21 Songs About Doubt: Soundtrack for the Skeptic’s Soul

I have them, you have them, we all have them. Doubts are part of life, so there are multiple songs about doubt by artists to express themselves or question their lack of faith in something or someone.

These skeptical songs show how uncertain we are in life and end up second-guessing our goals and ideals or, in some cases, those close to us.


21 Songs About Doubt

The playlist shows that this feeling of doubtfulness is not unique by telling relatable stories:


1. If I’m Insecure – James Blake

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The first song of this compilation is from James Blake’s album, Friends That Break Your Heart. This track deals with themes of trust and doubt. The lyrics tell an optimistic story where the singer believes he can overcome doubt by placing his trust in his lover.

The optimistic song shows us that an ideal partner does not need to fix your issues but will help make you feel secure.

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2. Fatlip – Sum 41

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Fat Lip is one of the most popular songs by Sum 41, as it has over 130 million views on YouTube. Its inspiration is from the lead singer, Deryck Whibley’s parents, who doubted that he would make something of himself through music.

Ultimately, he did what he wanted and accomplished what he wanted. The song lyrics encourage everyone not to let other people’s doubts dictate us and instead chart our own path in life.


3. Last Loser in the Universe – Drew Gasparini

YouTube video

If you are a musical or theater fan, the most popular song that will cross your mind regarding the themes of doubt is by Drew Gasparini from the Broadway show Book of Mormon.

The song’s vocals are by Ben Platt and are about having the strength to show doubters who you truly are.


4. Forgiven – Alanis Morissette

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Alanis Morissette’s song is about her doubt about the religion she was brought up to follow. Her questions and doubt only led her to believe that religions are just organized collective repression that interferes with people’s happiness.

She regrets not “having fun” like her friends and religion in general.


5. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

YouTube video

Listening to this song’s optimistic melody can raise anyone’s spirits. This is because the focus on the chorus tells the listeners to leave worries behind and focus on happiness.

In a world full of doubts and uncertainty, we should often take a break and just think about happiness.


6. Unpretty – TLC

YouTube video

TLC song is phenomenal as it explores the several instances where we doubt ourselves. The lyrics talk about the insecurity one can have about their physical appearance stating that the effort put into changing your look is only superficial.

The all-girl group shows that we all have our inner beauty and shouldn’t change anything about ourselves. We should instead learn to live happily with ourselves.


7. Let It Be – The Beatles

YouTube video

Let It Be is a great song about doubt to share with anyone going through a hard time, and they are skeptical that things will change.

Its encouraging tune and lyrics will give them hope that they can overcome the stressful period and all will be better. The song’s inspiration came to McCartney as a dream where his mother came to him and told him “Let it be”.


8. Good Enough – Jeremy Jordan

YouTube video

Before his success as one of this generation’s most popular television faces, Jeremy Jordan wrote several songs to express himself and what he was going through.

I’m Not Good Enough is one of those songs; it expresses doubts about himself and how he did not have faith or even the faith to succeed or sing his song. He finishes the song by giving himself hope that he can be good enough.

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9. I Suck – Mark Ronson & Rivers Cuomo

YouTube video

Though “I Suck” is one of the lesser-known songs about doubt from Mark Ransom, it expresses the relatable feeling of doubting yourself. It narrates the tale of an ordinary man who doubts his life is good by stating the different reasons why his life sucks.

Though there are no lyrics that give encouragement or hope that things will be better, the groovy melody and entertaining rhythm will offer consolation if you are in the same state of mind as the singer.


10. Breaking The Habit – Linkin Park

YouTube video

Breaking the Habit explores the story of someone who doubts that he can be a better person. The song introduces someone who mentally and physically hurts himself and spends lots of his time in isolation.

As the progresses, the protagonist seems to give a solution to his doubts, however, as we know from Chester Bennington’s fate, it wasn’t a good solution.


11. Dare You To Doubt Me – The Script

YouTube video

The Script’s message in their song is quite simple as the band wants to spread a positive to their listeners that no matter how hard things are, we shall come out stronger and better.

The melody gives a premise of the narrator as someone growing and learning from all his mistakes rather than being put down by them.

Moreover, they show his conviction and determination to accomplish success despite having doubters who say he won’t make it.


12. Nothing – A Chorus Line

YouTube video

This rendition by Racheal Ziegler explores the thoughts and emotions when those close to you and yourself doubt that you will be able to make it.

The song summarized the feeling of “I shouldn’t, I can’t, and better off not trying” in a way relatable to anyone who has ever had self-doubt.


13. Is Your Love In Vain – Bob Dylan

YouTube video

This is one of the most popular songs about doubt in the compilations, as it has had multiple renditions since it was released in 1978.

It tells the story of the singer doubting whether the girl actually loves him or not. He’s wondering whether she loves him or whether she’s just being nice.


14. Do You Love Me – The Contours

YouTube video

This song by The Contours has basic lyrics that express the doubt of the singer through asking a series of questions to his former love.

Though the lyrics depict this song as a dance piece, it has more depth than that. It also explores the themes of dishonesty, mainly when there’s a breakup for superficial reasons.


15. Don’t Start Doubting Now – The 2 Detty Sisters

YouTube video

The country song from the oldest of The Detty Sisters is a reminder that God is always in control and will not let anyone down.

If you are religious and have been experiencing doubt about God’s grace, let these angelic vocals be your perfect comfort through the uncertain times you are going through.

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16. Doubt – Mary J. Blige

YouTube video

From the Hip-hop and soul legend is a message of encouragement to empower her listeners to cast away doubts. This uplifting song encourages us to succeed in life.

The remarkable track is part of her twelfth studio album, and I find it is equal parts swagger and vulnerability.


17. Polarize – Twenty-One Pilots

YouTube video

The overall theme of this song is about discovering that there is more to life and starts seeking a higher purpose. The singer appears to seek God, showing that he is less doubtful of his power because he asks his help to reform him.

Through the song lyrics, the artists attempt to make the listeners part of the story as they try to make the song relatable, especially to all those who have wavering faiths.


18. Liability – Lorde

YouTube video

Lorde’s melancholic song expresses the disbelief that one can go through when they are doubtful that they deserve love and admiration from others.

The song explores insecurity towards self-loving herself and her desire to be her support system when she feels everyone has turned against her.


19. No Church In The Wild – Kanye West & Jay-Z & Various artists

YouTube video

The former sensational hip-hop duo displays that they are doubtful that one religion can be society’s moral compass and be the blueprint to judge their character.

The rappers make it clear that their religion is no religion.


20. Can I Be Sure – Young Rascals

YouTube video

This soulful song is about the singer being doubtful of his partner as he feels their relationship is one-sided. The band released the song in 1967 and managed to make it to the Billboard Hot 100, making this their most successful song.


21. Doubting Thomas – Nickel Creek

YouTube video

There is no better song to end the playlist than one that explores the story of the most popular doubtful man in religion, Thomas. The song is from Thomas’ perspective, a man who does not believe easily unless he sees physical evidence.

The lyrics show us that he admits to being doubtful and comes to terms with the fact that he is of little faith.


Last Words

If you have ever tried to do something and people started to question whether you are good enough, this playlist of songs about doubt is for you.

Most of the songs in this playlist show the thought process of doubt can quickly escalate, mainly when love is involved.

If you are skeptical and seek inspiration and encouragement, this list will be up to the task and cheer you up.


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