21 Songs About Foxes: Unleash Your Wild Side

What do you picture when you think of foxes? I think of cunning creatures who love running around and are the perfect symbol of freedom. That is why today we will look at the songs about foxes that will make you want to let your wild side roam free.

We all need a break from reality sometimes, and these songs can help you do that. The foxes in some of the music we cover can also be used to represent other things, such as vehicles or certain people.

Get ready to let loose while listening to these songs to help you live life to the fullest.


Songs About Foxes

Let these songs help you find and explore your wild side:


1. What Does the Fox Say – Ylvis

YouTube video

The song that took the world by storm when it came out years, “What Does the Fox Say,” is a true masterpiece. The international acclaim the song got almost overnight gave us all something to unleash our wild side.

We all had our own version of what we think the fox says, and listening to this song will bring the nostalgia back.

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2. Reynard the Fox – Julian Cope

YouTube video

Julian Cope gave us some of the best music of our generation, and “Reynard the Fox” is one of these songs. It paints a picture of a man, or fox, hunted by red men.

The song could be talking about the plight of foxes who get hunted for their coats. It also tells a story of a haunted man who kills himself in the end.

The story is told through a banging rock song that will have you singing your lungs out.


3. Fox on the Run – Sweet

YouTube video

Sweet gives us a taste of the 70s. It is one of the most underrated bands that deserves more fame. The fox in this piece refers to a groupie who was chasing the band, but they had enough of her.

The drums, the vocals, and the lyrics give the song an evergreen sound that makes it relevant 50 years later.


4. What Does the Fox Say – Leo Moracchioli

YouTube video

What would you say to a metal cover of Ylvis’ “What Does the Fox Say?” I say it is the best out of any songs about foxes.

Metal heads and non-metal heads alike have to agree that this cover is amazing. Leo’s voice and the guitar and drum beats make you want to lose all control and go all out.

Listen to this song whenever you are ready to let your wild side show.


5. After the Fox – The Hollies

YouTube video

This song brings to mind the mischievous nature associated with foxes. The fox even admits to being a thief and having stolen some gold, although he will not say where he hid it.

He says he steals so he can be rich because working is too hard. It’s part of the soundtrack from a movie with the same title.


6. Fox on the Run – Manfred Mann

YouTube video

While this song might not unleash your wild side, it will remind you of a time when you felt wild. It talks about a woman who takes advantage of a man who loves her and eventually leaves him alone.

The singer likens himself to a fox, left alone to die. He had fun for a while, being tempted and taken for a ride, but he is eventually left hurting and alone.


7. Looking for a Fox – Clarence Carter

YouTube video

Clarence Carter’s voice is enough to make you want to have the best time. In this song, he is looking for a fox to have some fun with.

He is dressed to the nines and he is ready to go out and play. Clarence wants a fox he can groove with until the break of the day.

This is a perfect song to listen to when getting ready to go for a night out with some foxy ladies.


8. Crazy Like a Fox – R.E.M

YouTube video

A lesser-known song by R.E.M, “Crazy Like a Fox,” talks about someone who is out having fun while others are working.

The man doesn’t cut his hair, giving him an unkempt look that makes people think he is psychotic. Despite all this, the man has fun and goes about his life, having a good time without caring about what others think of him.

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9. Run with the Fox – Yes

YouTube video

Songs about foxes mostly focus on letting go and getting loose. This song encourages us to run with the fox into the wild and leave our troubles behind.

Instead of letting problems hold us back, we should all live our stories and enjoy our time on earth. The song also has a Christmas-like theme, making it great for playing on Christmas Eve.


10. Twentieth Century Fox – The Doors

YouTube video

The twentieth-century fox describes a woman who is considered the queen of cool. She is not the kind of woman who would cause a scene or bore you on a date.

She knows herself and knows what she wants. This is the kind of woman the singer is attracted to.


11. Stone Cold Fox – Southbound Beretta

YouTube video

The term fox has been used to mean an attractive woman, and Southbound Beretta uses this song to describe such a woman.

She is a wild woman who dances all night long, and all the guys want her. The woman shows her untamed side, drinking tequila and having all the men wait on her.


12. Fox Chase – Blackfoot

YouTube video

Get ready to hear a guitar riff to put all guitar riffs to shame. The Blackfoot band combines southern music with hard rock to bring this masterpiece.

“Fox Chase” is a song best listened to on loudspeakers that will have you singing your heart out.


13. I Know Places – Taylor Swift

YouTube video

“I Know Places” comes from Taylor Swift’s 2014 album, 1989. It is one of the most underrated songs from the album. 

The song talks about the hardships and the relationship that Taylor has with the paparazzi. She compares it with a fox hunt where she’s always trying to hide from them, especially if you don’t want to make your relationship public.


14. The Fox – Nickel Creek

YouTube video

The many adventures of the fox during the night are explored in this song. The fox goes out on a chilly night and hunts for food for his family.

“The Fox” shows the lengths that parents will go to for their families. It is a fun folk song that deserves its spot on these songs about foxes.


15. Portions for Foxes – Rilo Kiley

YouTube video

Foxes have always been associated with cunningness and bad behavior, which is what Rilo Kiley alludes to in this song.

The singer paints herself as a bad girl and says she is bad news. This kind of music takes us back to the peak era of alternative rock and indie music. 

She says her relationship cannot continue because it’s hurting them more and more.

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16. Young Volcanoes – Fallout Boy

YouTube video

“Young Volcanoes” is a song that makes you want to let free. It is a good representation of the wild 2010 era, where we all wanted to cause as much riot as we could.

The foxes are metaphors for females and the hounds are young males. The song is about the awkwardness of males around this age.


17. Fox – Millencolin

YouTube video

We have seen all the different meanings we can get from songs about foxes, and now we have come to yet another one.

In this song, the fox refers to the sweet scooter, a really good ride. He goes everywhere with it and calls it the best ride he’s ever had. Anyone who has a sweet ride will relate to these lyrics.


18. The Fox – Elton John

YouTube video

Elton John compares himself to the fox, who is always running and never tires. The song is said to be written to show Elton’s nature. He is always looking for the next best thing to do.

He never gives up and stays tough throughout. “The Fox” is a perfect song for those with wild undying souls; for all you know, the fox might be your spirit animal.


19. Lose Control – House of Heroes

YouTube video

Losing control is one of the ways you can let your wild side roam free. “Lose Control” tells the story of a man surrounded by misfortune and pain, even calling himself the father of fires.

He runs with the foxes, showing his wild side that cannot be tamed. The alternative rock theme adds to the overall feeling of losing control, making you think of running in the wild with foxes.


20. Fox on the Run – George Jones

YouTube video

This song is Jones’ cover of Manfred Mann’s “Fox on the Run,” but with a folksy spin.

The cover gives a fresh take to the story while still preserving the original song’s allure. Jones’ performance does Manfred Mann’s service and deserves a listen.


21. Foxey Lady – Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix gives us the perfect piece to end our songs about foxes. His song, “Foxey Lady,” talks of a beautiful and desirable woman that Hendrix is attracted to.

He wants her to be his and calls her a foxy lady to show her attractiveness. The Jimi Hendrix Experience will bring your wild side to the forefront with his sweet lyrics and crazy good guitar playing.


Last Words

Foxes have a well-deserved reputation, and these songs about foxes have brought it to light.

Listen to these songs whenever you want to let go or are reminiscing about the days when you used to be wild. Let your spirit roam free, even if it is just through music.


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