21 Best Songs About Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits are a very popular topic in music, and it continues to increase in popularity. Many popular artists are no longer shy to cover this topic, which is why there are multiple songs about friends with benefits across all genres.

Though the older generation might deny it, the hookup culture is more prevalent in society than ever. Traditionally, a couple would have to date each other for quite some time before getting physically intimate, while others would wait until marriage.

With changing times, there is an increase in casual sexual encounters between friends where no romantic emotions are involved.


21 Songs About Friends With Benefits

While the concept of friends with benefits seems to be a fun experience, in some cases, the couple might end up in a committed relationship, or a one-sided relationship will develop.


1. Friends With Benefits – KSI & MNDM

YouTube video

Having gained popularity by being a YouTuber and becoming one of the most popular creators on the streaming platform, KSI decided to venture into music and dropped this piece.

The song became equally popular and gained him a wider fan base, giving hope to other content creators who wanted to do collaborations. The song talks about his desire to have a friends-with-benefits relationship.

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2. Distraction – Kehlani

YouTube video

Distraction is based on a social media comment about her intention to have a casual relationship with a female friend. She wants to be able to date other people while being with the girl.

The song has a distinctive R&B background with a beautiful synth riff and flute that will stick on your head for quite some time.


3. Booty Call – G. Love

YouTube video

The subject matter of the song’s lyrics is quite evident from the title. The track is a fun piece that focuses on nothing else but the arrangement of having a booty call between friends.

It has a sexy blue-style chord progression influenced by blues music styles. The topic of friends with benefits is cleverly covered through the addictive verses and catchy chorus.


4. Drank In My Cup – Kirko Bangz

YouTube video

This track by Kirko Bangs was released in 2011 and is part of the artist’s Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa mixtape. The song has several remixes with popular artists such as Bow Wow, J. Cole, and 2 Chainz.

The song tells a story of a woman who doesn’t like her boyfriend and is looking to get into a friends-with-benefits relationship with the singer.


5. Stay With Me – Sam Smith

YouTube video

“Stay With Me” by Sam Smith tells a story about the growing hookup culture in a way that made over a billion viewers appreciate it.

The piece fits perfectly in this compilation of songs about friends with benefits as it shows that sometimes feeling can develop where not intended. Sam Smith wrote this track when he was at a point of loneliness and fragility despite having hookups.


6. Don’t – Ed Sheeran

YouTube video

“Don’t” was inspired by events in Ed Sheeran’s relationship with Ellie Goulding. In his interpretation of their relationship, he thought they were in an exclusive friends-with-benefits relationship, only for her to cheat on him with Niall Horan from One Direction, which he never saw as a threat because they were friends.

The song shows that the composer has developed feelings and is disappointed with what transpired.


7. Hotline Bling – Drake

YouTube video

With nearly 2 billion views, Hotline Bling is one of the most successful songs from Drake. The song focuses on Drake missing his friends with benefits as he recalls the late-night calls when they were in the same city.

It drives him crazy that he no longer gets the calls, and he wonders if she is getting freaky with someone else.


8. Friends with Benefits – Tory Lanez

YouTube video

Very few artists can make the concept of casual hook up feel passionate and sensual. While most artists use an upbeat, fun rhythm to address this topic, Tory Lanez uses a whispery tone and a sounding chord progression.

The song’s chorus is also cleverly done as it is heavily auto-tuned reliant, adding haunting quality to the composer’s voice.

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9. Friends With Benefits – Charmaine

YouTube video

While most songs about friends with benefits in the compilation focus on the physical intimacy between friends, this piece takes a different direction.

The track encompasses the importance of having friends you can count on through thick and thin. The song has a melodic feel and braggadocious lyrics that show Charmaine’s confidence.


10. Something That We’re Not – Demi Lovato

YouTube video

This song by Demi Lovato is a lamentation of the friends-with-benefits relationship she ended. She opens the song by saying she hoped that the man wasn’t that into her at the beginning of their connection.

It shows the man has romantic feelings and even shares with his friends that they are in a committed relationship. Clearly, the love is one-sided, as the singer emphasizes there is nothing more on her side but regrets.


11. Sleeping With a Friend – Neon Trees

YouTube video

Sleeping with a Friend is a song from the band’s album, Pop Psychology. It was released in 2014 and received some airplay, raking millions of streams across multiple streaming platforms.

The friends with benefits ode is a cautionary tale about hooking up with someone you are close to. Tyler Glen wrote the song from his personal experience with his friend.


12. Bad Ideas – Tessa Violet

YouTube video

Tessa Violet released her second album titled “Bad Ideas,” and the main song on the album is this one. The lyrics show the artist’s weird personality, quirkiness, charm, and desire to get her friend to start a friends-with-benefits relationship.


13. Senorita – Shawn Mendez & Camila Cabello

YouTube video

Senorita is one of the best songs about friends with benefits of this generation. The hit song raked billions of views across multiple streaming platforms and became the number-one hit on Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2019.

The song’s lyrics are about friends who can’t keep their hands off each other. We are introduced to a physical relationship between them that is turning emotional. The duo is both scared about how their relationship is evolving, as in most FWB arrangements.


14. R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys

YouTube video

The band released the indie-rock ballad in 2012, and it became an instant hit because of its uniqueness. The song’s lyrics dive into in-depth details of the artist’s causal relationship with his friend.

This shows he has fallen in love and would be a puppet on her strings. The song was written by the band’s frontman, Alex Turner, and he drew inspiration for the lyrics from popular artists such as Lil Wayne and Drake.


15. Stockholm Syndrome – One Direction

YouTube video

Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where a hostage can develop empathy and sympathy with their captor. The protagonist in this song narrates a story of falling in love where not intended.

The song symbolizes the state of emotion and relationships involving friends with benefits set up.

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16. Want You In My Room – Carly Rae Jepsen

YouTube video

Want You In My room is a pop single from Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen from her fourth studio album. The “Call Me Maybe” hitmaker expresses her desire for physical intimacy with her closest friend.

She prepares her place and gathers the courage to execute her plan to have an arrangement with her friend.


17. Company – Justin Bieber

YouTube video

Only a handful of artists in this compilation of songs about friends with benefits have proven they can make a massive hit song like Justin Bieber.

His music catalog is filled with successful song after another, and it seems he is not stopping soon. The song’s rhythm makes the friends-with-benefits arrangement seem emotional.


18. Bad Habits – Delaney Jane

YouTube video

Bad Habits tells a story of the composer’s habit of getting into unhealthy relationships based on her lust and desires. It talks about her desire to put an end to such choices, but it seems she can’t help herself from the bad habits.

The song’s addressee, her friend with benefits, seems to have some power over her leading to her making questionable decisions.


19. Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy

YouTube video

There can be bittersweet moments when one realizes their romantic attraction with their friends with benefits will never materialize into a loving relationship.

This song by A Fine Frenzy represents the emotions surrounding the unrealized potential after the benefits end. The artist’s vocals represent real-life pain from a broken heart.


20. Tonight (I’m Loving You) – Enrique Iglesias

YouTube video

Though the lyrics of this song are a bit explicit, it shows the intentions of friends who want to have a casual physical relationship. The song describes the man’s pick-up pitch which is very direct and forward.

The proposal seems to be mutual, and they are willing to add benefits to their friendship. The song continues with him explicitly telling the woman the provocative acts he will do to her.


21. Little Red Corvette – Prince

YouTube video

This steamy 1980s pop was one of the biggest hits upon its release. Some fans thought that Price was talking about a car, but in the real sense, it was a metaphor for a woman.

The composer was encouraging a friend to embrace her primal sexual desires. This song can be great for a friend if you want more benefits from them.


Last Words

This compilation of songs about friends with benefits shows how widespread the phenomenon is. Some of the songs also show the disastrous consequences of such a relationship.

The songs’ lyrics tell real-life stories from artists and how they end tragically. Only in a few cases will the relationship evolve into a loving one.

If you want to get into a friends-with-benefits situation, the songs can educate you about the benefits you will accept while preparing you for what can happen.


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