Kaboom! 21 Songs About Explosions for a Fiery Playlist

Have you ever wondered what some of the best songs about explosions are? Well, now you don’t have to, as this fiery playlist will cover some of the best songs from different generations and genres that explore the theme.

Most of us love explosions and fireworks, so we like to blow things up during the holidays. Seeing such things in some way makes us happy, except if it’s our personal property, in that case, it would be awful.

Most of the songs in this compilation have different interpretations despite the piece having an explosion on the title or lyrics. I believe they will knock your socks off.


21 Songs About Explosions

Enjoy some of the best songs that cover the themes of explosions:


1. Volcano – Presidents of the United States of America

YouTube video

The Presidents of the United States of America are known for their refreshing take on music, and “Volcano” is one of the songs that make them so well known.

The song mentions the different things that can cause an explosion, such as blowing speakers, amplifiers, woofers, melted wires, and of course, volcanoes. “Volcano” is a great song to add to any playlist, especially one dealing with songs about explosions.

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2. Time Explosion – The Jackson 5

YouTube video

The Jackson family gave us some of the best musicians we have seen, most notably Michael and Janet Jackson. “Time Explosion” lets another of the famous siblings, Tito Jackson, shine.

The song follows the style of the early 70s, with catchy lyrics and a great accompanying beat that reminds us that time is passing us by and we should make the most of the love we have today.

“Time Explosion” is an excellent addition to our songs about explosions as it encourages us to hold on and have as much fun as we can before the time explosion sweeps us away.


3. When The World Explodes – In Flames & Emilia Feldt

YouTube video

If you want a fiery song that will add power to your playlist, this is for you. Few bands do hard rock as great as In Flames, and “When the World Explodes” shows why they lead the charts.

The powerful instrumentals combined with the haunting vocals will make you want to rock out whenever you listen to this song. Metalheads will have the time of their life with this piece.


4. Explosions – Three Days Grace

YouTube video

Another rock song about explosions that will satisfy your exploding heart. The song encourages us to have fun during our trip around the sun.

The world seems doomed sometimes, and the universe is full of explosions, but nothing is stopping us from partying and having the best time of our lives. As the lyrics say, “hell is something you create yourself,” so have fun while you have the chance.


5. Explode – Nelly Furtado

YouTube video

This song by Nelly Furtado mentions the thrilling, sad, and somehow fun days of the teenage years. So many serious things would happen; the song even mentions taking acid, and Shelley’s rape, but no one really paid any attention to such things.

We eventually get caught up with these things once we grow up, which causes us to explode. But hey, at least we had fun when we had the chance.


6. Boom Boom – The Animals

YouTube video

“Boom Boom” is one of the songs about explosions that focuses on the powerful emotions of love. The singer mentions everything he likes about the woman he is interested in, from the way she talks to the way she talks.

This song is one of the best from the English rock band The Animals and will have you shaking it for all you are worth.


7. Atomic Cocktail – Slim Gaillard

YouTube video

An atomic cocktail sounds like a very fiery way to end a hard day. Slim Gaillard’s smooth voice is a contradiction to the song’s lyrics, but that is what makes it the perfect combination.

I love listening to this song after a hard day at work. The soothing instrumentals help me relax, and Gaillard’s voice is just the icing.


8. Atom Bomb Baby – The Five Stars

YouTube video

The tensions were high during the 50s, with threats of nuclear bombs everywhere. People were in fear, and the US was filled with terror. Then out came The Five Stars with “Atom Bomb Baby,” which helped ease the tensions.

Suddenly, everyone wanted an atom bomb baby who was hotter than TNT, and for a little while, everything was fine with the world. The song was so good back then and was made even more popular by the video game Fallout 4.

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9. Tick Tick Boom – The Hives

YouTube video

Let’s kick things up a notch with this rock gem. “Tick Tick Boom” is one of the songs about explosions that I listen to nonstop when it comes on.

The music video takes the song to the next level, with visuals of different explosions that the audience can control. The Hives gave us a banger with this piece, and you should definitely add it to your playlist . Play it as loud as possible for the ultimate experience.


10. Explosions – Ellie Goulding

YouTube video

We have all been disappointed by those close to us or lost someone we love, which is why this song hits a deep wound anytime it plays.

Ellie Goulding wrote this song about her dad, who was never really there for her. “Explosions” features Goulding’s haunting voice and heart-wrenching lyrics, making this song one for the ages.


11. You Dropped a Bomb On Me – The Gap Band

YouTube video

Smooth lyrics? Check. Sweet moves? Check. Scary bomb visuals? Check! Check! Check! The Gap Bomb used the power of music to put through a serious message about war while still making it a fun listen.

Is this a love song, or is there more to the war theme in the music video? Well, that is up to you. All I can tell you is that listening to this song will inspire you to make love, not war, a message that is as relevant today as it was when the song first came out.


12. Boom! – Amaranthe

YouTube video

Warning! This song might make you want to start a riot, a small riot in your room, but a riot nevertheless. Amaranthe stepped out of their usual niche with “Boom!” and meshed different genres in this song.

The angry growling rap, rock elements, and Elize dancing in the middle of a zombie attack tie everything together nicely. The video game-like visuals are to die for, and this song will possibly become your new favorite song.


13. Set It Off – Audioslave

YouTube video

This is one of Audioslave’s songs that has divided understandings, and everyone ascribes their own meaning. The lyrics talk of a man who is gathering the flock.

Who do you think the song refers to?


14. 1812 Overture – Tchaikovsky

YouTube video

This powerful composition has stood the test of time, with people listening to it centuries after it came out. The entire composition takes about 15 minutes, with canons being fired in the background.

The work was meant to show Russia’s victory against the French in 1812 and is a captivating and moving composition from beginning to end.


15. All Of My Life – Phoebe Katis

YouTube video

“All of My Life” was made for the movie Kilo Two Bravo. It shares the stories of soldiers and the love they left behind. The song combines both war and love explosions with a heartwarming message that will bring a tear to your eyes.

The song is even more touching to those who have lost loved ones serving in the military. They will always be in our memories for all of our lives.

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16. TNT – AC/DC

YouTube video

Any playlist about songs about explosions would be incomplete without AC/DC’s TNT. Old-school rock and roll is one of the things that will never go out of style, and AC/DC did their part in ensuring that.

In this song, the person compares themselves to the explosive TNT, a feeling I sometimes get when things get tough.


17. Click Click Boom – Saliva

YouTube video

Let’s kick things up a notch with “Click Click Boom.” This rock song will have you fired up and give you the confidence to do whatever you want.

The beauty of metal songs is their ability to pump you full of courage, or in this case, become a playlist to do my chores to.


18. Bombtrack – Rage Against The Machine

YouTube video

Musicians and composers like to spread messages against injustice through their music. Rage Against the Machine spoke about the war in Peru, using “Bombtrack” to show their support.

Whatever your political inclinations, you have to agree that this song is one of the best by the band.


19. Christmas At Ground Zero – Weird Al Yankovic

YouTube video

A combination of a Christmas carol and the effects of war? No one does it better than Weird Al, and this song is one of the reasons he is one of the most loved artists.

Weird Al used this song to show how people survived Christmas during the war but with a touch of the special Weird Al touch. Videos depicting warfare and explosions, together with canon sounds, make this song even better.


20. Boom – POD

YouTube video

“Boom” is one of the music you listen to when you want motivation. The music video shows a tennis competition and the drive behind those playing.

It shows unyielding motivation and sportsmanship through it all, and if this doesn’t get you fired up, I don’t know what will.


21. Master Exploder – Tenacious D

YouTube video

Jack Black can do no wrong, and his song, “Master Exploder,” makes a fitting end to our songs about explosions. The song is worth listening to, with explosive lyrics and some of the greatest guitar playing.

The music video makes it even better, showing him making people and things explode just by looking at them. Although it was meant as a joke, “Master Exploder” truly is one of the best songs to listen to.


Last Words

Though explosions are not common in our daily lives, the concept can be entertaining and, in some cases, frightening.

The songs about explosions on this list  show that most songs are about expressing emotions and showing vulnerability. I hope you have fun listening to them, as I did.


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