21 Songs About Gardens To Add Some Green To Your Playlist

Do you have a garden in your backyard? Are you at peace surrounded by the beautiful flowers and plants in your garden? The songs about gardens we will be covering today will bring to life the gardens surrounding us and the beauty of nature.

Because of the duality of nature, some of the songs we will cover will focus on the darker side of these gardens. The songs about gardens below will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, from uplifting songs to more thought-provoking pieces.

Whether you have a garden or not, you can immerse yourself in this music to relax and take some time off.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Octopus Garden The Beatles Learn More
2 In The Garden Van Morrison Learn More
3 Bed Of Roses Bon Jovi Learn More
4 Empty Garden Elton John Learn More
5 The Garden Song John Denver Learn More
6 (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden Lynn Anderson Learn More
7 The Garden Kari Jobe Learn More
8 Tend My Garden James Gang Learn More
9 The Garden Guns N’ Roses Learn More
10 Mango Tree Angus & Julia Stone Learn More
11 Hong Kong Garden Siouxsie And The Banshees Learn More
12 Let It Grow Eric Clapton Learn More
13 Desert Rose Sting Learn More
14 Gardens of Eden Black Coffee & Zonke Learn More
15 Garden of Eden Guns N’ Roses Learn More
16 The Garden is Open The Fugs Learn More
17 The Hanging Garden The Cure Learn More
18 Safe In My Garden The Mamas & The Papas Learn More
19 English Country Garden Jimmie Rodgers Learn More
20 My Secret Garden Depeche Mode Learn More
21 After the Garden Neil Young Learn More


Songs About Gardens

Some of the best songs about gardens include:


1. Octopus Garden – The Beatles

YouTube video

Let us start our songs about gardens with a bop from the legendary band, The Beatles. This song follows The Beatles’ typical upbeat style with whimsical lyrics that take us to a garden under the sea.

Like the octopus, I also want to retire to my little hideaway and build my garden, but I will have to settle for listening to The Beatles. It is a charming little song that will make you cheerful whenever you listen to it.

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2. In The Garden – Van Morrison

YouTube video

Nature is the best medicine for a weary heart; the serenity you find spending time surrounded by nature is like no other. “In the Garden” puts you in that mood, showcasing the beauty of nature.

It is a beautiful song to listen to as you relax. Its lyrics are also beautiful and will create a clear mental picture of calm, serenity, and love. The peaceful lyrics are also great for meditation and engaging your senses.


3. Bed Of Roses – Bon Jovi

YouTube video

Thinking of gardens brings peace and tranquility; in this case, the garden has a bed of roses. Bon Jovi sang this brooding song about a bed of roses, the love that we feel when we’re far away from our partner.

He wants to lay in a bed of roses with the one he loves, but for now, he has to lie on a bed of nails. Love can be as welcoming as a bed of roses, and the peace it brings is incomparable.


4. Empty Garden – Elton John

YouTube video

It is fitting to include a tribute to John Lennon after including a song from The Beatles in our songs about gardens. Elton John and John Lennon were very good friends.

After Lennon’s death, the garden they used to walk in together feels so empty. It is a touching tribute that will have you in tears, especially if you lost someone close to you.


5. The Garden Song – John Denver

YouTube video

This music legend regales us with tales of growing a garden with the help of Mother Earth. This song has an even deeper meaning.

The slow growth of the flowers in the garden can be seen as the progress we make when working on our life. We should accept help from those who help us, and in no time, we will also grow into a beautiful garden. It is also important to take care of Earth and all within it.


6. (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden – Lynn Anderson

YouTube video

Love isn’t always smooth; sometimes, it hurts. Lynn Anderson shows this view about love, saying she never promised her lover a rose garden along with the sunshine.

This shows that all relationships undergo difficulties, but that doesn’t overshadow the beauty. Take this song as a warning that not everything will be roses. Take some time to smile and be happy even when doing so seems hard.


7. The Garden – Kari Jobe

YouTube video

This acoustic song is recorded in a beautiful garden that puts you in the right mood. The singer had given up on love and saw the garden.

This is a spiritual song, with the garden being the image of divine love. It brought her peace, joy, and happiness. It shows how this love can heal every part of you that is broken, no matter how bad.


8. Tend My Garden – James Gang

YouTube video

Ah, love, what can we do without it? “Tend My Garden” is a song by the American rock band James Gang, although it has a more blues feel to it rather than their usual rock.

The song is about a man in love who wants to be with the one he loves.

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9. The Garden – Guns N’ Roses

YouTube video

I love music that makes you think; that is precisely what “The Garden” does. A garden is a beautiful place, but it can also have a dark meaning.

It acts as a dark place, with how it draws you in but then wraps you around, with the singer calling it a crazy man’s utopia. People have theorized that the garden refers to addiction, specifically about drug use. The interpretation is up to you.


10. Mango Tree – Angus & Julia Stone

YouTube video

You can plant more than flowers in your garden. In Julia and Angus’ case, they want to plant a mango tree. The song is deeper than that, focusing on the peace of being in nature and with the ones you love.

This is a relaxing song with a folksy tune that just makes you want to relax on a lazy afternoon in your garden, getting absorbed in nature.


11. Hong Kong Garden – Siouxsie And The Banshees

YouTube video

Much like music in that era, “Hong Kong Garden” sheds light on the more toxic side of life. The song was written after some members witnessed racism directed toward restaurant workers in a Chinese restaurant.

It is an important song that shows how bad humans can be towards fellow humans and how racism is still rampant today. We all have a part to play in ending such attacks, and Siouxsie chose music to highlight the injustices.


12. Let It Grow – Eric Clapton

YouTube video

Whether plants or people, we need to give things a chance to grow. This beautiful message is why this piece is included in our list of songs about gardens.

It encourages us to show love to our plants and other people and let them grow. We should give all our love to the plants and people around us and allow them to blossom to become the beautiful beings they were meant to be.


13. Desert Rose – Sting

YouTube video

Flowers and gardens are a beautiful way of describing emotions. Sting sings of dreaming of gardens in the desert sand. He uses this imagery to talk about doomed love, two lovers who cannot be together.

Their love is like a garden in the desert; it cannot grow. The vocals by Sting and the backup singer bring the lyrics to life and make you feel the emotions and the heartache in the words.


14. Gardens of Eden – Black Coffee & Zonke

YouTube video

The Garden of Eden has been painted as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The singer wants to be in the gardens of Eden, where she and her lover can lay away from people.

She wants to expose them to their world and show them things they would not see anywhere. If you want a song to put that pep in your step while gardening, this is the one.


15. Garden of Eden – Guns N’ Roses

YouTube video

Quite a contrast to the previous song title, “Garden of Eden,” this Guns N’ Roses song with the same name focuses on the darker side of humanity.

It criticizes those in power who want to control those they deem under them. The track mentions religions and governments that make a mockery of people.

In this song, the Garden of Eden is not a beautiful place; it is just another graveyard manipulated by those in control.

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16. The Garden is Open – The Fugs

YouTube video

Where better to meet with someone you love than in a beautiful garden? In this track, the singer experiences unrequited love and tells the person he is interested in that his garden is open.

He puts the decision in her hands, leaving her to decide whether she will go to the garden. The song brings great imagery of the garden scenery and has a relaxing tune that will take you to the open garden.


17. The Hanging Garden – The Cure

YouTube video

Staying true to their nature, The Cure performs this song about a distorted garden with shapeless creatures in the dark. Lyrics like “In the hanging garden / no one sleeps” bring a creepy atmosphere.

The song also talks of animals screaming and others dying. If you are a fan of dark, dystopian-like songs, you should give this song a chance.


18. Safe In My Garden – The Mamas & The Papas

YouTube video

People looking for a safe space in the tumultuous 1960s could seek refuge in The Mamas & The Papas garden to be safe. This is a calming song for anyone facing many difficulties; you can escape to this garden to feel safe.

The overall message in this song is that we all need a safe haven, whether a garden or people, where we can rest when facing uncertainties.


19. English Country Garden – Jimmie Rodgers

YouTube video

This playful jingle paints the picture of a beautiful English country garden. The singer even names the different flowers you can find in this garden and the insects that inhabit the area.

Listening to this song will uplift your spirits; it is also quite catchy, so don’t be surprised if you catch yourself singing it out of nowhere.


20. My Secret Garden – Depeche Mode

YouTube video

It can feel very invasive when a place you thought yours is not so secret anymore. Depeche Mode laments over losing their private space, which could also mean their innocence or the ending of a romantic relationship.

The singer also regrets leaking the secret of the garden, something he held sacred. This is one of those songs you should play when relaxing or gardening to get the full impact of its message.


21. After the Garden – Neil Young

YouTube video

I end our compilation of songs about gardens with this anti-war tune by Neil Young. It puts into perspective the futility of it all. What will we do with everything we think matters now, such as the government and wars, when the world is done for?

What will happen to us once this beautiful garden is gone? This song reminds us to take care of our environment and cherish what we have before it is gone.


Last Words

Gardens are beautiful places where you can go to be surrounded by nature. Gardens can also be used as metaphors for the things happening around us and our situation.

The songs about gardens covered all aspects of gardens, with some being educating, others thought-inspiring, and yet others all in good fun; a great addition to your playlist.


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