakes out my car.” This song always stuck out to me because of the manipulative nature of the woman Bruno sings to.

These kinds of people always make you feel like their erratic behavior is your fault and then smile and say they love you, trying to gaslight you into thinking they love you.

“Grenade” is a good example of how bad gaslighters can make you feel, while you give your all in a relationship.


18. Narcissist – Avery Anna

YouTube video

Not all gaslighters are narcissists but most narcissists can be gaslighters. These people make you question everything about yourself and your beliefs.

Avery Anna’s song looks at someone who only says they love her when they mess up, calls them crazy then turns around and apologizes and says it won’t happen again.

Such a person will have you doubting everything about yourself. You need to cut ties with such a person.


19. A Week – Jessica Ricca

YouTube video

This is the perfect song for people who are or who have been gaslighted. Realizing that someone has been gaslighting you is painful and can make you feel worthless.

However, it is a sign that you need to do better for yourself and not let that person back into your life again. I strongly agree with the lyrics “I wanna give you all my love but sometimes you just make me wanna leave.”


20. Lose You To Love Me – Selena Gomez

YouTube video

Gaslighters can take over our lives, making us devote everything and they kill us slowly. Sometimes what we need to do to recover is to cut these people off.

Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” shows how people can make it hard to love ourselves while we are with them. Don’t be scared to lose that person if they make you feel worthless. Maybe you also need to lose them to start loving yourself.


21. Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

YouTube video

Taylor Swift has had her share of gaslighters and manipulators and they made her come up with one of the best songs about gaslighters.

She talks about a man who would put all the blame on her, taking advantage of her love and what she offers, but she got smarter.

She is not falling for these tricks again and she is only doing what is best for her. What an empowering message for us all!


Last Words

Don’t let anyone continue to gaslight you, you are worth way more than that. Also don’t feel bad if you have ever been or are still in a situation where someone is taking advantage of you and gaslighting you.

It is not your fault and you can still reclaim your power. These songs about gaslighting show that you are not the only one who has been in such a situation and that you can get out of these relationships.

I hope you find the strength within you to get yourself to a better place.


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